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Jia Laoer bent over, pushed open a closet on his left, lifted a floor, and walked down first. The original waterside pavilion Under the ground behind the screen, it turned out to be the entrance of a tunnel. The two women in black did not make a sound and followed Jia Laoer down the stone steps. It was a dark corridor. Jia Laoer took out a fire tube from his side and turned around and handed it to the one who was following him. Just walk on. Not long after, there was a fork in the road ahead. Jia Laoer led the two men to the left, approached a wooden door, and pushed the door. And enter. Lights were burning in the room, and two men were sitting there. One was a man with a cold face and a scar between his eyebrows. Son. The other was a woman of twenty-three or twenty-four years old, with willow eyebrows and phoenix eyes, who was very charming. When the man saw Jia Laoer, he immediately exclaimed: "Manager Jia is here. Is Big Brother here?" It turned out that he was disguised by Lan Rufeng, and the other woman was, of course, Liu Feixu! Jia Laoer said with a smile: "The young Villa Leader didn't come. These two are the reinforcements that the little old man asked for, that is, to take over from you two." "Are these two girls coming to take our place?" Asked Liu Feixu. "Exactly!" Jia nodded and said with a smile: "Lan Childe has already changed into Xin Youheng, and you, Miss Liu,Pallet rack supplier, have to change into another person. Once you two change into each other, won't it be less?" A blue childe and a willow girl? So the little old man specially borrowed two little girls from an old friend to support you. Counted. At this point, he went on: "Well, time is running out. Come on, Xiaozhu and Xiaoyu, you two sit down quickly. The little old man will change your appearance for you." The two women in black sat down. Jia Laoer took out a swarthy flat wooden box from his arms. Open it and start to give it. Their faces were easy to look at. His technique is extremely skilled, and in no time,Cantilever Storage rack, he has given Xiaoyu Yi Liu Feixu, and then another Xiaozhu Yi on the face. Rong soon turned into Lan Rufeng, and the two of them stood up. Liu Feixu and Lan Rufeng saw the two people in front of them, as if they were looking in the mirror, simply could not see any flaws. Liu Feixu way: "Manager Jia, your unique skill is really perfect. When will you teach us?" Lan Rufeng asked, "Is it difficult to learn transfiguration?" "It's not too difficult to learn this. If you want to learn, the little old man must teach you." Jia Laoer way: "But for now, the first thing you have to do is learn to change your voice." Lan Rufeng exulted: "Manager Jia, will you teach us right away?" "Of course I have to teach it right away." "How can you speak if you don't learn to change your voice?" Asked Jia Laoer. The two women in black said: "Uncle Jia, we have to learn, too." "Good, good!" Jia Laoer pointed to Liu Feixu and said: "Miss Liu, radio shuttle racking ,heavy duty warehouse rack, it's your turn now. Sit down quickly." Liu Feixu sat down according to the words, and Jia Laoer began to change her face again. Lan Rufeng has been standing aside to watch, only to see sister Liu gradually turned into a man with a wax gourd face, unconsciously saying: "You want Sister Liu to be Lao Zhang?" "Yes!" Jia Laoer way: "The identities of Xin Youheng and Lao Zhang are not low!" Blue as the wind asked: "Manager Jia, do you know where they come from?" Jia Laoer shook his head slightly. "It's not clear yet, so you two should be very careful what you say." "All right," he added. He quickly gave Liu Feixu a good face, closed the wooden box, and put it in his bosom before he learned how to change the voice and how to imitate other people's voices. He explained it to the four people in detail. He stood up and said: "Diacritics need to be practiced and learned slowly. It takes about three days. It's almost done. Miss Liu, the two of them." (Two women in black, Xiaozhu and Xiaoyu) You're going to stay here. You go out with the little old man. We should go. Liu Feixu Wen Yan stood up, followed Jia Laoer out, back into the waterside pavilion, Jia Laoer put the tunnel entrance back to its original state. "So this is actually the entrance to the tunnel," said Liu Feixu. Jia Laoer laughed. "This is where you were taken." "Is it Lao Zhang?" Asked Liu Feixu. "No!" Jia Laoer said.
"It's Xin Youheng. He's in charge of guarding the tunnel, so Mr. Lan still has to stay below." The two men went back to the waterside pavilion, returned to the place where Lao Zhang lived, and entered the house. Jia Laoer closed the door with one hand, took out a bronze medal from his bosom, gave it to Liu Feixu, and said: "This is Zhang Tong's bronze medal. Put it away." Liu Feixu took it. Jia Laoer exhorted: "You have to put on a suit of clothes. The little old man taught you to change your voice. You must practice it. Well, the little old man is leaving." Liu Feixu nodded and said, "I know." Jia Laoer did not speak again, stepped up to the bed, picked up Lao Zhang's body, and opened the door (he had just touched Lao Zhang's dead hole). Out, quickly into the Merlin, put down the old chapter, whispered with laughter: "Isn't this a nice place, old boy?" He took out a small porcelain bottle from his bosom, opened the cork, picked up a little blood powder with his fingernails, and flicked it on Lao Zhang's body. Turn around and go. Returning to his residence, he saw Tian Youlu standing on the porch at the entrance with his hands down. As soon as the lightning in Jia Laoer's heart moved, he immediately swaggered in. Yard, not yet. Tian Youlu had quickly come down from the steps and called out, "Manager." "Oh!" Jia Laoer nodded and said, "Are you here?" Tian Youlu busy way: "Subordinates have been here for almost half an hour." Jia Laoer heart secret way: "Almost half an hour. It was the second watch." "What's the matter?" He asked. With the voice, push the door and walk in. Tian Youlu followed behind, fawning way: "You have always told me that every night in the second watch, no matter what happens, my subordinates will come and wait for orders. My subordinates have just looked at me." Guan was not there,heavy duty racking system, so he had to wait on the porch. Jia Laoer secretly nodded his head and said: "The boy sent a letter in the afternoon. They tied up Ding Yaoshi. I was afraid someone would come in and step on the plate, so I went around." Tian Youlu asked: "Does the manager know what way the other side is?" "I don't know," said Jia Laoer. Tian Youlu stepped forward and asked in a low voice:. omracking.com
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