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My brain hurts from too much deep thinking on here-not used to it. So nice to have a place to relax and just chat on general topics, like: what do y'all like to listen to?
me: Bluegrass, of course, though i'll admit my education in that area is pretty limited: Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, and the Oh Brother soundtrack (which i didnt like especially but appreciate that it brought this music to millions of new fans). I could listen to the mandolin and fiddle all day long. Old Timey country-I was raised on Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, J Cash, Willie Nelson but even farther back than that I regularly play the Carter Family, Hank Sr...the blues-Bessie Smith, Jazz: Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughn...not so much a fan of Billie Holiday, or 'modern' jazz...
60's rock: I'm a deadhead, 'nuff said. and Dylan, naturally. Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe, Leonard Cohen (a buddhist, btw), Bob Marley, soul & funk...
I have as eclectic tastes as you'll ever encounter-my presets on the car radio range from classical to heavy metal (ACDC!)
-music is like anything in my life-whatever works for me at the time, I use. Take what you need and leave the rest.
Anything you think i'd enjoy hearing, please tell.


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    easier, i think for me than many others to 'let goi' as i wasa military brat and moved constantly, and continued to do so well inot adulthood-thus i'vce lived in 60+ different places, attened over a dozen schools, and never have more than a small circle of freinds. Sometimes i feel like the Paul Simon song: 'i am a rock, i am an island...i touch no one and noone touches me', but inevitably, some sneak into my inner circle. But i think (there's that word again) I'm fairly realistic about their place in my world. Does that make losing them any easier? No. But it helps me move on quicker.
    I had a flood in '96-lost alot of books, pictures, and other items-really made me realize better what i thought I already knew: things are transitory, and we are all things...
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    I was looking for somethind like this in order to help me deal with my mother :? Alcoholic, pathological liar, the list goes on.
    When we were kids we moved around a heck of a lot. I never really had any 'things' of my own. You know the things the other kids had? fav books, dolls, toys, games, ... For a long time I was bothered by that, but really, what are 'things' anyway? My brother and I had each other to keep us sane, and I think that is all that we ever really needed.
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    We moved alot as a kid-military family at first, then later just unhappy and unsettled-got to the point where i didnt even unpack my stuff for years, slept in my clothes...and when i finally moved out on my own, it was hard to stop moving...finally just threw boxes and boxes of stuff away without opening it, and havent missed it to this my house is 90% books and toys, little else, and when i move this summer to a bigger place, it'll be to have more room (and a yard), not more 'stuff'...
    I also ditched my parents along the way, but thats another story...
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