Fire and Ice Chef

Shaking his head hard, Nian Bing threw away the distracting thoughts in his mind, and the sense of loss gradually disappeared. After all, Garamandis would come back. He must be reluctant to give up the delicious food he had made. Now, what he had to do was to go to Tiancheng, the capital of Huarong Empire, to fulfill his promise to Longzhi. I remember when I left Dutiancheng, I was only seven years old. After more than ten years, I finally went back. Nian Bing was not in a hurry. Every time he went to a city, he would rest for a few days to meditate and study magic. When he left Oran City, there were still three months to go before the Five Kingdoms New Magician Competition. Three months was enough for him to travel. As I heard in the city of Oran, the more you go south of the Oran Empire, the more barren the surrounding area is, and you can often see a desolate scene on the road. This phenomenon did not end until Nian Bing entered the Huarong Empire from the southwest of the Oran Empire. Far away, a huge city crawled like a monster on the broad plain, which could not be described as a city. The city of Taru, which straddled the border between the Oran Empire and the Huarong Empire, was clearly a huge fortress. On both sides of the fortress, there are hundreds of miles of Huarong Empire troops. The Huarong Empire has an excellent geographical location. The empire in the deep south occupies a large area of rich land, and they face the sea in the southwest. Although they border on the three empires of Langmu, Qilu and Oran, they need little defense. The Huarong Empire attached great importance to military affairs, and the main combat effectiveness of the Empire was composed of four major groups,tape measure clip, namely, the Northern Army Group stationed at the border between the North and Langmu Empire, the Northeast Army Group stationed near Taru City in the northeast, the Eastern Army Group stationed at the border between the East and Qilu Empire, and the Central Army group stationed near the capital Dutiancheng. The number of troops serving in the country has never been less than 1200000, for several other empires, keeping so many legions must be a great burden, but for the rich Huarong Empire, it is not a difficult thing. Just as they attack the surrounding areas,Walking tape measure, they do not really want to rob anything, but more for training, after all, soldiers who have not been on the battlefield are not qualified soldiers. Each of the four major armies of the Huarong Empire was commanded by a marshal, among which the Central Army was the most powerful, and the famous Flame Lion Knights were the elite of the Central Army. What Nian Bing sees now is the Northeast Group Army of the Huarong Empire stationed in Tabian City. Taru City is not like Binglan City, which is managed by two countries. The army of the Huarong Empire is stationed here, but the army of the Oran Empire has withdrawn into the inland. No matter from the aspects of equipment, pay, quantity and so on, the Oran Empire is far worse than the Huarang Empire. Had it not been for the restriction of the Huarong Empire by the Langmu Empire, which is also a powerful country, the Huarong Empire would have opened its huge mouth of the flame lion to devour the Oran Empire. Before reaching the city of Taru, the first thing Nian Bing had to go through was the defense line of the Huarong Empire, here. Will be subject to rigorous inspection. If it arouses a trace of suspicion, it will be fundamentally entered into the Huarong Empire. However, Horse weight lbs ,Wheel tape measure, Nian Bing has his own way to deal with the inspection. After all, he is a member of the Huarong Empire, and his understanding of the Huarong Empire is mostly limited to his father's narration. Although he did not love his motherland very much, his roots were in Huarong, and all the memories of the Huarong Empire were so deep. Standing at the back of the inspection queue, he looked up at the huge gate of Taru City, which was like the mouth of a giant lion. Nian Bing murmured, "Huarong, I'm back again. After more than ten years, I'm back again.". I remember passing by here when I left, Dad. You can rest assured that if possible, I will get back what we deserve. The speed of inspection is very fast, most of the civilians and businessmen who enter the city have a pass issued by the Huarong Empire, with which they can easily enter the city, after all, there are few people who dare to make trouble in the Huarong Empire now, and it is not a war time. Naturally, the inspection will not be very tight. At last it was Nian Bing's turn. "Show me your pass," the armored guard commander said to him as he did to the others. His tone was not harsh, because he saw Nian Bing's long blond hair, which was very common in the Huarong Empire.
Guards are always polite to their countrymen, and it has been counted that more than 90% of the top nobles in the Huarong Empire have golden hair. Shaking his head, Nianbing said indifferently, "Sorry, I don't have a pass." "No?" The commander of the guards looked at him with some surprise. Nian Bing did not have any luggage and his clothes were very ordinary, but the commander of the guards who read a lot of people saw an unusual temperament from him. "Since there is no pass, we need to search the whole body. Please go there." With these words, he pointed to a shabby house beside the city gate. Shaking his head again, Nianbing stretched out his right hand, "I don't think so." Poof, a flame burns from the palm of the hand, the flame flickers in the breeze, and suddenly the temperature around it rises a little. "I am a magician." The surprise in the guard commander's eyes suddenly turned to respect. "It's Mr. Magician. Please come into the city." Say that finish, hastened to get out of the way, read the ice step in, and did not encounter any obstacles. The Huarong Empire is a country that worships fire. Because of the prosperity of its magic, both the king and the common people respect the magicians, especially the powerful magicians. Therefore, the king has issued an order, as long as the magician, no matter which country's magician, can enter the Huarong Empire at will, especially the fire magician, is the most popular object of the Huarong Empire, coupled with the golden hair of Nian Bing, the guards naturally will not stop more. The first feeling in Tharu city is bustling, and the Oran Empire formed a sharp contrast, the streets are full of bustling people, including some of the soldiers on holiday, no matter what the shop business is very good, as a frontier city is so rich, I'm afraid only the Huarong Empire can do it,Fiberglass tape measure, people here who will not worry about the invasion of foreign enemies, After all, the Northeast Group Army of the Huarong Empire stationed here is not a vegetarian.
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