The willows are green and congealed

All right, brother, let's go. Hurry up. I'm hungry here. One side hurriedly pulled the cousin one side to say to Ruan Jie again: "The handset, the handset gives me." Ruan Jie hurriedly handed it over. Xiao Chuchu lost his number and dialed it. At the same time, he heard the bell ring and quickly pinched it off. Her cell phone is about to run out of power, but she remembers it. To Ruan Jie, added, "This is my number, don't lose it.". Contact again. Then he dragged his cousin, who was on the verge of collapse, away anyway. Procrastinate without turning back, the taste of destroying relatives for the sake of righteousness. Go, go, go! Lu Youfeng here also dragged Ruan Jie a kind of feeling after the rest of his life. The two men looked at each other and finally got rid of it. Lu Youning in the car is also slowly relieved, really worried that the man will make trouble in front of his parents. He said hello to the two elders in the back seat when he went to Ruan Jie. When you push the door open, you have to get up and lift your feet. Lu Youfeng! I heard another loud and penetrating voice over there. Pow! Lu Youning immediately closed the car door and reset it. Does she want to get off? No You bastard, you big liar! I hate you! Why do you pretend to be a wolf with a big tail? You are a dead homosexual. Car window? Do you know what the remote window is used for. Those sharp, twisted, furious shouts, like trumpets, poured in through Lu Zhong's open window, word for word. Are you finished? Don't you feel ashamed? Xiao Chuchu tightly covered his cousin's mouth. She has now developed the temperament of being anxious to see the world in disorder, but she doesn't want to lose face in front of her old classmates, especially the monitor Ruan. Stiff. Lu You in the car froze,small gold wash plant, and in an instant a past event emerged in her mind, and the knuckles of her fingers holding the backrest were pale. Ruan Jie and Lu Youfeng outside the car also stumbled and petrified at the same time. This ***ing king's mouth doesn't hold the door, does it? He's going to die! As for being so emotional and heart-rending. Ruan Jie took a careful look at Lu Youfeng. Lu Youfeng almost bit a mouthful of silver teeth, and his eyes were full of anger. And Xiao Chuchu only felt wet on his hands. Cousin cried, a pair of tears torn red by pain. Xiao Chuchu took him on his shoulder and whispered, "Well, just cry out.". Men aren't there yet. We'll just look for them again. She patted the man's thin back and soothed him. Once upon a time, in that unforgettable graduation season, my cousin patted her like this. Tell her that there are many wonderful things in life, and when she goes out, she will understand how open the world is. Although he did not understand why she was in pain. Xiao Feng! Get your ass over here! Lu Zhong's face was so dark that it seemed to melt into ink. Bastard? Liar? Same sex? ...... Love ? Evil barrier, evil barrier! Lu Zhong mercilessly stung, at the beginning how to give birth to such a shameful evil barrier. The hand holding the edge of the car window was trying to hold back the anger in his heart. The author has something to say: The next episode is wonderful. I have written eight pages of manuscript. I will continue tomorrow. Answer: Feng Feng used to be Wang Kai's classmate. He ran out of the restaurant in the second chapter without mentioning his name. Chapter 63 Doomsday Rain. Ruan Jie felt Lu Youfeng's body trembling uncontrollably. She seemed to smell a trace of blood and blood, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, and her body was shivering inexplicably. Lu Youfeng came to the front of the car with a sad smile, and his eyes looked very ferocious and resentful. Just like all these years of loving each other, isn't it good? Is the delicate balance between us, which has survived so easily, going to be broken again? Do you want to open the scar and do it again? In his father's majestic eyes, there is a trance, Lu Youfeng is also fearless and meaningless. His lips, which moved slightly, were always ready to pour out swords. Sun Wen moved, she begged to pull Lu Zhong to stop, "what is the matter to go home to say, go home to say it?" Lu Youfeng looked coldly at the livid face. He was thinking about what people live for? For yourself? Or Mom and Dad? Tired? He's really tired. In the past two years, if he hadn't been perfunctory with Ruan Jie, he would have been unable to go on. But even so, he was tired of dealing with it on the phone. I really don't know how long I can hold out. Ruan Jie stood aside with Lu Youfeng.
She felt that she was about to be crushed by the pressure of the aura between the two men. Completely unable to understand, she did not understand just a few words from Wang Kai, how could it cause such a turbulent scene. Now the faces of these people are more terrible than the experience of dumping corpses. That one Heh ! Lu Ma, "she could only pick up one that looked easy to talk to. She patted herself on the head and said," You see, I forgot. My parents said they would give you a welcome party in the evening! " With a sudden epiphany. The atmosphere was so weird that she had to break it. Yes, yes, this is a must. She secretly pinched Lu Zhong, "I and your father Lu also said this thing on the plane, said to think about when to make an appointment with you to have a meal together, your parents really want to go with us." "Oh, yes, yes.". This is to go. Lu Zhong's face softened a little, and he squeezed out a smile and said, "Xiaojie, go home first.". Look what your mother Lu brought you back as a gift. "Yes!"! Thank you in advance, Lu Ma. Ruan Jie smiled, finally found a normal rhythm, and then looked up at Lu Youning, "Ning Ning sister, then you drive, we follow behind." "Good." Lu Youning nodded. She managed to squeeze out a very unnatural faint smile in her twinkling eyes. It's a mess, it's a mess, it's all a mess. The corners of her mouth turned up from the curved and trembling mouth, and the trembling seemed to come from a deep pool of fear. Dark and boundless. Ruan Jie hurriedly pulled Lu Youfeng back to the car. She felt as if she had been driven mad by the treachery, and he seemed to be going away with the wind. Lu Youfeng closed his eyes,tin beneficiation plant, and in a trance he saw the boy in that rainy night again. From the beginning to the end, he owed the boy a word. Maybe it's not too late? I think he is crazy about love, love to the extreme. Why else would you do such a crazy thing.
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