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"Well, since you believe in me so much, I will never let you down.". I will go back to deal with the matter of eight hundred dragons now, and let the brothers search for talented people. If we want to do it, we must do it well. Shadowman and Casual are the assassins I admire most. It's really my honor to cooperate with them! What are you sitting around for? Why don't you stand up and call the boss? Longshou is more determined to make the right choice, not only to solve the blue sky, but also to know such a good boss. "Good old man," the sixteen dragon guards stood up and shouted at me together. Then they shouted again, "Hello, sister-in-law, how beautiful you are!"! Ha-ha Chapter 43 stripped naked and streaked. The harvest of this escape is really good, eight hundred dragons a total of eight hundred and one people, each and Qinglong with the same group of people. Ability in the myth can also be considered medium, this is a sharp blade ah! With the support and help of Shinhwa, they can definitely become the first killer organization in China. I have read on the web page that there is a killer union in American and European countries. Their people are mainly to undertake the assassination mission, only you can not afford the money, no one they can not kill. It covers a large area and is very famous throughout the Americas and Europe. Although there are some killer organizations in China,endless pool swim spa, they are nothing compared with others. The killer trade union is known as the leader of the Western underworld, and even the top level of all small countries has killer trade union members. The most powerful underworld organization in Italy and the United States is the Mafia, but they dare not offend the killer union at all. No one wants to sleep with their head suddenly hanging on the Statue of Liberty! The international anti-gang team carried out an encirclement and suppression campaign against the killer trade union, resulting in the annihilation of the heavily armed elites of various countries. No one has ever seen the people of the killer union, because the people who have seen them can no longer speak. There is also such an organization in the game, which seems to be the killer guild that enters the game in reality. Their influence in Europe and the Americas has surpassed that of the largest Mafia in the United States. The abilities in the game are more powerful than in reality, and most of the dark professionals in the book are called. Although they are made up of dark professionals,jacuzzi bath spa, they are not managed by the Dark Alliance. The Dark Alliance is the ruler of all Dark Classes, except the Killer Guild. Rampant killer guild, even in the game against the Vatican's followers, the Cross of Light Legion. The Cross of Light is a big gang second only to the Mafia. Unexpectedly, six masters were killed and lost about ten levels. Even the sword of the cross, the treasure of the town gang, was almost taken away, which is really a great shame! But they spent a lot of manpower and material resources, but never found the location of the killer union. The top player of the killer guild is called the Godfather of the killer. No one has ever seen what he looks like. He only knows that his strength is the first in the whole myth. Ever since I was assassinated by eight hundred dragons, I have had the idea of subjugating them. Although my myth of the dark hall ability is also very strong, but after all, it is not mainly to assassinate. Intelligence is the strength of the dark hall, endless swimming pool ,outdoor whirlpool tub, although the assassination of them have done, but to let them go when the killer is absolutely not a few qualified. Eight hundred dragon killers are not the same, they have been doing assassination missions, skilled business. They assassinate many targets, including NPCs and players. Although the game has just opened a few months, but after all, the competition is too fierce, there will inevitably be friction. Some people have a high level and bully the trumpet. Those who don't have a tuba cover need to go to the killer for help. The level of people killed is different, and the price is also different. There is no fixed price. It is negotiated by both parties. Nowadays, more and more people enter the myth, and the trumpet can be seen everywhere. It is unavoidable to be bullied, and it is too long to wait for revenge, so it is better to invite a killer! Eight hundred dragon's task is specially has a hall mouth to collect, their strength perhaps is not strong, but in terms of the price of intelligence, they are absolutely top-notch. Now eight hundred dragons are stationed in every village and town of Qinglong City, just to collect tasks. The task they take is usually not less than one thousand gold coins, and the highest is to take the task of killing me. Hui, now that the matter has been settled, shall we go on our way.
You said you would take me to Wanfeng Mountain. It's been almost a day now, and we haven't walked half the way yet! When the people of the eight hundred dragons were finished, Jing pulled me to go to Wanfeng Mountain. She liked the red maple tree since she was a child, and it looked like a burning flame from a distance. No problem, since I promised you, of course I have to do it! There will be many dangers along the way, so we'd better be careful. There is a small village three hundred miles ahead. Let's go and have a look! Take a break and see if there's any news here. My divinity can now cover a distance of about 400 kilometers, and after this injury, my cultivation has improved significantly. Although there is no breakthrough, it has reached the critical point of breakthrough. It seems that the phrase "break and then stand" is good. It's really too incisive! It's a small village, but it's not very shabby. There are no novices here, and it is obviously not a novice village. There are many such villages in the game, which are generally made by NPCs who have no ability. They grow some land here and do some small business. Too far away, because too remote places have not been developed at all, building a village is also a waste of money, not very safe. There are only these fifty or sixty level training maps, and there will be more villages like this. Although these villages are small, they have everything. Medicine and food that can be bought in towns can be bought in these villages. There are rest teahouses, restaurants, shops selling clothes and blacksmith shops. If you don't use it,outdoor spa manufacturers, you can sell it here. Although the price of their recycling is relatively low, it is much better than putting it in a backpack. The only difference between a small village and a big city is that there is no transport array here. If you want to go back to the city, you have to walk back by yourself.
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