Ghost Blows Out the Light Part 1 (Grave Robber's Experience)

I found that Shirley Yang was a little thinner than when she came back from Yunnan, and her eyes were a little red. During this period of time, we were all mentally and physically exhausted. Soon after we came back from Yunnan, we had to go to Tibet again. Iates with this quality, isn't it tantamount to making trouble for the American people? The three of us chatted and relaxed a little, and the next day I set out alone for Tibet. In central and southern Tibet, between the Himalayas and Nianqing Tanggula, there are many lakes,magnetic separator machine, large and small, scattered by thousands. Those of a slightly larger scale are regarded by Tibetans as sacred lakes; if there are snow-capped mountains on the lakeside, it is even more sacred. The names of these lakes all have the word "Cuo" in them, and the more famous ones, such as "Anglarencuo", "Dangyayongcuo", "Namtso" and "Zhari Namtso", are too numerous to mention. Each of them has endless mysterious legends and an equally mysterious name. The Fairy Lake,sodium cyanide price, where my old friend, the Iron Rod Lama, made a vow, is one of these many lakes. After getting off the bus from Gase, there was no longer a road to the south, so he could only walk, and he could hire a herdsman's horse to ride. It's not a mountainous area, but it's nearly 4500 above sea level. Under the guidance of the herdsmen, I kept going south to the diversion place of Bocang Zangbu, which means river. It was the first time in my life that I went deep into the hinterland of Tibet. The sunlight on the plateau made me dizzy, and the sky was as blue as dripping water. My guide and horse owner, a young Tibetan named Wangdui, led me to a plateau and pointed to two jade-like lakes below, saying, gold cil machine ,mineral flotation, "The big one on the left is Yongma Tabu Zha Cuo, the lake of the Dragon Palace; the smaller one on the right is Lamla Cuo, the lake of fairies hanging in the sky." At that time, the sky was clear, the lake was blue, the blue waves reflected the snow peaks and white clouds, and the distant mountains around the lake were faintly visible. In Records of the Western s of vulgarity in the body of the world, but also purify the greed, anger, idleness and jealousy in the soul, so that people's hearts are pure.
The snow-capped mountains opposite the two lakes symbolize the vastness and boundlessness of Buddhism. I said to Wangdui, "Let's purify our minds first." Go around the lake of fairies and find the Iron Rod Lama from the believers around . The action of the Iron Rod Lama does not seem to be going around the lake, but reminds me of the Great God who jumped in the Northeast. When he jumped the queue in Inner Mongolia, he saw such things as fighting sorceresses and shamans. Is he carrying out a ritual of exorcising evil spirits? But what evil will there be in the Holy Land? Thinking of this, I stepped forward quickly. The Iron Rod Lama also recognized me, stopped his strange movements,Carbon in Pulp, and came to meet me. After more than ten years of separation, the Lama did not seem to have changed, except that his clothes were more ragged. I told the Lama about the current situation of my two comrades-in-arms. The Lama also sighed with emotion: "Those who have collided with the tomb of demons can survive because of the Buddha's mercy. I hope that in my lifetime." We can accumulate more merits by the lake and pray for them. 。
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