The proud desire of rebirth by the dog's eggs that eat and drink enough

With today's command, he sent the guards to the hunting park around the open and secret investigation, and let people to identify the identity of this Yi Songzi, but the strange thing is that Yi Songzi seems to come out of thin air, no one has seen him before. Apart from the words he inadvertently said, there was no evidence that the Taoist priest who came out of thin air was related to Zhao Pu, so in the end he could only let it go. Did not find out the true identity of the Taoist priest, did not find out who was behind the scenes, and did not know what the Taoist priest was ultimately plotting. This seems to be an unsolved case, but fortunately not many people know about it. When Shen Yu gave birth to the boy for a hundred days, she invited Shen Yujiao to the palace of the Prince of Qi. This time Shen Yujiao did not shirk, she took the gift to step into the door of the palace of the Prince of Qi, but saw a few familiar princesses, probably to celebrate the child's hundred days. Because Zhao Pu is still in filial piety, this child is the side of the imperial concubine, in fact, there is no big deal, only invited familiar relatives and friends to sit down. Zhao Pu did not come out, but Liu side imperial concubine came out abbot, Shen Yu only holding the child out of the face. Everyone just gave the gifts, then drank tea,warehouse rack manufacturer, and then left one after another. And Shen Yute asked Shen Yujiao to stay and invited her to her own yard. It was presumptuous today. Shen Yu's speech is much calmer than before, and there is a faint shadow of Mrs. Yao. "There is something I have no one to entrust to me now, so I can only brazenly beg you." Shen Yujiao looked at her and felt a little sad. Shen Yucai is a few years older than her, but now she looks no longer young and beautiful, her eyes are mostly tired, and she has completely lost the breath of a young girl, completely a woman who has been worn by the years. If something happens to Wang Fu in the future,Warehouse storage racks, I'd like to ask you to take care of Aping a little bit for the sake of our family. She did not wait for Shen Yujiao to answer, she said the words directly, because there is no name, she gave her son a nickname Aping, now so shouting, "although the imperial clan will not lose their lives, but." Maybe it would be better if someone took care of it. Shen Yujiao did not expect Shen Yu to say such a thing, for a time some difficult. Shen Yu added, "Although this request is very sudden, I have thought it over carefully." You and I see this situation in the eyes, I can not help now, and unable to save the day, this life has been more than half of the muddleheaded, the original thought of death will die, who would have thought to leave a child? I also know that it's not like entrusting you. Although you and I were cousins before, Industrial pallet rack ,pipe cantilever rack, I didn't use my heart to you. Now I feel embarrassed to ask you to help take care of Aping. Shen Yujiao was silent for a moment and said, "As you said, if there is no accident, the children of the imperial clan will be very safe in this life." Shen Yu's eyes twinkled and she said, "Jiaojiao, I know I'm mean, but if you promise me, I'll tell you something about your mother, which no one knows except me now." Shen Yujiao frowned and asked, "What is it that only you know?" Shen Yu hesitated for a moment and said, "The old lady is dead. I heard it outside her door by accident. I'm the only one who knows about it except her.". If you agree to my request, I will tell you about it even if I die. Shen Yujiao took a deep look at Shen Yu and cautiously did not open her mouth. Shen Yu smiled sadly and said, "Don't worry. I may see the situation more clearly than you do. If you promise me, even if you give me peace of mind, even if you die, you will die without regret!" Shen Yujiao lowered her eyes and thought for a long time and asked, "You said you knew one thing about my mother, so what is it?" "You'll know then," said Shen Yu. Shen Yujiao sighed lightly and finally agreed to Shen Yu's request. Time flies, three years. At the beginning of the year, Zhao Yang had a cold, which led to a lingering illness. It lasted until November. Zhao Yang's body was gradually empty, and the doctors were at a loss what to do.
Zhao Yang has not yet reached thirty, and he is very young, but he has been damaged by a cold wind. The doctors stood trembling in the room and told the empress about Zhao Yang's illness. The queen stood by the window and looked out thoughtfully, but she could not see anything through the window. Turning around, the empress looked at the chief doctor, and her voice was steady without any waves. "In your opinion, when will the prince be ready?" The doctor was stupefied, just now he said a lot, it seems that the queen did not listen to a little bit. Cautiously, he looked up at the queen. Her face was calm, but the corners of her mouth were tight. Didn't you hear my question? The queen smiled indifferently twice and helped the female officer beside her to approach the door of the inner hall slowly. When the two palace people at the door saw her coming, they saluted hurriedly and lifted the heavy curtain. She stopped at the door, only looked inside, frowned, and said to the female officer beside her, "What kind of incense is this?"? It's a little too pungent. "It's the incense from the last time the Brahma came to the palace," said the female officer. "The emperor has given it to His Royal Highness." The doctor on one side and the successor doctor behind him talked about something in a low voice. Then he came up to the empress and said, "Empress, your Highness is just weak. Take good care of yourself from now on. When spring comes, you will gradually get better.". The prescription for recuperation has been discussed with several colleagues. Please have a look at it. As he spoke, he presented a prescription with both hands, and then lowered his head. The queen asked the female officer to take the prescription and read it. While listening, she walked slowly to the chair in the hall and sat down. She took a sip of half a cup of tea on the tea table. Then she put down the cup and looked up at the doctors. The female officer stopped reading the prescription knowingly and stood quietly beside her. When I listen to this prescription, it seems that it can neither kill nor cure people. The queen's tone is cold,Steel racking system, "is it difficult for you to feel that your head is too stable on your neck, and you can't wait to try the taste of separation?"? I don't want to hear you say these perfunctory words, which have been heard from spring to winter for a whole year! 。
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