All the prehistoric people know that Demon Ancestor is divorcing (giving birth to a child through BL

Sanqing stopped and walked all the way to enjoy the scenery of the temple, and finally arrived at Zixiao Palace. At this time, there were six futons left, and the only person sitting there surprised Sanqing. It was a young man who looked younger than Tongtian. His purple clothes were simple and clumsy, his black hair was tied with a crown, his crown was like a lotus, his face was like a jade, and he was a handsome man of Zhong Ling. Your Excellency is-? Lao Tzu subconsciously had a good impression and had the mood to make friends. To be able to come one step earlier than their Sanqing, there is no doubt that in terms of cultivation or treasures, they are even stronger than their Sanqing. Besides, he has a wonderful sense of intimacy. I'm Liansheng. You should have seen me. On the futon, the meditating Liansheng opened his eyes and gazed warmly at the three famous monks in the flood and famine. It was not the first time he had seen Sanqing, but every time he met him, he was inevitably touched. I was stunned. Liansheng? Isn't that the true spirit of Pangu, Grandpa's son! Hearing his name, he was surprised not only by Lao Tzu, but also by yuan Shi. The two of them were also impressed by Pangu Zhenling. Liansheng was the image of Pangu in their hearts. He was tall and powerful, with a rough face and a strong sense of power! At that time, the virtual shadow of Pangu Axe appeared, and all the treasures of the flood and famine gathered in Mount Sumeru. Liansheng held Pangu Axe in his hand and fought against the plunder of heaven. How spectacular! How heroic! Watching the two brothers'silly expressions, Tongtian couldn't help laughing any more, "Lotus is born and transformed, naturally it won't be what it used to be!" yuan Shi's eye knife shot in the past, Tongtian dared to see their jokes! Lao Tzu coughed. "It's our photo." Appearance can change, this is not strange, strange is Pangu Zhenling that kind of eight feet tall strong man, after a period of time, unexpectedly transformed into a white and beautiful young man! This is as scary as Pangu's good looks! Liansheng looked at them gently from the beginning to the end, not surprised by Sanqing's different looks. Instead,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Tongtian was so embarrassed that he went to his side and sat down on a futon. "Liansheng Daoyou, why didn't Garuda and Kong Xuan come?" "They are on their way," said Liansheng softly. "Have the two brothers done enough?" Asked Tongtian in surprise? Thirty-three days away is dangerous. As soon as he finished speaking, his ear was grabbed by yuan Shi. "Third brother, in order of age, you change my position." Under the stuffy expression of the weather, the seat he had just sat down was occupied by Lao Tzu, and then yuan Shi sat behind Lao Tzu, leaving himself with the fourth futon. Lao Tzu took the place of Tong Tian and asked, "I heard that Daoyou was a disciple of the elder Hongjun." Liansheng nodded, "registered disciple." Lao Tzu and his two younger brothers looked at each other, with Liansheng's aptitude and origin, unexpectedly in Hongjun senior there is only a registered disciple! What is a registered disciple? That is the disciple who can't get the true biography! Tong Tian was dissatisfied with this. "How can you be a registered disciple?"! That Hongjun senior doesn't look at Grandpa's face, but should also look at your identity and accept you as an apprentice! yuan Shi, like Tong Tian, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, frowned. "Didn't Grandpa say anything?" When Liansheng saw that they were aggrieved for themselves, there was a smile in their eyes. Father knows about it. You don't have to worry. Anyway, after this sermon, he was sitting on a futon, and Master Hongjun couldn't even make him a true disciple. With this topic, Sanqing and Liansheng talked without estrangement, which added a lot of popularity to the main hall of Zixiao Palace. On the other side, Nu Wa had not yet set out from the mansion, pulling her brother to persuade the other side: "Fuxi, accompany me to Zixiao Palace, OK? I feel that this hearing is a chance." "It's too late," said Fuxi helplessly. "The demon emperor has only sent Kun Peng to the Zixiao Palace to listen. Neither I nor any other demon commander can go." Nu Wa nibbled her shellfish teeth, her eyes shining like water. "Go with me." "No," said Fuxi. Nu Wa's face was cold in an instant, and her pretty face was covered with frost. Fuxi missed a beat, and Nuwa had not been so angry with herself for many years. He put down the jade tablet in his hand and coaxed his sister. "I'll report to Your Majesty. If Your Majesty agrees, I'll go with you to listen." No matter how dissatisfied Nu Wa was, she couldn't say anything more. She asked him to contact the heaven of the demon clan.
Since Fuxi joined the Heavenly Court and became the top level of the demon clan, the time to accompany her has been reduced a lot, and most of the content she talked about was the struggle between the Lich and the demon. To tell the truth, she is not interested in these things. No matter how fierce the fight is, in the end, it is not the strength that speaks! While thinking about whether the other monks had arrived, and pulling the newly raised spirit flower, Nu Wa sat idly waiting for Fuxi to come back. After a while, the petals withered, and with a wave of her hand, the petals scattered on the ground stuck back to the spirit flower. Not only that, the flowers are full of vitality, as if they had just bloomed. This is Nu Wa's ability. She was not born to fight, but in terms of life, has a unique ability to understand, because of this ability, brother is not at ease to join the demon clan, want to protect themselves. Nu Wa's beautiful eyes slipped through a trace of sorrow, "I am not weaker than Houtu." Zu Wu Hou Tu could still fight with her brothers and sisters, but Fuxi's desire to protect her made her never really take action. There were many monks who knew her reputation, but not many monks who agreed with her cultivation. This time listening to the sermon may be able to change this situation. Nu Wa made up her mind to join in the fun. It was not until Nuwa was upset that Fuxi's figure appeared in front of her eyes. She looked up at the slender, handsome man, and found that his eyes were full of concern and warmth. She could not help but feel sweet in her heart. She asked, "Did Emperor Jun agree?" "Fuxi swallowed the displeasure of Emperor Jun and said with a smile," I agree. Nu Wa immediately cheered in a low voice. Brother, let's go! I have everything ready! “…… Wait, what is it? Fuxi had no time to ask clearly, so he was pulled out of the mansion by his sister and rushed to thirty-three days away. By this time, several days had passed, and Fuxi thought that he and Nuwa would be shut out,Amber Dropper Bottles, or that they would be the last to arrive, but they met a group of monks wandering around 33 days away. After listening to their blood and tears, Fuxi was confused. "Can't you find Zixiao Palace?" The monks left with a sigh.
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