Rookie Jianghu

Thank you! After saying this, Gu Shaoqing walked out of the banquet hall. It's an auditory hallucination. There's no name for her! A belated ring It is said that the world is bound to be United after a long time of division. The bustling city will be over, for a long time, people in the game or forum topics are inseparable from what they saw and heard that day. There is no doubt that the focus of the city meeting is the great God of Jian Xuantian and the beautiful woman of Yue Ruohan. Someone also inadvertently mentioned that there was a girl whose appearance was not inferior to that of Yue Ruohan at the scene. However, she was soon sprayed by the FANS group of the goddess of the moon and dared not speak. Others say that if the dust and smoke fly to the field, how can the sword be dragged by Xuantian? But since Chen Yang God did not go, the result is unknown. For these rumors, Chen Yang ignored, he did not appear in the game recently, so that many people secretly worried that something would happen, right? In the past, Chen Yang was online every day, his name was lit up in the friend column, and his words were also in the chat. Mu Xiaoyu didn't feel anything, but now Chen Yang disappeared, and it was obvious that she felt something was missing. However,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, if she asked what was missing, she couldn't answer it herself. That day, the strange ringtone of the mobile phone fluttered in the bedroom again. Muxiaoyu ran into the room and held the mobile phone at the last moment. The word "hello" was still vague in her mouth, and there came an excited female voice. Muyu, why did you just answer the phone. Light rain a Leng, looked at the screen, the number is quite strange. Where,oil dropper bottle, who are you? "You're a dead woman. I'm an elegant baby. Don't you remember?" The excited female voice turned into a mumbling voice, which was equal to Xiao's. Ah, elegant, how did you change the number, you this guy, change the number without saying, how can I recognize it? Although Xiaoyu complained, his mood was very happy. Are you still playing Sword Spirit? "Well, are you still in the second district?" Mu Xiaoyu is also a little excited, after all, elegance is her first real friend in this game besides Xiao, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,glass cream jars, which is of great significance. Yes, by the way, I have good news for you. We will be together soon. The elegant baby on the other end of the phone is very excited. Are you going back to play in the first district? Mu Xiaoyu is a little surprised, not to say that she has a good life in the second district? But it's good to be back and have another companion. No, we have information from inside the Blur. It is said that by the end of next month, the first and second districts of Central China will be merged, so that we can be together. Explained with an elegant smile. That's great! Today is only February 17, and there is still more than a month to go. I really want to hurry up. The Holy Alliance also has an internal information channel for the Blur, so when he talked to Elegance on the phone, the gang had already spread a lot, but the wooden fish didn't know it. For ordinary players, the joint area is just a little more people, a little more lively. For those "relatives and friends" far apart players, the joint area is a good opportunity for "family reunion". For the major gangs in the game, the joint area means a reshuffle of forces, a little carelessness, will be removed from history. The holy alliance and the divine realm are very concerned, in order to be able to get more accurate information about the opponent, the world is unique and a sword flying snow respectively opened the trumpet to explore the intelligence in Area 2, so as to grasp the information of the other side at the first time. No, the matchless was surrounded by everyone as soon as he came back. [Help Chat] Tianya Wandering: matchless, how do you feel? [Gang Chat] Love in a Fallen City: Gang Leader, tell us about the situation there. I heard from my friend that the strongest one in the second district is also the Lord of Xiangyang City. [Help Chat] McDull: So we are in danger. [Help Chat] Yue Ruohan: Don't make wild guesses. It will upset the morale of the troops. [Gang Chat] Unique in the world: The biggest gang in the second district is Tiandu. The gang leader and the castellan are the same person. They are the top ten in the district. They are Jianzong Tianjiang. Their ID is Jianxuantian. They are out-and-out RMB players.
[Help Chat] Heartless: That's all? [Help Chat] Ren Xiaozhao: I just went to the forum to search. This person's equipment is comparable to our castellan, but there are a lot of scolding posts below. Is this person's RP not good? [Gang Chat] The world is unique: Over there is Jian Xuantian. There are two gangs under Tiandu, one is prosperous and the other is brilliant. They are the branches of Tiandu. The three gangs occupy the three most prosperous cities. The other gangs are severely suppressed. Of course, their reputation will not be very good. [Help Chat] Heartless: How is his skill? [Help chat] The world is unique: I went in to watch Tianjiang's school match, and I personally felt that it was not as good as Chen Yang. With the best equipment, Chen Yang PK, at most three rounds, but he used five rounds. [Help Chat] Yue Ruohan: Then there is no need to worry. We are sure to win. [Help chat] Baby is not good: Yo, Xiaoyue, return our dust … … [Help Chat] Yue Ruohan:.. Baby [Help chat] Baby is not good: I suddenly found that why didn't Feng Hua and Chang Feng speak? [Help Chat] Feng Hua Xue: I'm occupying a seat, and I'm going to watch Chen Yang train the dog. [Help chat] The world is unique: Look at my memory. I almost forgot. Our classmate Chen Yang finished his retreat and came out of the political arena again. He is settling accounts after autumn. If you want to see a play, go to Chengdu Gongpingzi to watch the competition. [Help Chat] Baby is not good: Who challenges Chen Yang? [Help Chat] Feng Hua Xue: It should be the challenge of Dun Yang not to understand the amorous feelings ~ ~ [Help chat] Baby is not good: Speaking of it, Chen Yang GG has been very busy these days, and has no time to clean him up. [Help chat] Clumsy yuanyuan: Please, I don't know how many times the bounty hunter killed that person who doesn't understand the amorous feelings. If this is no time to clean up, then how miserable will the person who has time to clean up be? When everyone heard yuanyuan's words,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, they couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat. [Help Chat] I'm Xiaohai: I don't understand the amorous feelings. How can this fox have the courage to stand up? I thought he was going to hide. [Help chat] The world is unique: He is also in order to die early and be born early. Chen Yang gave him two choices. Single combat is the same as hunting and killing. There is no third way. [Help chat] Baby is not good: Wow, Chen Yang GG is so bold. [Help Chat] Tianya Wandering: Wife. [Help chat] Baby is not good: one side of the corner to stay, do not hinder me YY dust Yang [nymphomaniac].
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