Armed mecha

All right, don't be careless with me. Isn't it the self-replication of the program? You are really good at being intelligent. When you are too busy, you can still play "Shadow Fen Shen" to do what you want to do. We are not a person who can only concentrate on one thing and have no time to do what we want to do. I said with envy. Nah! What Ozawa wants to do and can't spare time to do now can tell the minor injury, if possible, the minor injury can help Ozawa do it. Xiao Shang said to me in a kind of sweet tone, which made me get goose bumps all over my body. God knows what kind of romance novels this guy read, and recorded and copied some of the disgusting words in them. Zeze? How can I hear this name? It's not a taste. What do I want to do? What I want to do most is to be with my Xiaoman, but I know it's not realistic and impossible anymore. Thinking of this, my fist clenched unconsciously. Perhaps frightened by my reaction, the little injury quickly said to me: "Jing Ze, what's wrong with you?"? Could it be that the way I just addressed and spoke made you uncomfortable? If you don't like it,304 Stainless Steel Wire, I can change the way I talk. It's all right! It was just a sudden thought of something uncomfortable. So, don't take my reaction to heart. I'm telling the truth. A period of silence followed. Jing Ze, I know you don't want to get into this situation about the transfer of troops. But now that things have come to this, we must face them. So you don't have to blame yourself. Dad and I will always support you. The little injury comforted him. She obviously misunderstood what I was thinking to say that. At this time,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, a service robot delivered a brand-new Major General's uniform to me, and I took it from his hand to change the Major General's uniform that I had slept out of shape. Minor injury! I want to live in the zero institution during this period of time in the imperial capital, OK? I asked as I walked out. OK! No problem. I'll talk to my father about it. Hearing Xiao Shang's answer, I guess the bald man who must be listening to our conversation somewhere at the moment must be bleeding in his heart. At the same time, he sighed in his heart that the old saying: a woman is too old to stay, and her elbow turns to a wild man before she gets married! When I walked out of the room, I turned my head and said, "Yes, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, a minor injury!"! In the pile of materials I left behind, there is a plan I made today. Let your father read it and revise it. Of course, you can see that it is absolutely no problem, but I think the fact of the whole plan still needs to be perfected and implemented by your father, so I hope you can bring it to me. All right! You feel at ease to go, when you come back, I want a (net mobile phone station 6K The revised and improved plan will be waiting for you in your room. Perhaps it was because he felt that his previous prank had gone too far, so the attitude of the minor injury was surprisingly good at the moment. The car that went to the banquet was the special car of the head of the zero organization. However, because it is a secret intelligence agency, although the car is of high grade, it does not have any logo to highlight its identity and status. So when I arrived at the banquet, few people noticed my arrival. Because there were many celebrities and heavyweight military and political dignitaries attending the banquet that day, there were more than 20 generals at the rank of Lieutenant General alone, which can be said to account for one tenth of the active generals in the Empire. It makes me wonder why these guys in the military are so interested in this kind of banquet occasion. In fact, on this matter is my small white, because this is the first time since the policy of war outsourcing has been formally implemented, because this practice is too trendy, because some things stay in the imperial capital or the military circles who serve in the imperial capital themselves are of course to come to watch and learn, because no one knows whether one day they will encounter their own defense area. So no matter what the final result of this outsourcing is, let's investigate, learn, and accumulate some necessary experience and lessons so that we can get started quickly in the future.
If it is understandable that many senior military officials came to the banquet, then the most puzzling thing for me is that many young imperial nobles came to the banquet today. It is a little difficult to understand why these future imperial elites are suddenly interested in such a political banquet. It was in this case that I came to the venue. Since the banquet was held in an official capacity to invite the chaebol or individuals who might participate in the bidding, the venue was located in the famous conference center of the imperial capital, Xidi Palace. It is said that the Xidi Palace used to be a special place for imperial emperors to receive envoys from other countries, so the magnificence of the Xidi Palace, which once served as the face of the empire,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, can be imagined. The facade of the Xiti Palace is supported by nine columns, which are several feet high and need to be embraced by several people. They symbolize the earliest nine administrative regions of the Empire. The dancing cherubs carved on the top of the column symbolize the imperial people's love of peace, while the two armed men and women who brandish swords and glare at the two male and female gods who enter the Siti Palace behind the nine stone pillars on the main entrance symbolize the imperial force. It is said that the sculptures symbolizing war and peace inside and outside the temple are said to tell the foreign envoys who entered the temple that the people of the Empire loved peace but were not afraid of war.
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