Psychic Movie Queen: Reborn National Goddess

However, the due date has clearly arrived, Qiao Xiaran's belly is still no movement, there is no sign of giving birth. The couple are also first-time parents and can only listen to the doctor. Si Limo simply can not sit down, looking for different obstetrics and gynecology authority doctors to come over, said Qiao Xiaran is in good health, but the child earlier than the due date, or later than the due date is also a special case, let the couple not nervous. Five days later, Qiao Xia ran just returned to the hospital bed after a walk, and his stomach was a little uncomfortable. It hurts. Is a kind of pain with rhythm, the waist is very sore, other times also appeared, Qiao Xia ran did not care much. As soon as I sat down, I suddenly felt something hot coming out. Qiao Xiaran has been brainwashed by all kinds of knowledge of doctors before, knowing that the amniotic fluid should be broken, she is going to give birth! Chapter 1427 of the main text depends on each other in this life. When Si Limo saw that her face was not good, he frowned. "Is she going to give birth?" Qiao Xiaran frowned and said, "The amniotic fluid seems to be broken." "That is to give birth, you go to call a doctor quickly, we are here to accompany!" Mrs. Si's heart tightened, and she had more experience in giving birth to three children, so she calmed down on this occasion. Without waiting for Qiao Xiaran to open his mouth, he had already run out to call someone: "Doctor, doctor..." The third floor is the VIP senior ward, and the doctor is not a few steps away. Qiao Xia ran was supported by Qiao Lang, and the pain in his stomach with a sense of rhythm came faintly, making a lot of noise. The doctor immediately carried the stretcher to come over, Qiao Xia ran can hardly speak, is held by Si Li Mo to put on,industrial racking systems, the eyes seem to be a blank. The pain came over, Qiao Xia ran pale, biting her lips, staring at the ceiling, the noise around her seemed to be far away, nothing could be heard. There seemed to be something stirring in her stomach, tearing the uterus earth-shaking, and the pain made her scratch her heart and lungs. She grasped Si Limo's hand as if she were grasping a life-saving straw. Come on, Xia Ran, don't be afraid! There seemed to be a woman's voice coming over, but Qiao Xia ran could not tell who it was. The news of the birth came unexpectedly again, and when Qiao Junzhen and Ye Qian knew it, they rushed to the hospital. The old lady was in high spirits and urged the old man to go out. The doctor in the delivery room quickly sent Qiao Xiaran to the operating room, blocking all the family members outside. Si Limo's mood suddenly became restless, and his violent mood seemed to burst out in his body. He had never seen a pregnant woman before, pallet rack shelving ,medium duty racking, but he had never seen a pregnant woman give birth, and he had a shocking feeling when he saw those tools. Why do other people give birth to children inside are all kinds of screams, why Xia ran life, there seems to be no movement inside! If I had known, I would have followed him in! Seeing him walking back and forth in front of his eyes, Mrs. Si frowned. "Sit down!" "Why haven't you finished yet?" He twisted his eyebrows, his eyelashes suddenly trembled, and his mood became more and more anxious, as if the next second the violent emotion would be released. ……” It's only been five minutes since she went in. How could her son be so stupid? "You shut up!"! Sit down! "" Si madam also flustered tightly, took out own imposing manner to roar him, strange is Si Li Mo unexpectedly really honestly sat down! "In-laws, Li Mo." The old man and the old lady came first, and Ye Qian came in a rush. The people on the outside are restless, and the people on the inside are having a hard time. As soon as the light in the operating room came on, Qiao Xia ran's eyes did not have any brilliance, and although his face was not very good, he was surprisingly calm. At the beginning, Qiao Xiaran planned to give birth naturally, because it was better for the baby. The waist and abdomen fell, the pain in the stomach became more and more intense, and Qiao Xia ran could feel that the child could not wait to come out. After a while, Qiao Xiaran felt a chill, and the labor pains had come. Miss Jo, your water's broken. The baby's coming. The next time you have a stomachache, you take the opportunity to start pushing hard and pushing the baby down.. Qiao Xia ran lost his strength in pain and gasped desperately. Miss Qiao, don't be afraid. It's not easy for a woman to give birth to a child. The nurse comforted her by saying that she had seen countless births, and most pregnant women were nervous and afraid at the moment.
Chapter 1428 of the main text depends on each other in this life. Qiao Xia ran did not say a word, the fine sweat almost covered the delicate face, the nurse can almost feel how painful she is at the moment. The pain of natural production is almost twelve levels. It was so painful that she bit her lip and didn't even give a cry of weakness. How can a woman be so stubborn? Doctors and nurses had probably never seen such a pregnant woman, and the shock was so deep in their hearts. Qiao Xia ran felt very tired, more and more tired, that kind of deep-seated pain is still in the body, can not shake off, the line of sight has been completely blurred. "The cervix is almost open, Miss Jo." Qiao Xia ran bit her lip and kept exerting herself, but the accompanying pain was like a puncture, so intense that it could always defeat the moment when she exerted herself desperately. The feeling of dizziness came, and the body was cold and numb. The child just couldn't get out and seemed to be stuck at the exit, circling back and forth. This kind of feeling, let Qiao Xia ran more and more powerless. Miss Jo? Miss Jo seems to be dizzy! Someone on the side said, "This is no good. If you can't have a caesarean section, you can only see whether you are big or small." The child has reached the cervix, and if it is cut open, it is basically impossible. Jojo, Jojo.. Qiao Xia ran felt that he heard the voice in the dark, it was Xiao Tian. You have to come on. Are you really willing to get to this point? Small day suddenly understand, why oneself want to store so many star value, originally, is to wait for this moment,heavy duty rack manufacturers, help her! I am not reconciled! Not reconciled! She wants her children to grow up healthily, to work with Si Limo for the rest of her life, to touch the world well and taste all the tastes of life. Xia Ran. "Xia Ran." "Xia Ran." 。
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