The CEO's Princess in Distress

Looking at the pale Rocco, Xiao Rui was very reluctant. Rocco, I'll take you back. Rocko just nodded. Xiao Rui took Luo Ke out of the restaurant around Nangong Rui's table. While waiting for the waiter to pick up the car, Rocco looked back again and found that they were still talking happily and clinking glasses. ———————— Dear friends, Beibei will go to the countryside on Saturday, no more, more on Sunday. Thank you all for your support. And don't forget the ballot, O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ Chapter 46 drunk again. Rocco sat in Xiao Rui's car, speechless, staring out of the car. The scenery on both sides of the street flies by, just like the past that can not be kept, always inadvertently has been farther and farther away from itself. Rocco thought of the scene she had just seen in the restaurant, and her heart seemed to be torn apart. Rocco felt that she really had no bottom in her heart. Could she still believe in him as before? Thoughts are leisurely and flowers are falling all over the ground. Rocco, I'll take you home. You tell me where the address is. Xiao Rui see Luo Ke has not spoken, the heart is also very uncomfortable, with his contacts with Nangong Rui, think Nangong Rui should not be such a person, but this is between Luo Ke and Rui, he does not want to intervene. Perhaps he was a little selfish, because when he first saw Rocko, he had fallen in love with him for no reason. Go home Rocco repeated,S Adenosyl Methionine, she did not know where to go back, where is her home? The home that Daddy and Mommy built for her has long been destroyed, and the house that Nangong Rui bought for her is now suspected of being hidden in a golden house, so where can she go now. Heaven and earth are big, but there is no place for her. Xiao Rui, let's go to drink. You invited me to dinner just now. Next, I invite you to drink. Go to a beautiful and relaxing place. With that,Thyroid Powder Factory, Rocco pointed out the way to Xiao Rui, who also wanted to accompany Rocco at this time, so he had no objection and went with pleasure. After a while, the two of them arrived at the "Dark Night Bar". As soon as I entered the door, many bar staff greeted Rocco. Xiao Rui was puzzled. Although the atmosphere of this bar was very good, it was not as noisy as the general bar. Looking around, most of them were white-collar workers, but looking at Rocco's appearance, they would not often come to this kind of place. Besides, Rocco's drinking capacity, tut, was drunk as soon as he touched alcohol. Full of questions, Xiao Rui asked Rocco, who was busy greeting him, "Rocco, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, do you often come here?"? It seems very familiar. Rocco gave his first ever seductive smile. "I used to sing in this place." So this is the case, did not expect Luo Ke was so versatile, he thought, if Luo may have been staying with him, that is good, Xiao Rui suddenly envied Nangong Rui, such a good girl on his side, he did not know how to cherish. They found a seat against the wall and sat down, feeling the relaxation and pleasure of the bar. The bartender served Xiao Rui a cocktail as blue as sea water and Rocco a glass of fruit. Rocco was really angry when she saw the fruit in front of her. She had asked for wine. "Hey, wait a minute." Reach out and grab the waiter's clothes. With a sharp pain, the waiter slowly turned around. It was a girl of sixteen or seventeen years old, with a slightly childish but very lovely baby face and shining eyes like black gems. Rocco looked silly, really lovely girl, can not help but feel a lot better, "can you give me a glass of wine?" The waiter looked at the beautiful woman who was staring at her and asked her for a drink, but the manager had just said that she could only be served drinks, and she didn't know why, but she could see that the people in the bar knew her very well. The waiter rolled his big eyes and was innocently confused. Rocco, you can't drink. Have you forgotten. Xiao Rui looked at her with a smile. He would never forget Rocco getting drunk in front of her. There was a faint blush on his little white face, which once made him distracted, but the little man already had a figure in his heart that could not be worn away.
"Xiao Rui, I promised to buy you a drink today. How can I just drink juice? I'll drink a little. It doesn't matter." Say that finish, just want to let the waiter to get the wine, but was still stopped by Xiao Rui, Luo Ke can not resist Xiao Rui's toughness, can only give up. At the end of the song, I don't know who took the microphone and said, "Let's ask Miss Easy to sing a song for us. Let's applaud." All of a sudden, there was loud applause in the bar, and everyone shouted "Easy! Easy!" Luo Ke did not know who proposed it, but many of the customers in the bar were regular customers, and many people recognized her when she came in just now and wanted her to sing a song. They call you Easy, right? Xiao Rui could see that these people were calling out that the person should be Rocco, and he also wanted to hear Rocco sing. Rocco nodded his head. Rocco, I want to hear you sing, too. Go sing one. With a smile on her face, Xiao Rui looked at her gently and spoiled. She thought she was right, but Xiao Rui could see love in her eyes. Luo did not dare to think, in fact, she owed a lot of love debt, she did not want to drag Xiao Rui into the water, so she quickly stood up and walked to the stage, did not dare to look into Xiao Rui's eyes. When the voice sounded like the sounds of nature, when a tender love song came out, the bar was quiet in an instant, and everyone listened quietly without making any superfluous sound. Xiao Rui,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, like everyone else, was silent in the song and was overwhelmed by the people on the stage. The baby-faced waiter just now also had a face of adoration. I didn't expect that the woman Yechen loved had such a beautiful singing voice, such a heavenly voice matched with a beautiful person like an angel. How could she compare? No wonder Yechen couldn't accept her. Yuna sat on the chair beside her in frustration.
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