Genius of Rebirth-2

Hearing this, Xia Shao gently raised his eyebrows and his eyes were slightly cold. "Mr. Abel, I said I don't like people to beat around the Bush when they talk to me about things.". Are you sure you have something to say? 'Of Course. This determines whether we have the possibility of cooperation. Abel smiled, but his eyes were fixed on Xia Shao, and his eyes were deep. Cooperation When Xia Shao heard this, he smiled and laughed. "Mr. Abel, I'm surprised.". You want to talk about cooperation with me? But Abel didn't seem to see Xia Shao's sarcasm. "Miss Xia," he said with a good smile, "I know that our count did something wrong that caused us to have some enmity now. But there is a saying in China that it is better to get rid of enemies than to tie them. We are willing to make up for what happened in those years, and I believe we have enough sincerity to satisfy Miss Xia. And in those days, no one from Raphael's faction was involved. Miss Xia's enemies were the count and Satan's faction. Therefore, I believe that we have the possibility of cooperation. Xia Shao Wen Yan raised his eyebrows, although this is the case, but from the emotional point of view, she did not like the whole family of Obicris. If she wants revenge, she can stick to the principle that whoever does it will pay for it without implicating innocent members of the Obikris family. But emotionally, she can't be so clear. Why doesn't Miss Xia listen to my offer of compensation? Seeing Xia Shao's refusal, Abel stopped lobbying and threw out the temptation directly. Without waiting for Xia Shao to open his mouth, he said,steatite c221, "Miss Xia must know something about the power and wealth of our family.". For so many years, Raphael was in charge and Satan was in charge. I think Miss Xia is not short of money, but Miss Xia has created many legends in the market at a young age. I think your eyes will not only be on your country. Our Raphael family can be said to have theocracy in Britain and many believers in other countries around the world. We can provide political and religious contacts for the development of the Huaxia Group. Britain can be the first stop for the expansion of China Group, and I guarantee that you will be unimpeded! Xia Shao raised his eyebrows and listened. After listening, he smiled and commented, "Well, it sounds pretty good." "Not only that,7g Ozone Generator, if Miss Xia wants the Dunhuang mural, I can persuade Old Burton to return it to China." Abel smiled and looked at Xia Shao. When she went to Laeddis Manor in the morning, he thought maybe he was too suspicious, but tonight, when he felt the cultivation of Xia Shao and Adam, he felt more and more that she was the person last night! Although he had not yet figured out why there was no image of her in the surveillance video and how she could come and go freely from Laeddis Manor, even the world's top killers and thieves could not escape from his pentagram array, only mysterious professionals could! Her cultivation is entirely possible, perhaps there is some mysterious magic in the East, which made her accomplish the impossible thing last night. I have to say, Abel's guess is really reliable. But who is Xia Shao? Her face did not move from start to finish, and even Abel could not guess what she was thinking, let alone control her pace. This made Abel a little depressed. It was the first time he had met a difficult negotiating partner. With the position of the Obikris family, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,cordierite c520, he seldom needed to negotiate, so when he couldn't figure out Xia Shao's mind, Abel chose to go on, "As for cooperation, I think Miss Xia can guess.". For so many years, the two sides of our family have been mutually beneficial, but now, the situation has changed. The old count was obsessed with black magic, which was a hidden danger to the family, and he was delirious and reluctant to announce his successor. On the Satanic side, Adam is a careerist, and with his talent, he is not willing to be in the dark and try to break the balance of the family. This is intolerable to my people, so I hope to cooperate with Miss Xia's school to eliminate some restless forces in the family. Abel said all he wanted to say at one time, and then he was silent, looking at Xia Shao and waiting. Fortunately, Xia Shao was finally willing to open his mouth. But the first thing she said made Abel a little confused.
"Oh?"? Then I'd like to hear it. What benefits can Mr. Abel give me if I agree to cooperate? “……” What? Abe froze, good? Didn't you just say that? Xia Shao looked at Abel's expression and raised his eyebrows. "Why, does the condition Mr. Abel just mentioned contain the benefits of cooperation?" Abel looked at Xia Shao, and his eyes said it all-didn't they? Don't you think it's enough? Xia Shao smiled strangely and leaned into the sofa. "I have to say, Mr. Abel, if you were a businessman, you wouldn't even be able to calculate." Abel's expression changed slightly, but Xia Shao's eyes cooled down. "First of all, you made up for the wrong person.". The person your family harmed in those years was my master. If you want to compensate him, you should also compensate him. What is the reason for giving him to me? Secondly, even if I accept the compensation on behalf of the master, your condition is only enough to compensate for the fault of that year. Moreover, since you have proposed cooperation, it shows that the situation of the Obikris family is now, and the strength of your Raphael faction is difficult to ensure victory. But if Xuanmen promised you, fighting all things, casualties are inevitable, who will compensate for this part of the loss? You want to make up for the fault of that year and let Xuanmen work for you. Is there such a cheap thing? Would you agree to such an obvious loss-making business if it were Mr. Abel? Abel dazed on the spot, he did not expect, summer peony appetite so big! He thought the offer he had just made was enough to make her agree to anything! That would require the use of the Obikris family's global connections! With these, Huaxia Group can be unimpeded on the way to become an international chaebol! She can definitely be a legend in the history of world business! She didn't think it was enough? Miss Xia, I just mentioned the Dunhuang murals. I heard that Miss Xia and General Xu have deep feelings, but Miss Xia wants to marry into the Xu family, maybe some low position? If the murals can return smoothly, Miss Xia will surely become a national hero! At that time, the whole country will welcome you to ensure that Miss Xia can marry into the Xu family in a beautiful way! Abel stubbornly believed that Xia Shao was the one last night, and even if she was not,alumina c799, the temptation was fatal to women. She is a woman, as long as she wants to marry the man she loves, this condition may be more attractive than the previous one.
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