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Original title: Honeywell official answers the difference between N95 mask and KN95 mask in detail Play to understand the mobile phone network information, recently Honeywell official released a detailed article on the N95 mask, KN95 masks and other similar level man reduce the exposure level of pathogenic microorganisms in the air and effectively prevent viruses from entering the human body from the respiratory tract. However, wearers should also pay attention to the prevention of hands, eyes and so on, so as to avoid infection through other ways. Expand the full text How to correctly understand cotton, medical surgery,Medical Disposable Coverall, KN95/N95 and other types of masks? Ordinary gauze, cotton cloth or single-layer sponge masks that can not reach N95/KN95 level are not recommended because they do not have effective filtering efficiency. Surgical mask (such as ordinary medical plane masks) need to be selected in accordance les suspended in the air, and its tightness is good, so it is the best choice during the epidemic period. However, it is not suitable for the protection of medical workers in the place where high-pressure body fluid is splashed.
Is there any difference between N95 and KN95 masks with and without exhalation valves for the wearer to prevent the infection of the novel coronavirus? Because that N95 and KN95 mask have high filtering efficiency and good tightness, the mask have certain breathing resistance when being worn, and the mask with the exhalation valve can effectively reduce exhalation resistance and reduce heat accumulation, so the mask with the exhalation valve is more comfortable to wear, and a wearer is not suffocate. The valve plate of the exhalation valve is automatically opened along with the air flow when exhaling, the moist and hot air of the mask is quickly discharged,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, and the valve plate is automatically closed when inhaling to isolate the entry of particles such as external dust, bacteria or viruses, so the exhalation valve is called a one-way valve. Therefore, KN95 and N95 mask, which meet the standards and are certified to be qualified, can achieve the desired protective effect on the wearer himself under the correct wearing conditions, regardless of whether there is an exhalation valdisposable mask. Generally speaking, masks should be replaced in time when they are contaminated, damaged, wet, or obviously feel increased respiratory resistance during wearing. During the epidemic, considering the infectious hazards of the virus, doctors often recommend replacement every 4 hours, which will also cause the depletion of consumables. The current guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend a variety of ways to save consumables. For example, masks are given to people who need them more, such as medical staff and patients. Ordinary healthy people can appropriately extend or repeat the use of KN95 masks under acceptable conditions, KN95 Face Mask ,Medical Full Body Coverall, provided that they wear and take off the masks without contamination, and must put the masks in sealed bags and then in clean, dry and pollutior children's masks for their children, they should fully identify some risks, such as (including but not limited to): children may not be able to wear or use masks correctly, and have no ability to stop using masks when they feel uncomfortable, so it is recommended that children should use masks under the supervision or accompanied by their parents. How to wear the folding KN95 mask: Wearing a particle protective mask correctly can help to improve the fit between the mask and the face. The correct wearing method is as important as choosing a mask that meets the protective requirements. Is it better to wear more than one mask to prevent the spread of the virus? No.
Wear correctly to ensure good fit and air tightness, only one N95 or KN95 mask can achieve the desired protective effect. Multiple overlapping not only easily causes poor fit, but also increases respiratory resistance and wearing discomfort. Is it be/7200LC))? OK. Because its replaceable filter cotton also meets the standard requirements of China's national standard GB2626-2006-Respiratory Protective Equipment-Self-priming Filter Particulate Respirator KN95. The filter cotton in the mask can be replaced with a new one. Moreover, compared with the disposable KN95 mask, the 7200 half mask, because the silicone material used is softer, easy to fit the shape of the face contour, plus the headband/neckband can be adjusted according to the size of the head/neck, this half mask has better fit and better protective effect. At the same time, it also has an exhalation valve, which is more comfortable to use. Similarly,free shipping disposable coverall, for people who have been infected or suspected of being infected, it is not recommended to use it; accessories such as mask body and headband need to be disinfected with 75% alcohol before recycling. Can KN95 respirator fit with goggles? OK. Honeywell goggles can be used with Honeywell masks and half masks, especially for health care workers.
Medical experts also suggest that the use of goggles is more helpful to protect against novel coronavirus infection. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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