Records of Chinese immortals and demons

With a worried look on his face, Zhou Daoer stepped forward and looked around the two of them. Suddenly he took Piao's hand and said, "You two elder brothers, the old monk has suffered so much. I still can't rest assured after thinking about it.". So come back and see. It's good to see you all right. How is the angry Taoist? His elder brother called warmly and held hands kindly, but he was very embarrassed to hold Piao. He was very senior in Xiandao. Before he lived in seclusion, he was also the Lord of Xifeng, who was respected by everyone. He was also very cold. When someone dared to be so intimate with him and wanted to get rid of him, Zhou Daoer was very tight. Besides, he knew that Lu Jingxiu had promised to make friends with Zhou Daoer, and that Zhou Daoer had not made a mistake in courtesy, and that it was inappropriate to use force. He was at a loss for a moment. When he let go of his hand and put on a hug, he was startled again. He shook his body and quickly flashed to one side. Lu Jingxiu replied with a smile, "The Angry Taoist Priest only underestimated the enemy for a while. He has already recovered at this time." As soon as Zhou Daoer held him empty, he scratched his hands in the air a few times. With an embarrassed smile, he drew back his hands and wiped them on his lapel. Hei Hei said with a smile, "Since the three elder brothers are all right, the boy said goodbye and turned away.". Lu Jingxiu laughed and said, "Little brother, are you going to look for your friends?" Zhou Daoer walked a few steps and heard a shock. After turning around, his face was as severe as frost. In his eyes, there was a flash of cold awn: "They.". How are they? Lu Jingxiu one Leng,30ml dropper bottle, this boy just still cheeky smile, at this time there is a kind of unspeakable power. The two of them looked at each other. Lu Jingxiu knew that he was far away from himself, but he couldn't help shivering. After a few more careful looks, his face suddenly changed, but he returned to normal in an instant. He still said with a big smile, "Don't worry, little brother. Your friends are very good.". But at this time it is no longer in the mountain of medicine. The two of us knew that the little brother was coming, and we were afraid that you would run away,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, so we came to meet him specially. You just go with us. Only then did Zhou Daoer relax his face and nod with a smile and answer, "Oh, thank you very much.". My friends are very naughty, but they haven't caused any trouble to the elder brothers, have they? The momentum just disappeared in a flash, and there was a harmless look on his face, and this unique skill of changing his face stunned the one side of Baopu. Lu Jingxiu shook his head and said, "My little brother's friends are clever and talented. How can they be naughty?". A few of us like it tight. As soon as Zhou Daoer's heart moved, he faintly guessed something. He went with a smile. the latest mobile phones and notebooks, Xiaodao brother's website, quality, price, after-sales are guaranteed, door-to-door delivery within the Third Ring Road in Beijing, you can also go to the company to pick up the goods, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,Blue Bottle Serum, interested people can go and have a look. < br > Click to view the picture link: < a href = > Click here, go to the Magic Sword to read it, and support the trail!
Volume 3: What is invincible in the world? Chapter 84 (II) Zhou Daoer at this time is not busy, from time to time to find some words and Lu Jingxiu chat, not to the door, the heart has been, but also did not show the color of displeasure, until the door, but a straight face. Seeing that Zhou Daoer was unharmed, thirteen and others all ran to the past shouting loudly. They could come to the front and look at Zhou Daoer's face. The smart ones had slowed down their steps. Only the two black brothers ran over with a smile. Hearing two screams, two shadows rose from the ground and had a close contact with the big tree beside them. Bastard, after Zhou Daoer kicked them out, he muttered and ignored a few old people who followed him, and walked towards the boys with a straight face. A few Laodao immediately made a big noise, but look at Lu Jingxiu and Baopu two people did not respond, can only hold back back, can only look at Zhou Daoer pointing to the nose of a few boys, mouth foam flying then taught a lesson. I want to bring you up with a handful of shit and urine. Decades are like a day. Zhou Daoer shook his head and sighed with tears in his eyes. A few people in the audience rolled their eyes.
Look at thirteen, Zihun, the black brothers, Di Meng, Di Yong all look a few years older than Zhou Daoer, not to mention the old image of Busenji. Where did all this go? Every day, you eat and I eat porridge, you sleep and I am on duty, and you pick up girls and I keep watch. Is it easy for me? Zhou Daoer looked up to the sky and sighed, looking like he was recalling the painful past. Thirteen and others were quite confused, but when they saw Zhou Daoer in anger, they dared to speak out again, and one by one their heads were almost caught in their crotches. Of course, you have a good home to do the eldest brother is also happy for you, but as the saying goes, "elder brother is father", I am your eldest brother, how can I not even say hello. Alas. Do you think we should fight or not? Zhou Daoer frowned, made a painful gesture, and remembered that his eyebrows were blocked by the mask, the effect was general, and he could only wave his hand to increase the effect. Thirteen and others have just known that Zhou Daoer did not know about their apprenticeship at all. For more than a month, they have been tortured by Zhou Daoer. Knowing Zhou Daoer`s means, they were startled at this time. The eldest brother. It's none of our business. The boys all stretched out their hands and pointed to the new masters. Zhou Daoer shook his head. These are all superior people, and it is a blessing for you to be willing to accept you as disciples. A few Taoist priests, do you think so? Fingers, a few old man nodded, the front to see his arrogant and domineering appearance in the heart uncomfortable, at this time to see this boy is still sensible, the impression immediately good,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, even that had been'ravaged 'Baixiao also in the side twist beard smile. My younger brothers are all gifted and talented. They are really the best candidates to accept apprentices to teach and pass on the mantle. Tut, tut. A superior is a superior, and the Taoist priests really have a good eye. 。
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