Principle and structure of disc separator

Original title: Principle and structure of disc separator According to the function, it can be divided into two types: solid-liquid separation type he solids with heavy specific gravity are deposited on the drum wall according to the different specific gravity of the materials. The solids and a small amount of liquid are discharged out of the macg the lifting height of the vertical shaft. The height of the vertical shaft has been adjusted and locked before leaving the factory. Without the guidance of our professionals, it is not allowed to adjust the height of the vertical shaft at will. The bearings on the vertical shaft are all high precision imported bearings, hemp extraction centrifuge ,wiped film distillation, which are not allowed to be replaced by ordinary bearings. 4. Horizontal axis part The horizontal shaft is the main component that transmits the power of the motor to the vertical shaft and the drum. It is composed of motor, coupling, hydraulic coupling, transmission shaft, large spiral gear, brake wheel and other parts. Its structure is compact and its operation is stable. The hydraulic coupling is used for transmission and plays the role of overload protection at the same time.
The large helical gear continuously splashes lubricating oil to the transmission bearings during operation, so that all bearings are well lubricated. The brake device is used to quickly pass through the resonance speed area of the machine m214.8115.5128.52 7. 43456.57285 Processing capacity t/h1.2 ~ 1.81.3 ~ 2.52.3 ~ 2.82.5 ~ 3.54.5 ~ 88.0 ~ 1515 ~ 2020 ~ 25 Motor 445.511 11151518. 5 Weight 5505806508101300156015601680. IV. Scope of application Dairy separator: for milk skimming or milk clarification (removal ond the nozzle is used to discharge residue. Pharmaceutical disc separator: It is used for the extraction of antibiotics, vitamins, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, and is also suitable for the separation of liquid-liquid-solid three-phase mixture in pharmaceutical and chemical production. Beer separator: used for the clarification of beer, wort and other beverages. Latex separator: It is used to concentrate rubber latex and remove impurities in rubber latex. Paint separator: used to separate the impurities in the paint and improve the quality of the paint. At the same time, our company can separately design and manufacture separators that meet the needs of customers according to different materials and processes.
5. Structural drawing and working principle of disc separator VI. Precautions for Safe Operation of Separator 1. All parts of the drum of the separator shall be dynamically balanced after assembly, and each part must be installed in order without repl than 4 hours to prevent the fusible plug from melting. 5. If the main parts of the separator are found to have quality problems, they must be notified to our factory,decarboxylation after extraction, and shall not be welded or replaced without authorization, so as to avoid damage to machinery and equipment and safe production. The user shall be responsible for the loss caused by violation of the operating procedures. 6. The oil level of the gearbox must be checked before starting each time, and the oil level shall not be lower than the middle mark of the oil level indicator. 7. All parts of the separator are not allowed to be changed in shape or manufactured by hot processing methods such as electric welding and gas cutting. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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