Super Dream System

"The host kills the Monkey King Scout, gains 2 life points, and gains a pair of protective pants." "The host kills the Monkey King's scouts and gets 2 lives." …… Ye Tao was startled in an instant. He didn't expect to kill five monsters and two items came out. He immediately showed ecstasy in his eyes. He hurriedly opened the Gankun bag and saw two more items in it. One was a green medicine bottle with green liquid flowing inside, while the other was a purple and blue trousers. With the flow of Ye Tao's mind, the attributes appeared in front of him. Qiancao Dew: It can restore the true gas volume of 6 OO within three minutes. (Worth 10,000 energy points) Protective Pants: Unqualified equipment, can increase the resistance of 3oo Jin strength, the more strength naturally broken, regardless of reality or the game. (Worth 3ooo energy points) Note: 2 OO pieces of the same unusable equipment can be combined into one piece of human-level inferior combat equipment. Look at the protective pants, Ye Tao heart slightly disappointed, this is simply to amuse him, but think of this monster all over the mountains and plains, maybe when you go out, you can get one together. But for the appearance of drugs, the heart is showing a great surprise, after all, he is in battle, the system is impossible to help him quickly restore True Qi, with this, at least kill those difficult to fight Boss, but increased a lot of odds. Previously, although he also burst out a few bottles, but that has been negligible, it seems that the copy of the most abundant things. As for buying it directly in the system, Ye Tao didn't even think about it,ceramic bobbin element, because the elixir, which can directly fill his True Qi in an instant, is worth millions of energy points. Of course, it is absolutely priceless compared with other Wulin people. But Ye Tao would rather die once than do it. It's too extravagant. Subsequently, Ye Tao did not go directly to kill monsters, but quietly checked around the copy, after all, intelligence is the most important at any time, with intelligence,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, in order to ensure their own safety to the greatest extent, if unaware to rush, when the time comes, it is dead do not know how to die. It took three hours for Ye Tao to check the general map of the copy clearly, and learned that in this area, there should be about 8 ooo monsters, 15 groups of 100 people, and two tribes of thousands of levels. One of them was still stationed around the Water Curtain Cave. At the entrance of the Water Curtain Cave, there were hundreds of people patrolling. At this time, Ye Tao felt how ridiculous it was that he wanted to kill Boss directly. The only good thing is that Ye Tao has a more favorable terrain for him, that is, he is in a canyon, now a hole, the hole is not big, its winding, at most can accommodate the attack of three monsters, otherwise, Ceramic Bobbin ,Kamado bbq grill, let him face the attack of thousands of troops, that is only one death. Although now this place, Ye Tao is still afraid to use, after all, he has too little medicine in his hands. In the days that followed, Ye Tao picked those strange places and began to assassinate them secretly. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 94, Act 2 of the main text. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: February 23, 2012 16:39:02 Words in this chapter: 3738 In a moment. Ye Tao came to the mouth of the cave in the canyon and took a look at the monster like a wave coming from behind. He went in with a wry smile. He could only hope that these monsters would not use stratagem, otherwise, his life would have to be confessed inside. Although it is into it, but Ye Tao did not dare to go too deep, even if there is an accident, but also can rush out to kill some, better than trapped here alive. Rumble. The ground shook sharply, and Ye Tao's ears shook again and again, detecting the movement outside. When he heard that the huge group of monsters had entered the cave, Ye Tao was overjoyed and did not do anything, but went deep inside.
And that massive monster, with the function of automatic locking, naturally will not lose Ye Tao, filed into the deep hole. When he entered the deep cave, which was more than one thousand meters deep, and reached the end of the cave, Ye Tao turned around and killed him. If fighting outside, Ye Tao is certainly no match, but in such a narrow hole, those monsters below the demon will, how can he pose too great a threat, the most is to spend some medicine. As Ye Tao's magic power burst out again and again, these monsters simply became meat targets, and they could not hide. All of a sudden, the sound of screams sounded one after another in the deep cave, and all of a sudden, there was a river of blood. Wait for these monsters to wake up, crazy start to want to go out of the cave, but behind them there are monsters in the constant influx, can not push back out, the scene is extremely chaotic, and some have even begun to kill each other. This kind of scene lasted for more than ten minutes before it stopped, and Ye Tao killed more than three hundred monsters, or the highest repair, and lucky to escape, are all the Monkey King scouts, after all, they are the lowest repair in the monster group, the degree of nature is also the slowest. Although there are only hundreds of monsters left, but Ye Tao has suffered a lot for this, the scars on his body are constant, he is distressed to drink medicine, after all, these monster garbage, but the day after tomorrow nine layers of basic repair is also there to stay, not what cabbage. More than two hours passed. As Ye Tao's last sword was drawn out, the monster around him was cleaned up. Ye Tao panted like an ox and stuck his sword in the ground. He also collapsed on the ground. There were stumps all over the ground around him. If it weren't for the medicine,ceramic bobbin heater, I'm afraid he didn't know how many times he had died today. He had a profound understanding of the importance of medicine. Although the battle was fruitful, Ye Tao felt that he had lost a lot instead of making money. Of course, he felt that he had lost a lot of medicine. The medicine he had accumulated a few days ago had consumed half of it in a short time.
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