Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2

Only then did I see a 16-year-old girl with heavy makeup standing in front of me with her hands akimbo, holding the crystal plate that had just been filled with ice cream. She pointed her round hand at my nose and shouted, *** me! The grandson of Bei Xiaowu fought with others in order to protect you, the fox spirit! You deserve it?! If you flirt with Bei Xiaowu again, your Babao grandma will destroy you, a slut! I was confused at first because of this sudden disaster. Only four years ago, Weiyang had given me such "treatment", that is because Liangsheng, I can not avoid! It was not until the girl who splashed ice cream on my face opened her mouth that I knew that she was the legendary Babao. I wiped the ice cream on my face, full of shame and anger, thinking that when your aunt Jiang Sheng and your aunt Xiao Jiu ran amuck in Jianghu, I guess this bastard was still wiping his nose and combing his cornrows! Thinking of this, I almost jumped on the table, and I said, are you ***ing sick! You're the ***ing slut.. However, without waiting for me to finish my words or jump on the table, Babao waved his hand again and knocked me down-the girl's fighting index was really tough when it came to Beixiaowu. She painted blue eye shadow horizontally and threw the crystal plate of ice cream on my forehead like a dart-a sharp pain. My head and my face were surrounded by warm blood after the cold baptism of ice cream. The red warm blood, interweaves on the white cold ice cream, my line of sight also becomes the blood red. I felt a big hole like this crystal disc on my forehead. So, although I was full of rage and wanted to ravage this inexplicable Babao, I did not have the ability. Under the attack of severe pain and fainting blood, I held out my hand to the girl emptily, but never touched her face. At this time, when Lu Wenjun saw this scene from a distance, he rushed over, pushed away the Babao next to him, hugged me anxiously, wiped the blood for me with a napkin, and called my name anxiously, Jiang Sheng, Jiang Sheng. I, on the other hand, had fallen softly into his arms and fainted. At the moment of coma,Heme Iron Polypeptide, I thought of Liangsheng and the sad past in the old streets many years ago. …… Before falling into a coma, Liangsheng pointed to me feebly and said to Bei Xiaowu, pull Jiang Sheng away, she fainted. After saying this, he felt at ease and fainted. At that time, I had Weiyang as my girlfriend because of Liangsheng, and Bei Xiaowu was abandoned by Xiao Jiu on the pretext that he liked Liangsheng. So, the two of us, who are in the same boat, hang out together and doodle on the walls of the city streets every day. Many times, we were chased by the Chengguan and had no way to escape. It was Liangsheng who unexpectedly appeared to rescue us. However, Bei Xiaowu did not thank Liangsheng, he looked at Liangsheng's eyes cold and terrible. He pointed to Liangsheng, Jiang Sheng wanted to follow me, she wanted to like me, I did not beg him! Liangsheng mercilessly pressed Bei Xiaowu on the wall, he said, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Kava Root Extract, Bei Xiaowu, you can't bully Jiang Sheng! Bei Xiaowu smiled at me, Jiang Sheng, you see, I'm in love with you, or the three of us are in love. Pedestrians on the road kept pointing, I was ashamed, Shower roar, I said, Liangsheng, you roll! Get out of here! Liangsheng looked at me sadly and did not let go of Bei Xiaowu. His eyes were so painful that I closed my eyes and buckled my schoolbag on his head-I forgot that there was a lunch box in my schoolbag! Inside is the lunch that Liangsheng prepared for me. When he handed it to me, he told me with special concern, "Jiang Sheng, eat more. If you are hungry and thin, Liangsheng will be distressed.". At this time, the lunch box was thrown heavily on Liangsheng's head, blood oozed down his forehead, rice gravy scattered on his head, intertwined with blood.
Liangsheng pointed to me feebly and said to Bei Xiaowu, pull Jiang Sheng away, she is dizzy with blood! After saying this, he was relieved to faint. And now, dear brother, who else can put me in your heart like you? The moment I closed my eyes, a tear overflowed from the corner of my eyes, and for a long time, it bloomed like a flower in the corner of my eyes. I want a shoulder to cry on. (1) Grandma's. I deserve to hit a disaster star this year! As I struggled in a painful coma, I was thinking that if I put my head in the United States, it would be estimated that in the 911 incident, the plane did not hit the World Trade Center, but hit the head of a Chinese named Jiang Sheng. Well, I guess Halley's comet couldn't hit the earth with such a big hole in my head. Babao, are you the terminator of the legendary "Jiang Sheng's flowery beauty"? Also, the mushroom master in our family is probably so hungry that he wants to jump over the wall to commit suicide. I really have deep feelings for mushrooms. When I was in a coma like this, I didn't even go through it. Instead, I went to think about it. Alas. When I woke up, I saw the snow-white wall again. No need to consider, I also know, in addition to the hospital, or the hospital! It seems that this year, I have really made outstanding contributions to the foreign exchange earning of the medical cause of the motherland. First, I was knocked into the hospital by a small beetle because of chasing a white Lincoln. Then I was "tortured" by insomnia and Cheng Tianyou to depression. Today, I am the most miserable. I was thrown into the hospital by a crystal plate by such a celestial eight-treasure grandmother.. Lu Wenjun stood in front of my bed, wearing a white gown, between his eyebrows, a faint color of hidden worries, which made people feel calm. When he saw me wake up, he bent over, bowed his head, and said softly, Jiang Sheng, are you still in pain? Of course it hurts. Why don't you try to get such a big hole on your forehead. When I woke up, the pain from my forehead made me almost cry. Suddenly, there was a loud cry around him. When I saw it,L Methylfolate Factory, my God! It's Babao! I was so scared that I almost fell off the bed. She didn't feel that she had not done enough harm to me and that she had not done enough to hit a hole in my head, so she followed up with the hospital and had to hit me with a hole all over my body to complete a series of supporting facilities before she was satisfied, right.
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