Jiao in the palm

[Chen Tuan: Well, it will be turned off soon. I'm going to play the task of escaping from the Chamber of Secrets.] [Wen Liang: I'll come to see you later.] After Chen Tuan's meal, the program group has sent them blindfolds and walkie-talkies in turn. Before wearing the blindfold, she finally sent a message to Wen Liang, "It's all right, you're busy," and turned off her cell phone. After putting on the blindfold, the four people were sent to an unknown place by the program group in a car, covering their faces all the way until they were separated and sent to the entrance of their respective secret rooms. Only then did the director group in the walkie-talkie announce: "The difficulty of the four themes from low to high is: interstellar, cave, campus, fairy tale." Chen Tuan: ".." Alright. She was led into the first room by the staff, then listened to the instructions on the walkie-talkie until she said, "Now everyone can take off the blindfold," and Chen took off the blindfold. She did this quickly, directly pinching the corner of the blindfold and pulling it up, so that when she opened her eyes and looked at the scene in front of her, the impact was really great. It's a fairy tale theme, yes. Just in front of the fairy tale is dark, the whole room picture is bloody, each princess doll is bulging eyeball, bloodshot,filter nozzle, with a strange smile on her face. Chen Tuan is really not afraid of ghost films, but standing alone in a gloomy room, people can not help but feel afraid. At the same time, the screams of other people on the intercom were probably also impacted. Chen Tuan did not dare to stare at the dolls, and soon he sank down and began to look for the password. In the fairy tale theme room, there were many wooden boxes like treasure boxes. In order to find clues, Chen Tuan opened several boxes in succession. As a result, he was frightened by many prank boxes and screamed several times. He could hear the gloating laughter of the boys in other rooms. She used to go to the student union to play with everyone several times when she was studying,Rotating sludge scraper, and she had a better understanding of those routines. Soon after she was frightened, she gradually found out the way of thinking. After an hour, Chen Tuan had successfully passed through two rooms and got two kinds of food. In the walkie-talkie real-time broadcast each theme room in the breakthrough situation, Chen Tuan is now the first to break through two passes, Li Cong and Ran Liming two people exaggerated a burst of worship praise. Yes, Chen Tuan. "You are the intellectual responsibility of our team!" Chen Tuan smiled and was about to answer something when suddenly there was a noise on the walkie-talkie, and the sound was sharp and harsh, and then suddenly there was no sound at all. It is useless for Chen Tuan to debug several times. The intercom is out of order. On the other side, Ran Liming also said "hello, hello, hello" several times, and immediately informed the program director group outside. When Wen Liang arrived, the program group was dealing with the matter. There were many cameras in the secret room, and in order to create an atmosphere, they did not follow the cameraman, disc air diffuser ,rotary vacuum disc filters, and it was unrealistic for so many cameras to be called in real time. Once Chen Tuan's walkie-talkie is broken, it is equivalent to losing communication tools and losing contact. What's the matter? Wen Liang asked. The director knew that the relationship between the two was unusual, so he could only tell the truth and did not dare to neglect it: "I will send someone to take the new walkie-talkie right away." Wen Liang frowned slightly. "Give it to me. I'll take it in." The program director was stupefied and could only give the walkie-talkie to Wen Liang. Finally, he carefully explained: "It was shot in real time, and it will be cut into a program later." It means that Wen Liang should not stay in it for a long time, otherwise he will not be able to edit it. Not knowing if he understood, he took the new walkie-talkie and debugged it again, then followed the staff to the entrance of the secret room. On the other hand, Chen Tuan did not take the walkie-talkie failure seriously, and even felt that probably everyone's walkie-talkie had failed to shut down, in order to broadcast the program at that time. So she soon went on to break through the barrier. It's just that the theme of this fairy tale is the most difficult, and it's really not casual. The first two levels are relatively easy, and the third level is dead or alive. The third level is a completely dark environment, only a few candlelight around, but make the environment more gloomy. Chen Tuan pulled out a piece of paper from the bamboo tube in the light, and after opening it, there was a string of numbers inside. Just as he was about to look carefully, he did not know where he had touched the mechanism, but suddenly all the candlelight went out. The room was plunged into complete darkness. Chen Tuan's night vision is very poor, and he hasn't been able to adapt to it yet, so he can't see anything clearly for a while.
At the same time, it was the strange music that suddenly sounded, but it was also very ethereal, and the listener felt a burst of fear. Chen Tuan: "........." Who on earth came up with this stupid game?! She's scared to death! Don't take the ingredients! She did not dare to stay where she was, walking carefully in the dark, but after a few steps, she heard a rustling sound beside her, which was magnified infinitely in the silent and dark room. Chen Tuan felt his heart climbing up little by little, almost jumping into his throat. I have even begun to think about how I can be more elegant when I am in a state of shock. The voice was getting closer and closer, and Chen did not dare to move. He stood in place and opened his eyes forcefully, trying to see the situation in front of him, but it was still useless. How did the normal escape from the secret room become an immersion game? There are still NPCs?! Then, suddenly, she smelled a familiar smell, the faint smell of tobacco, and the same fragrance of laundry detergent as her old clothes. This all scared the hallucination to come?? Chen Tuan had no time to think and wanted to step back, then his waist was embraced, the familiar taste approached, and his mouth was cold. Chen Tuan took a hard bite and quickly stepped back, exclaiming, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" "Hiss." Wen Liang raised his hand and attached his lips, wet. The bite is bleeding. When Chen Tuan heard his voice, he gasped and asked tentatively, "Wen Liang?" Wen Liang rubbed his mouth and answered faintly, and then chuckled: "The bite is quite cruel." Chen Tuan finally adapted to the darkness, Wen Liang's appearance emerged, sharp edges and corners, the blood on his lips was wiped out by him at will, and the prominent Adam's apple slid up and down neatly. Chen was stupefied: "." Deserve it "Did I scare you?" Wen Liang raised his hand,disc air diffuser, pulled her ponytail down, and laughed at her, "You're the only one who has the guts." 。 khnwatertreatment.com
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