ngo in ahmedabad - Gujarat Sahay

Gujarat Sahay is an try to create a charity ecosystem which is helpful in true sense. We are aiming to bridge the gap between donors and recipients, make people aware of their social responsibilities towards fellow citizens, and promote authentic needs that deserve attention.

At Gujarat Sahay we believe every individual has some responsibility for society. Some want to donate money or time while others want to provide goods like clothes, food etc. To fulfill this need of individuals who wish to contribute something but can't do it themselves Gujarat Sahay was created as a platform where these individuals can come together with those who require help through either donations or by providing physical assistance (volunteers).

Gujarat Sahay is a website that posts and shares what needs to be helped, as well as discusses what is already being presented on the social media. The website offers an open forum for people to post and share what they feel deserves help. It also provides an open forum for discussion of issues already present on the site.
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