Pay for a Fiancee of a Big Brother [Entertainment Circle] -- The Breeze Is Delicate

Green Zhi always felt that the atmosphere was a little strange, although it was nothing to look at the shoulder, Mu Yan was not allowed to take advantage of it, but she always felt uncomfortable. Or forget it. She suggested weakly. No way Mu Yan refused, and felt that his attitude might be a little tough, gently rubbed on her head, "good, obedient." Then she could not refuse to gently pull back her collar, revealing a large area of skin on her shoulders. The author has something to say: Doctor: Don't make trouble out of nothing, OK? Mu Yan's eyes narrowed slightly, and the color of his eyes was dangerous: "Am I making trouble out of nothing?"? Doctor: No, no, no. I'm being unreasonable. Ha ha ha, suddenly the hero of the sand sculpture. Chapter 32 "Gardenia." The first thing Mu Yan noticed was not her injury, but her chiseled, delicate and beautiful collarbone. Her collarbone is a standard "one" shape, with delicate bones and fair and delicate skin, which is especially suitable for wearing one-shouldered clothes. However, there was a green and red mark beside the beautiful collarbone, which destroyed the perfection. Mu Yan eyes flashed chagrin,outdoor hot tub, when he was enraged by the boy, just want to teach him a good lesson, but accidentally hurt her. But if it wasn't for that boy, how could he hurt her. So he added an account to Gu Wei very rudely. I'm sorry Mu Yan lowered his eyelids slightly, took the initiative to apologize to her, staring at her red and swollen place, wanted to touch but did not dare to touch. Green Zhi also looked down at his shoulder blade, unexpectedly more serious than she thought,endless swimming pool, because it was not particularly painful, she thought it was only a minor injury. I know you didn't mean it, but I rushed over suddenly. She said with understanding. Mu Yan answered in a low voice, "Well," and then began to observe her injuries carefully. The red mark on the surface of the skin is about ten centimeters, the middle color is dark, the edge is relatively light.. Although Mu Yan did not study medicine, he spoke in detail. How does the patient feel now? Does it hurt? Asked the doctor. It's okay. There's a little dull pain, but it's not serious. "Green Gardenia answered." Can the pain when the hand touches the skin be strengthened? Mu Yan put his finger on her shoulder, and his finger pulp touched the delicate and soft skin, as if there was an electric current flowing through his fingertips, bringing a strange feeling of numbness, which almost made the nerves on his fingers fail, a little unaware of the weight of his hands. There was a strange touch on his shoulder, endless swim spa ,hot tub spa manufacturers, and Qingzhi was also very uncomfortable. His fingertips were hot and a little rough with thin cocoons, which made her feel a little itchy. Unable "Green Gardenia answered with an itch." Will the pain intensify if you press it gently from the edge to the inside? When Mu Yan heard this, he slightly increased the force on his fingertips and gently pressed it. Qingzhi frowned subconsciously and blinked his eyes. It hurts Mu Yan has been paying attention to her reaction, hurriedly withdraw strength. Qingzhi can't tell whether it hurts more or itches more. Anyway, it hurts and itches, a bit like the feeling when doing shoulder and neck massage. It hurts a little. "You have some soft tissue injuries here. I have prescribed medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Now it is less than 24 hours before you are injured. You can use ice compress to promote detumescence first, and then take medicine and massage." The doctor prescribed the medicine on the computer, and the patient could leave after taking the medicine. Ji Hong, as Mu Yan's life assistant, was very familiar with these, and soon went to pay the fee and got the medicine and ice bag back. And as an assistant who knows his boss's mind well, Ji Hong consciously gave the ice bag to Mu Yan instead of the patient Qingzhi. I'll do it myself. Qingzhi stretched out his hand. She was really not blessed to be taken care of by the big brother. She was nervous. He was too considerate. Of course I'm responsible for hurting you. Mu Yan's words are too high-sounding. Green Gardenia:.. Why don't you take responsibility for Gu Wei? He is more seriously injured. He took an ice bag in one hand and put it on her shoulder with the other hand. "Sit down and don't move." Qingzhi couldn't compete with him, so he could only sit obediently. In a few seconds, she still had her mind wandering, and found that the words she had said to him were "thank you", and the words he had said to herself most seemed to be "good" and "obedient". Thinking of this, Qingzhi suddenly felt a little depressed, and her eyelashes drooped, blocking the true mood of her eyes.
Mu Yan seriously picked up the ice bag to ice her red and swollen place. As soon as the cold touched her skin, Qingzhi couldn't help trembling. It was really cold! "It's a little cold to ice it. You can bear it." "Mmm." Green Zhi nods, she just that tremor is only the body suddenly accepts the stimulation and the reflexive production movement, is not really so delicate. Ice compress can effectively reduce the release of histamine, thus alleviating pain. It can also constrict local blood vessels and reduce blood circulation, thus inhibiting inflammatory reaction. Compared with the long-term swelling and pain, a little cold now is nothing. Mu Yan seems to be quite experienced in ice compress, the whole process is very smooth, almost 15 minutes, the first ice compress is over. There was a period of time in the middle when he applied it to her, and the condensed water vapor outside the ice bag rubbed against her skin and clothes, and the normal medical treatment suddenly became ambiguous. Plus her bare shoulders, in addition to the injured area, the rest of a snow-white, a little down to see her underwear inside, normal men see such beautiful scenery is very difficult not to move, not to mention Mu Yan had other thoughts on her. But Qingzhi can only sit obediently, nothing can be done, there is nothing to distract her attention, so she is more sensitive to these. Very not easy to ice, green Zhi quietly relieved, Mu Yan also quietly relieved. Mingming was holding ice in his hand, but he still felt the blood in his body was restless. After such a long time, Qingzhi was finally able to leave the hospital, and the ubiquitous smell of disinfectant almost made her smell out of order. Coming down from upstairs, just through an arc corridor, Qingzhi suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure passing through the corner-it seemed to be Jin Anrong. Green Zhi hurriedly pursued two steps, saw her back to recognize the person,Whirlpool bathtub, as expected is she. There is a man beside her, if she did not guess wrong, should be Cheng Mo. Dog man and woman!.
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