Mixed in Shenzhen by Qin Ge Gu Zhi

Time is still in the long and difficult waiting, second by second. Insanely slow. A Liang endured the colic in his stomach and clenched his teeth and waited. A burst of sweat, so that his waiting became more and more intense, so that his will became more and more fragile. He persisted until the moment when the list was read out. It's finally time to eat. It's finally ***ing time. His weak body came back to his spirit. Crouching on the concrete floor outside the barn, after a routine speech, he listened intently, laboriously listening to the corrections officer read out the list of names, with a strong Cantonese accent that was hard to understand. One, two, three.. The people around him, one by one, left in jubilation. He was so nervous that his heart seemed to jump out, and he was afraid of missing a word. It's over. Finished reading. Never heard the three words "Zhong Jialiang". He felt very dull, like a deflated ball, without any strength. The feeling of trying to climb to the top and falling down heavily. He has lost his mind. Barely took a few mouthfuls of rice to eat. He was no longer so picky about the dirty and disgusting food, and even a few bites could relieve the pressure of his stomach cramps. When he lay down on the broken mat again, he came back to reality. Reality is the dark and depressing space and the anxiety and fear that are hard to drive away. The reality is that he has to stay here, and I don't know when. The warehouse,Portable gold trommel, which was just a little looser, was quickly filled by a new group of people. Cangtou Laoliu led a group of people, still naked and strong upper body, doing their work. Looting, resistance, fighting, cursing,manganese beneficiation plant, crying.. There was tension and confusion in the warehouse. It's like a group of animals fighting for their territory. The natural law of the jungle is verified here. Blood and force were conquering, and calm was soon restored. It's just that there are two more sick and wounded in the damp corner. Their groans of pain announced their failure to resist violence. They used to be strong, but now they are the most sympathetic people. No one sympathizes with them, only the cries of pain announce their existence. A new day begins like this. The barn was still dark, and there was still a mixture of unpleasant smells. Aliang became more anxious. Like a caged lion, irritable and restless. Six、 A Liang saw the sun again at noon on the third day. He didn't jump for joy. He clenched his teeth tightly and dragged his exhausted body out of the shelter. The strong sunlight blinded him. Coming out of the shelter, Ah Liang felt that he was no longer the timid Zhong Jialiang. He is a strong man. It should be Ryo. No, brother Ryo! Shenzhen, I want to show you. I, a Liang, came back again. Brother Long came to pick him up. Brother Long came to pay the money to bail him out. Brother Long is a man on the lawn and one of the founders of the lawn training class. When Po was a student, Long Ge was already a big man on the lawn. He was speculating in tickets early in the morning, speculating in stocks during the day, gold heap leaching ,Portable gold trommel, and setting up a stall at the gate of Tianhong Mall at night. Sell toys for a few days, sell Walkmans for a few days, set up fake antiques, and set up fortune-telling stalls. He's always a mystery. A long is to see a Liang was taken away, after consulting with a Bo, they decided to personally pick up a Liang. Brother Long has a border guard card, and he knows how to sneak in. Don't worry, brother. The brothers on the lawn are a family. Even if people sell their blood, they will save people. Brother Long walked into a small restaurant with Ah Liang on Buji Street. A Liang ate a bowl of rice noodles in one breath, and then came a plate of fried beef river. It was so ***ing delicious that he thought it was the most delicious meal he had ever eaten. So many years later, the first dish a Liang ordered when he walked into any restaurant was dry fried beef river. During the meal, Brother Long went to the cashier and whispered a few words to the boss. The boss made a phone call, and soon a local man came to take Aliang to cross the border. Brother Long gave Ah Liang fifty yuan and said, "Give it to him when you get into the pass. I'll wait for you at the station inside the pass.". A Liang followed the man for a long detour, turned over two barren slopes full of weeds, and then opened a very secret interface on the barbed wire. A Liang carefully drilled past and quickly disappeared into the waist-high weeds. In the evening, a Liang, already dressed in famous brand clothes, said gently to the girls coming towards him in the vegetable house: Hi, hello, beautiful girl, I like you very much. He "borrowed" the outfit himself.
Didn't bother little Mozzie. When he leisurely emerged from a high-class apartment, he had changed his appearance. He marveled at his calmness and ease. At the moment, he just felt that he was a rotten boy, a Liang, not a bullshit college student Zhong Jialiang. Zhong Jialiang is weak and kind. And he, Ryo, is not. The next night, a Liang did a stupid thing, but from then on he became famous on the lawn. Seven、 After dinner, Ah Liang said to Ah Po carelessly, "I'm going to Litchi Park to pick up girls. Who wants to go?". The cannon was the first one who laughed so hard that he spurted water. Holding the teacup, he said with a smile, "Just you. It's good if you dare to touch your hand. It's awesome to say that you're going to chase after girls.". Po said, "I have no money to support the front line. Just talk to a female migrant worker. If you can eat tofu, you will be satisfied.". The little mosquito imitated the tone of an adult and said, "Go around and have a look. It's all right.". However, they are all wrong. A Liang first went to the front door of Tianhong Mall and asked Long Ge to borrow two toys: a walkie-talkie and a pistol. No handcuffs. Brother Long smiled and said, "The robbery failed, not to mention borrowing my toys. If you want to buy them, remember a total of 32 yuan.". A Liang attached himself to Brother Long's ear and said, "I'm going to rob you.". Litchi Park in the twilight is unusually serene and beautiful. No noise,tin beneficiation plant, no impetuous neon lights. The rippling water on the lake reflected the shadows of the trees and the tall buildings in the distance. Everything is so beautiful and romantic. Poetic and picturesque. There are lovers embracing each other, children laughing and running on the grass, and old people walking leisurely. ore-magnetic-mining.com
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