Dream of Three Lives, Cold Pear Blossom Snow

There was a sly look on the fox's face. He looked at the little blind fox, then patted Yan'er on the head and said with a smile, "I didn't plan to, but my uncle did.". Now even if we go out, the elders in the stockade are all bribed by my uncle, we will only be driven out of the fox village, father and mother are afraid to be under house arrest to death. But if we don't go out, my uncle will be worried. He will try his best to get us out. They haven't recognized my sister yet. If I don't have spiritual power, it won't be a big threat to them. So as long as my sister recovers, the elders will have a headache. Yan'er nodded thoughtfully, and the river pear stood aside staring at the fox, with a smile at the corners of her mouth. What if they don't recognize your sister? After all, her eyes. Yan'er is still a little worried. You don't have to worry. I have a way to let my sister see it. The day fox looked at the small blind fox, the eyes seem to have no place to sweep the place where the rain is, the day fox has no spiritual power after how much ability, afraid that no one can see through. Yan'er was a little worried, but she never asked again. The whole fox village began to riot again because of the return of the day fox, the fox king family can rule the whole green hill for generations is naturally has its own means, but now the fox king has been under house arrest, and the only heir has no ability, has been captured. No one knows what the fate of Qingqiu Jiuwei will be in the future. Sang Qi stood outside the door of the room of the fox king and the fox queen. He straightened his clothes, pushed the door and entered. He smiled as usual and said,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, "Sister, brother-in-law, how are you these days?" The fox king was lying on his back on the couch, but when he heard that Sang Qi had come in, he immediately turned sideways and pretended to sleep. Fox after seeing his own brother, now is not a good look, turned his head and continued to look out of the window. The room is a little stuffy, the atmosphere is also very stuffy,Theobromine Powder, for the three foxes in the room, the boredom in my heart can not be described in words. Sang Qi beckoned his attendant to close the door from the outside, then strode into the room, poured himself a cup of tea, and drank half a cup slowly. After a while, Sang rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "Brother-in-law, you'd better hand over the divine seal. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that your precious son will live through tomorrow." Sangqi spoke very slowly and clearly, and every word went completely into the fox king's ears, but the fox king still did not respond. The expression on Sang Qi's face changed slightly. He looked at the back of the Fox King and then said, "You can't count on your son-in-law who is a dragon in the sky. It is said that the Bilong Xianjun is a broken sleeve. Your blind daughter is afraid that she is crying quietly in an empty room alone now." This sentence completely angered the fox king, and he did not know why he was so angry, but as soon as he heard Sang Qi's words, he jumped up from the bed and pointed to Sang Qi's nose and said, D BHB Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, "You are a rebel and a thief. Don't think that the king will give you that thing. The king tells you that it is a divine thing given by God. It is not something that your humble body can bear.". Not afraid to tell you, that thing is long in the blood, mine has been exhausted, only my children have that thing, you can not take it away! You can kill us, and when it comes, you can wait for Qingqiu to perish! With that, the fox king lay down on the couch again, sulking and saying no more. After listening to what the fox king had just said, Sang Qi was startled for a long time, and suddenly he rushed out of the door in a panic. The meaning of the fox king's words is that what he wants is on the fox, so now, the fox can't die! The more Sang Qi thought about it, the more annoyed he became. No wonder the elders had been lukewarm to him all the time. A group of old guys who saw the wind at the helm must have known the secret for a long time. Seeing that God's punishment was coming, they had planned to take advantage of this opportunity to win people's hearts and then climb to the throne as a matter of course, but who expected this. Now, what on earth should be done? Sang Qi rushes to the cave of the little blind fox while calculating in his heart. At this time, the door of the cave of the little blind fox was emitting black smoke, and the fire had burned in. The little fox who had listened to Sang Qi's order to set fire was standing at the door of the cave, looking at everything proudly. He saw Sang Qi rushing over from a distance. The little fox was overjoyed, but Sang Qi ran over and slapped him in the face.
The little fox couldn't figure out why Sangqi changed his face so quickly. Sang Qi hurriedly used his spiritual power to draw the river to extinguish the fire in the cave, but when he rushed in, he was dumbfounded. The cave was empty and there was nothing. The author has something to say: It is the most painful thing to write more every day!!! The High Priest of the Temple It was dark in the cave. There was only a little blind fox living in it. It was all the same to her whether there was light or not. But at this time, the black inside is not only because there is no light, the soil inside is black, the wall of the cave is black, even the bed where the little blind fox usually lies is blackened like carbon, yes, everything is covered with a layer of black carbon. A fire can burn everything, burn all the obstacles, Sang Qi thought so at the beginning. But he regretted it at this time, because the fire may be the future of the whole green hill. At this time, as the future of Qingqiu, Tianhu is hiding in the temple behind the Fox Stronghold. There was only one fox living in the temple. He was the high priest of the Nine Tails. No one knew how old he had lived. The fox thought the high priest was an old man, but it was a child who came out of the altar. If he hadn't seen the nine brilliant tails behind the child, the fox would never have associated him with the legendary high priest. The man who saved the three of them from the cave did not enter the temple, which is a sacred place in the hearts of the foxes. Although the nine-tailed clan is ruled by the Fox King, in fact, the status of the high priest is much higher than that of the Fox King. The high priest rarely shows up, and when he does, it must be'it 'coming. The sky fox carried the little blind fox on his back and pulled Yan'er to rush into the altar. Before that, they were able to escape from the cave, of course, the river pear, for the sudden appearance of the river pear, the fox's expression seems to be a matter of course, for the existence of the river pear he has long known. However, in the head of the sky fox,Thyroid Powder Factory, the definition of the river pear is only the dark guard sent by Biyin to protect the little blind fox. The river pear did not say much, after helping them out of trouble, he hid in the air and watched everything silently. pioneer-biotech.com
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