Dandy Genius of Power (Power)

The lightning power station sneered behind the tank and said, "It seems that the tank is going to play for real this time!"! Have these two little guys to suffer, but did not expect, this handsome guy is actually a holy attribute power! Lightning licked his tongue as he spoke. "Why," said yuan Ang with a smile, "have you taken a fancy to her?" "A little!" Lightning is also not taboo, smiling, suddenly turned his eyes to Yuntianji's side: "The young man beside Teacher Yun is also pretty handsome." "You're crazy about men!" yuan ang sneered a track. Why are you jealous? Lightning giggled. While the two of them were talking and laughing, the tank's body suddenly burst, its muscles swelled infinitely, and its height rose from 1.9 meters to three or four meters. Leng Xin looked at him all the time and said with a curious smile, "What material do you think his clothes are made of? Can't they be broken like this?" "Be careful, brother," said Leng Aoxue nervously. Cold heart, although the material power, can destroy any material, but his current level is not enough. Even the transformation between substances is not fully understood by him. And now in front of such a big one, he can turn other people's feet into stone at most. Leng Aoxue snorted, "Bright cover!" A faint white light fell from the sky,Magnesium Oxide powder, blocking the cold heart and the cold snow. The tank's fist fell with a crash on the light shield, which trembled and bombarded the two men far away. Jun Haotian looked at it and said with a wry smile, "If you don't practice the power of the holy attribute to the level of the emperor, you can only be beaten!" Yun Tianji laughed and said, "Do you just know?"? The regal level is a watershed in the ability of the Holy Power to have a powerful attack. Powers of the same level do not dare to fight with holy powers when they are at the imperial level. However, before reaching the level of the emperor, the ability of the holy attribute is far greater in defense than in attack. After a pause, Yuntianji went on to say,Magnesium Oxide price, "At least time and space are more useful than matter, light, and darkness.". Their three powers don't work together at all! There will even be conflicts! "It seems that I am more fortunate!" Jun Haotian laughed. That's true! Yun Tianji nodded. Once the cold-hearted material power reaches the imperial level, it is the real transformation. As long as there is enough power, waving hands can make all the material in the world decompose and disappear. But now, it seems that some people can not be calm. Leng Xin looked at Jun Haotian anxiously and said, "Haotian boy, why don't you come and help?"! If you don't come, your wife will die! "It's no use anyone helping!" The tank snorted, and the huge fist fell down again, making a terrible explosion in the air. Chapter 272 bring disgrace on oneself. The terrible muscles kept exploding in the air, bursting out with terrible explosive power. The blue veins had jumped out of his arms, and his furious eyes burst into a murderous look. A pair of fists, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,caustic calcined magnesite, like a bull, bombarded the bright cover of Leng Aoxue, and huge energy soared out of the air, causing waves of air. Brother and sister Leng Xin and Leng Aoxue were almost thrown to the ground by this wave of air. The corners of the tank's mouth raised a sneer and bloody way: "Go to hell!" Leng Aoxue screamed, "Haotian, do it quickly!" Seeing that the tank's consciousness could not control his own body, the whole fist was full of murderous spirit. Jun Haotian gave a sneer and looked at Yun Tianji. "Can't he control himself?" He asked. Yun Tianji smiled faintly, nodded and said, "The consequences of this transformation are so bad!" Yun Tianji's voice had not yet fallen, and Jun Haotian's figure had disappeared from the stone bench. A golden flash of fire appeared in the middle of the tank and the cold heart. "Broken!" He shouted. Jun Haotian's speed is too fast, simply fast to the extreme, even the speed of lightning are stunned, heart way: this is what speed, too abnormal! You should know that the speed of Jun Dashao's full opening is faster than Bi Fang's. Coupled with being a space power, this speed is a matter of course. Jun Haotian's body abruptly blocked the tank's huge fist.
yuan Ang was also frightened and said, "What kind of monster is this? How can you block the tank's terrible fist with your own? How can this be possible?" Yun Tianji smiled faintly and said disdainfully, "There is nothing impossible in this world!" But more terrible things are still brewing, in the face of such a huge tank, but also the power of the type of power, Jun Dashao's identity as a law breaker will naturally not be effective. But a power is a power after all, and the transformation of a tank is a kind of power. As long as it is a magic, the one who breaks the magic will naturally be able to break it. Jun Haotian lightly snorted, a milky white light from Jun Haotian's fingertips broke out, the light point on the huge body of the tank, the tank immediately seemed to be eroded by a force, shrinking! In a moment, the tank's body had become normal. Law breaker, it's law breaker! Jun Haotian smiled and looked at the helpless tank, lightning, and yuan Ang and said with a smile, "What's so great about the transformation? Big man, come again if you have the ability." Tank has now regained consciousness, looking at Jun Haotian way: "Little guy, you have nothing to do here, hurry away!" " Jun Haotian pinched the tip of his nose and laughed contemptuously: "Silly big man, if you want to hurt my friend, of course I can't ignore it!" As he spoke, Jun Haotian faced the tank. Lightning and yuan Ang hooked their fingers and said, "You three go together, so as not to waste this young master's time!" Lightning giggled and said with a little charm, "Handsome boy, your tone is so big!"! It's so manly, I like it! But just as the voice fell, a cold light burst out of the lightning's eyes. Body across a ray of light toward the impact of Jun Haotian in the past,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Jun Dashao sneer: "So this is the so-called speed power ah!"! It's just so so! With a snort, Jun raised his hands and said, "Time stands still!" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com
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