The Latest Review of Huang Jinsong's Nature Journal: Physical Properties of Hybrid Perovskites Appli

Original Title: Huang Jinsong Nature Subjournal Latest Review: Physical Properties of Hybrid Perovskites Applied in Photovoltaic Devices [Introduction] Over the past few decades, researchers have been working to find new photovoltaic d in The proportion of free carriers to total carriers in thermodynamic equilibrium; (C) measured EQE of non-excitonic MAPbBr3 and excitonic organic PCBM in the same device; (D) Transient absorption spectra of small crystals (< 200 nm) and large crystals (~ 1 μm); (E) Normalized EQEs of MAPbBr3 polycrystalline thin film with thickness of 3 mm, polycrystalline thin film with thickness of 200 mm, and single crystal; (F) Absorption spectrum of MAPbBr3. In addition to the chemical composition and microstructure,Titanium welding pipe, the dimensionality of the crystal al fluorescence spectroscopy (TRPL), transient spectroscopy, and time-resolved microwave conductance (TRMC) (Table 1). It can be seen from the table that the single-molecule carrier recombination dominates the carrier recombination in the perovskite film with lower exciton concentration. Table 1 Values of K1 and K2 for different materials 1.3 Charge screening Almost all high-efficiency solar cells, such as GaAs and organic bulk-phase heterojunctions, are non-Langevin-type bimolecular complexes. The Langevin-type bimolecular recombination coefficient is e (μe + μh)/ (εε0), where e, μe, μh and εε0 are the electron charge, electron mobility, hole mobility and dielectric constant,titanium round bar, respectively. The recombination coefficient of Langevin-type bimolecular recombination system is related to the carrier mod ferroelastic domain motion in single crystal and polycrystalline films by polarized light microscopy and PFM (Figure 3D). Researchers have also studied the role of organic cations in carrier recombination. It is shown that although the type of organic cation has no obvious effect on the band edge recombination, the organic cation plays a large charge screening role in the thermalization of carriers (Fig. 3 e, f).
Figure 3 Electrochemical performance of OIHPs (A) Polarization properties of single-crystalline MAPbI3 for solar cells tested by the Sawyer – Tower circuit method; (B) inversion of domain group observed by reflection polarize microscopy; (C) Scether there is a photon cycle effect in OIHPs. In fact, there are many similarities between perovskite and GaAs, for example, they are both direct band gap materials and have high band edge absorption coefficient, which makes the carriers of the materials have high self-separation rate. These properties provide preconditions for photon circulation. Recently, titanium filler rod ,Titanium 6Al4V wire, a study has demonstrated for the first time the photon recycling effect in MAPbI3 polycrystalline films. The results show that there are photogenerated charges in the light absorption region of more than 50 μm in the polycrystalline thin film (Fig. 4a-c). At the same time, the photon recycling efficiency of single crystal OIHPs was determined based on the way their polarization din impornergy levels.
Although some perovskite materials have three-dimensional structure and electronic dimensions, some perovskites with three-dii, we will invite teachers to join the expert group.
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