Reappearance of the Legend of Online Games

< DIV style = "display: none" > release Steel looked up at his father, whose eyes were already full of expectations and love, which made his heart warm. His father had such high expectations for him, how could he live up to him? Thinking of this, he nodded solemnly to his father and said, "Don't worry, Father. The child will certainly remember your teachings." < DIV style = "display: none" > release "In fact, you are already very good in many aspects, but you still need more training to be popular in this society. You have to remember that doing things with others is different from doing things alone. When cooperating with others, especially when cooperating with the strong, you must think more and say less. If you have something to ponder in your heart, don't say anything. Don't let others know what your true intention is. Think more about why others do this and what his true intention is. Only in this way can you really grasp the main line of things. To be able to turn the rudder in time when in danger, the Murong family is a big ship, but if one is not in time, the ship will be annihilated in an instant. < DIV style = "display: none" > release "When you do something, you can't just think too much. Thinking too much is necessary to do anything,Narrow aisle rack, but thinking alone is not enough. You must collect as much information as possible. Only when you have enough information, You can see what's going on, what's going to happen next, and how you should deal with it, do you know? < DIV style = "display: none" > release "You have to find out what kind of person the Walker is in real life as soon as possible. This is the key. Only when you understand the person in real life, You may understand his performance in the virtual world is for what,Pallet rack beams, of course, he did not have a conflict of interest with us before, you do not take any action, any unpredictable person, is likely to help us through the difficulties in the future at some time, do not be too extreme, we must leave a way out for ourselves, cunning rabbit three holes, but he will still be caught by hunters. So we have to have a few more ways out than the cunning rabbit, so that we can get away with it at the critical moment. You have to remember that talent is the most important thing. No matter how big the family business is, you can't hurt people for the family business. Without people, long span shelving ,Drive in racking system, everything is meaningless. < DIV style = "display: none" > release "Father, the child knows, you can rest assured that I will do this thing beautifully." Looking at his father's eager eyes, he said excitedly. < DIV style = "display: none" > release "Well, there are several things you must do as soon as possible, the first is to investigate the family background of the traveler, which is urgent; Second, quickly contact Kuangba, see how he looks at this matter, Kuangba this person is not simple, can start from scratch in this world to the present, we must not look down upon him; The third is to contact the traveler and ask him appropriately, neither too much nor too little, too much he will suspect, too little is of no use to us, I think you know how to grasp this degree, well, I said too much today, a little tired, you go down first, remember, if there is anything, you must tell me at the first time.
” < DIV style = "display: none" > release Murong Bo said, emphasizing that he must be cautious. He knows that his son is good at everything, but sometimes he still has some young people's impulses. For ordinary young people, it doesn't matter. But for his son, a small mistake may put him and even the family into a situation beyond redemption, and then regret and caution will be useless. < DIV style = "display: none" > release "Yes." Steel answered in a low voice, turned and left the hall quickly. After listening to his father's words, he felt nervous. It turned out that he had so many shortcomings. Thanks to his father's reminder, he avoided making bigger mistakes. He used to think that his father was too old-fashioned and cautious, but now he thinks about how important these are. The heart of steel has taken a big step closer to his wily father again. < DIV style = "display: none" > release Steel knows that there are too many things he needs to do now, so he must explain everything as soon as possible, and it's up to Black Iron and Bronze to investigate the identity of Walker in real life. Last time they just found out that Walker didn't have any big power background and gave up. This time they must have a definite message and put all the information of this person in front of them. In fact, in the deepest part of his heart, he always believed that Walker was not hostile to him, but when it came to this,Narrow aisle rack, he could only suppress the friendship in his heart, hoping that everything would go smoothly and that there would be no situation that would make it difficult for him to choose. In that case, he really didn't know what he should do and choose either side. Can only add new regrets to his life.
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