Jianghu don't get a knife-2

Wang Bibo will go with us. The knife looked them up and down. "What are you two doing?" Xue Beifan and Wang Bibo looked at each other, "go with you!" The knife pursed his mouth and turned up the corners of his mouth, showing a sly smile. "Well, if you two go in, you will probably be killed. It's also a way to eliminate the harm for the people!" Wang Bibo and Xue Beifan made her say, "so dangerous?" Xiaoyue took the dagger, "knife, I'll go with you." "No.". Except for me, a few people go in and die. There's no need to die. As if nothing had happened, the knife took the half map of Jiuzhu Longtan that Wang Bibo had given her and looked at it. Are you going alone? Xue Beifan is still not at ease. The knife took the drawing and hid it in his waist. He looked up and smiled at Xue Beifan. "Are you worried about my life or something else?" Xue Beifan was robbed of a white sentence by her, sighing, "naturally worried about you, at least a friend." Knife raised his eyebrows, "Hao Jinfeng is my eldest brother, Xiaoyue is my friend, I didn't say anything else, you don't have to worry about me, worry about what you really worry about." With that, he gently turned into the boundary of Jiuzhu Longtan and jumped up to the crown of the tree. Wang Bibo frowned slightly, and the knife stepped on the treetop where the mechanism was located, but the mechanism did not start. Good flying skill! Chong Hua exclaimed, "Although she only hit people a few times, her flying skills are really great." Xue Beifan looked there with his arms folded and did not speak-not only was his flying skill good, but his irritating ability was even better! Yan Xiaodao is an arrogant woman with a very hard temper. As long as she is sincere, if she doesn't give her sincerity, don't pretend to send it to her in front of her eyes, but she will throw it on the ground and step on it without mercy. Xue Beifan looked at Hao Jinfeng again subconsciously. How did Hao Jiulong take Yan Ruyu's heart? How did you break her heart? But one thing is certain, Yan Ruyu hurt the heart, a walk is 20 years, vowed not to look back,hot tub wholesale, it is alarming. The crowd waited outside, and from time to time some strange sounds came from the Nine Pearl Dragon Pool, sometimes the birds startled, sometimes the turntable rolled. All in all, they are light and not scary. Until the sun was in the west, when everyone could not sit still, only a white shadow flashed. The knife floated out like a pink dish, holding a beautiful eight-treasure dagger and a small bundle in his hand. Light landing, knife pointed to the entrance of Longtan, said to Wang Bibo, "a total of ninety-nine eighty-one organs, I did not take so many things, can not carry, take your eight treasures.". Besides, you still owe me ten thousand taels of wages, China spa factory ,whirlpool bathtub, and we can settle the rest. Wang Bibo looked at the knife in surprise, "you." Have you untied the mechanism? Knife rubbed his hands, "I can be considered an eye-opener, Bibo Villa is indeed a treasure like a cloud.". Take out all these things, let alone the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River. Even if you go outside and shout that you are the richest man in the world, no one dares to say no. Wang Bibo was surprised and took people into Jiuzhu Longtan. Yu Lanzhi also went in, and when he passed by the knife, he hesitated for a moment and gritted his teeth and asked, "When are you leaving?" The knife smiled. "You don't want to keep me, do you?" Yu Lanzhi pursed her lips and said to the bookkeeper on one side, "Give Miss Yan ten thousand taels of silver. Be quick." The bookkeeper nodded quickly. Yu Lanzhi chased him in, with a faint worry in her heart. The smile on Wang Bibo's face just now was something she had never seen before, grateful, appreciative and moved? This Yan Xiaodao is too dangerous to stay, Yu Lanzhi knows, Yan Xiaodao must go! Whether she said she was ungrateful or ignorant, she should not ask Wang Bibo to see Yan Xiaodao any more. Anyway, someone will like such a good girl. She just wants to keep her cousin and not be robbed. The knife gave the eight-treasure dagger to Xiaoyue, then opened the bundle and took out a pair of beautiful seven-treasure white jade bracelets to Hao Jinfeng, "Brother, this is for my future sister-in-law." Then he took out a pair of Ruyi hundred locks wrapped in silver and jade, "This is for my future nephew and niece." Hao Jinfeng was so excited that his sister really didn't admit her mistake! Knife put away the bundle, that means, the rest of the treasure is their own, no one else's share.
Xue Beifan touched his head, and Chong Hua gave him another white look-see?! Even sit! Xue Beifan is also quite depressed, waving to the knife, as if to ask-where are the five pictures of the keel? The knife raised its hand. An ebony box flew over to Xue Beifan. Reaching out to catch it, Xue Beifan opened the box and saw a white bone in the shape of a tortoise shell, with a map engraved on it and the words "Five Pictures of Keel" on the back, which was genuine. Putting things away, Xue Beifan smiled at the knife and wanted to thank him. But the knife looked at the sky and pretended not to see it, and insisted that he owe the favor. Xue Beifan came forward to flatter, "hard work, hungry?"? Invite you to eat delicious food in the evening? The knife grinned, "my mother said, don't eat the delicious food given by strangers." Xue Beifan rubbed his eyebrows and watched the knife jump and pull Xiaoyue and Hao Jinfeng out to discuss where to pack a table in the evening. Chong Hua came over and asked for a long time, "You say, if I break up with you, will the knife also be a good friend with me?" Xue Beifan gave him a white look and pointed to the back of the knife and said, "Save it. This woman doesn't like all men. The man in the world who can't be hated by her is probably her eldest brother." Just then, Wang Bibo hurried out. "Where is the knife?" Xue Beifan looked back, "what's the matter?"? Is there a mechanism that is not broken? "Uh, no." Wang Bibo smiled awkwardly, "I want to invite you to dinner in the evening. The knife is kind to me in Bibo Villa. I want to thank her well." Xue Beifan shrugged his shoulders. "No, the girl said you should fulfill your promise. We'll leave tonight." "So urgent?!" Wang Bibo frowned, apparently unwilling. Xue Beifan patted him on the shoulder, "I have something important to do." Out of the gate with Chonghua,4 person jacuzzi, Xue Beifan hurriedly packed up his things, took the bundle of the knife together, and went out of Bibo Villa. Chong Hua followed behind and made fun of him. "What's the hurry? Are you afraid that people will rob you?" Xue Beifan did not look back and pretended to be comfortable. "Why don't you hurry? There are still several places to go!" "Be careful." Chong Hua shook his head and poked his spine in the back. "What are you really anxious about? Only the truth knows." ……。 monalisa.com
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