Tomb of God _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

More than a dozen Tianjie masters were killed, and the blood-colored light of Tianjie went straight to the sky, setting off the tall demon body, even more dominating the ten directions. The God of time and the God of space, the roar that is hit by demon advocate is ceaseless, see unexpectedly not enemy! The immortal body of the Demon Lord, in the void shrouded by the forbidden power of time and space, although it is difficult to walk, it has not been damaged at all. The two gods have been suppressed more and more passively. The defeat of the two gods has already been revealed, and it is only a matter of time before they are defeated. Chen Nan in the distance, was deeply touched by the heartstrings, men when so, all-powerful, palm heaven and earth. Conquer the world. Demon Lord, you.. Have you regained a lot of strength? The God of time looked anxious and shouted with some confusion. Hum Demon Lord cold hum. The God of space also exclaimed, "Tai Chi is not by your side, but you can still have such power. It seems that we have been deceived.". Over the years, you have not only repaired the door of reincarnation, but also condensed a lot of your spirit. Demon Lord sneers: "I said I never put you in my heart.". Killing you has never been my worry! At this point, the Demon Lord gave a loud roar, and the illusion of a troll, a giant claw, pressed down the God of time and the God of space. The dark red earth of the third world was constantly crumbling,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and the two gods were pressed down by the huge talons into the depths of the stratum. Geshi Mowei, really no one can compete with it! "Ha ha." Now, even if the enemy, the two gods can not retreat, they use the power of time and space to escape from the underground. Then he laughed crazily and said, "Demon Lord, do you think you can kill us today?"? We're telling you the truth. You're dead today. It's not just the two of us. You must have sensed the tremor of the third world just now. You should know that a forbidden master who was sealed in ancient times was born! In your present state, I see how you deal with it! The light in the Demon Lord's eyes is very cold. "Then let me have a try," he said! After all,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, I was killed. It's hard to say now whether you will be the force supporting the door of reincarnation together. "Hey, Demon Lord, you look down on us too much. Don't think we're really afraid of you!" Then they drank separately. The key of time! "The cone of space!" In an instant, both of them were shining in their hands, and an ancient and terrible breath of vicissitudes opened up, and two terrible treasures appeared in their hands. In the distance, many masters gasped, it was the treasure of the heart of time and the heart of space condensed by the great God of time and space! It really has the power of ghosts and gods! That year. It can open a time and space tunnel for the ancient gods to escape to the future. It all depends on the treasure of these two treasures! For the first time, the Demon Lord showed a look of great anger and sighed with emotion: "Time and space.." You are a good apprentice! Today I will avenge your shame and clean up the house! Speaking of which. He shouted, "Two shameless villains who killed their teachers. It's a pity that the life of a hero in time and space was finally destroyed in your hands. I really don't think he's worth it!"! Go to hell "Hey, it's a pity that your Tai Chi diagram is not around. It will be you who will die!" The two gods sneered. Holding the key of time and the cone of space, they exchanged a bang, blending time and space! Devastating breath, mighty and out, straight to the Lord! The sky is falling apart! The third world shook greatly, as if it was about to collapse! The demon Lord swallows mountains and rivers, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and the demon behind him roars at the God of time and the God of space. At the same time, in the distant sky of the central ancient continent, there is an overwhelming and terrible breath, which is rushing towards here at a very fast speed! The two gods laughed, and they understood that the long-awaited Archaic Great Evil had finally arrived, and now they had nothing to fear, and the defeat of the Demon Lord had been decided. As the light flashed, the goddess Dugu Xiaoxuan appeared on the battlefield and shouted, "Uncle Demon Lord, be careful. An ancient villain is coming!" Archaic fierce came too fast, just a few breaths, from the distant sky to the battlefield! Misty yellow clouds, enveloping the sky, driving the endless evil spirit to diffuse, that kind of yellow people have a sense of nausea and vomiting, as if the yellow corpse water dyed the sky in general.
"Oh, my God, it's him!" "How is it possible that he hasn't died yet?" "This terrible monster has also been sealed in the third world!" In the distance, many Tianjie masters, at the moment of seeing the yellow evil spirit, had already guessed who it was, so you can imagine the prestige of this great murderer. Ha-ha Ha ha ha The roaring laughter came, and in the rolling yellow clouds like corpses, a figure was constantly changing, like a ghost, suspended in the center of the field. Goddess Dugu Xiaoxuan shouted, "Uncle Demon Lord, please summon the Tai Chi Diagram!" "Not yet!"! The door of reincarnation is unstable. You can't move it! Demon Lord, do you remember me? I can't believe we have another day to meet. Ha-ha The figure in the yellow evil spirit flashed, and a giant whose whole body was khaki rushed out, which could be ten feet high. Xuan Huang, it's you! Yes, of course! The Demon Lord and the two gods stopped the decisive battle and suspended in the sky, saying, "You were born in heaven and earth, but now there is only the Yellow Evil Spirit left.". Don't you see Xuanqi? "Xuanhuang evolution, respect one line, now I give up Xuanqi, specializing in Huangqi!"! Hey, Demon Lord, I will always remember the kindness of you guys, who almost sealed me in the third world! I should have been one of the small six, but you have joined hands to exclude me, today said not to settle the ledger! In the distance, all the top players were very surprised. Unexpectedly, Xuanhuang and the Demon Lord still have such a grudge, from which we can see their terrible strength. In those years, they had the strength to win the title of the Lord of Xiaoliudao. Isn't that almost the same as the Great God of Time and Space, the Demon Lord, Dugu Defeated Heaven, and the Ghost Lord?! Demon Lord sneers: "Let you enter the small six way?"? Heh. We deduce the chess game of heaven and earth. Simulate the big six,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and what are you going to do? You harbor evil intentions and plot against others. How can you be tolerated? Xuanhuang is an antique among antiques. His cultivation is unfathomable. He was almost sealed in the third world by the Demon Lord and others. You can imagine the depth of resentment in his heart. At that moment, he said coldly, "It's useless to say more. Today we see the real chapter under our hands!" Use Read the fastest and latest text novels for free.
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