Torn Lingering Ma Ruoshui

Oriental ink did not speak, still silently smoking, a cigarette will be burned out. Erythromycin was ready to add one to him, but Dongfang Mo waved his hand, stood up, tiptoed to the door, opened the door, looked at the dark corridor for a long time, then closed the door and sat back on the sofa. Perhaps, Dongfang Mo does not want to bear that kind of terror alone, he wants to find someone to tell the terrible experience, although erythromycin is not a reliable person, but so what, after all, this matter is caused by him, if he does not introduce himself to the intestinal bar, he will not know the flowers. Therefore, the reason why the ghost of the flower went to him is to revenge! Now, Dongfang Mo and erythromycin have become grasshoppers on the same rope. Even if Dongfang Mo despises people like erythromycin in his heart, what is done is done, and he can only be led by the ghost in an uncontrollable direction. As for what kind of horrible situation he would be in in the future, no one could really tell him. Next, Dongfang Mo crossed the Rubicon and told Erythromycin about killing Duohua by mistake and throwing her body into the river. Perhaps you will ask, how can Dongfang Mo tell the big secret in his heart to Erythromycin, a person who can not give people the slightest sense of security,Ceramic Band Heater, which is too unreasonable. So let me make an analogy, if you fall into the water carelessly and can only touch a weak water plant in a panic, will you hold on to it? I think you must grasp more firmly than you imagined, although the water plants may not be able to save you! Flowers are not killed by Oriental ink, erythromycin did not suspect, because erythromycin knows that Oriental ink has no mental illness, he is normal, there is no motive to kill a wine lady. So that's it. Strangely, erythromycin did not show much surprise,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, just like listening to a story without suspense, "Brother-in-law, according to you, the woman I met that night." It was probably a flower. You knew her because of my relationship. She had the next tragic death. She died unjustly, so she found me first. Yes! He suddenly remembered something, "Today in the screening hall, you are scared like that, is it also." "Mmm." Dongfang Mo nodded painfully. "I saw her. She was standing in the aisle between the two rows of chairs. She disappeared in the blink of an eye.". You say What do you think I should do? Why is she pestering me? She had to come to my house! "Don't worry, brother-in-law." Erythromycin's face is rarely calm, "Now that things have happened, you don't worry too much, wait for tomorrow, tomorrow I will invite the master out, you talk, spend some money, maybe you can solve the problem." Finally, Erythromycin left with two bottles of wine, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin heater core, leaving Dongfang Mo alone in the room. Oriental ink has been afraid of sleep, the most difficult night, the level of flowers is getting higher and higher, obviously not only in the dream, tonight, who knows what the flowers will become terrible? Tonight, will she come in through the crack of the door and stand in the bedroom like a zombie! Dongfang Mo lay in bed without sleep until the sun came out and he took a nap. Light brings courage to the living. He went to the college around ten o'clock. He had nothing to do. He ate a bowl of noodles in the canteen and went home. Sitting on the sofa, Dongfang Mo held his cell phone in his hand, waiting for the call of erythromycin. The more anxious he was, the less the phone rang. Suddenly, he remembered that he had just changed his new number, which was only known by the school teacher. He quickly rummaged through the phone records for the number of erythromycin, found it, and dialed it. Erythromycin's tone was very scary. He said he kept calling Dongfang Mo all morning. He thought Dongfang Mo had an accident. Dongfang Mo interrupted him and asked him if he had finished what he should do. Erythromycin said that Gao Ren was not at home now and might come back in the evening. If there was no accident, he could take him to Dongfang Mo's home in the evening. I do not know why, Dongfang Mo heart some hesitation, he has not seen the so-called master, in case it is a dubious magic stick, lead into the house to let the neighbors see will not have any good effect.
Erythromycin further explained that the master is very low-key, different from those gods, because he can not catch ghosts, only defense. Home is the harbor of the soul, as long as the unclean things are shut out, for a long time, that thing will retreat. The words sound really reasonable, there is no other way, Dongfang Mo is also really scared, this just hangs the heart to agree to come down. However, he told erythromycin to pay attention to their image, do not make a hubbub, in a big way, in short, the more low-key the better. Erythromycin clapped his chest loudly and said, "Don't you feel relieved when I handle affairs?" Dongfang Mo murmured in his heart, "Just because you handle affairs, you are the most worried.". This afternoon can be described as difficult, Dongfang Mo heart did not fall, like a mouse walking back and forth in the house, outside the day is dark, the mobile phone finally rang at this time. Brother-in-law, we'll be there in half an hour. Hung up the phone, Dongfang Mo's heart was in his throat, what kind of person would come? If you make a mess of the house, that's great! But people are already on the way, it is certainly not appropriate to refuse, and they are still carrying the haunting flowers. All right, willing to die, dare to pull down the emperor, love how to do it! Half an hour later, it was even darker. Dongfang Mo saw a red second-hand car parked next to his car through the window glass, and then Erythromycin ran out of the car and opened the door. Dongfang Mo stared at the man who was about to appear in the car, with butterflies in his stomach. To tell the truth, Oriental Mo was a little disappointed, because it was just an ordinary man of medium height,Alumina Ceramic C795, although he could not see his age, but from his dress and actions, he did not see any sense of superiority.
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