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Original Title: The Whole House Customized Home Furnishing Industry Has Become the Mainstream Trend of Home Decoration, and the Market Scale, Sales Volume and Price Are Increasing Whole house customization emphasizes providing consumers with a complete set of personalized furniture solutions through style customization, color customization, space cusbinets and wardrobes to other sub-categories such as integral bathroom, customized wooden doors and even large or house furniture customization in 2008, and is one of the first enterprises to realize the whole house furniture customization in China's customized home furnishing industry. Subsequently, Europa Home officially launched the "Big Home" strategic plan in 2011, which began to be tried out in 2015, aiming to build a modern "Big Home" product supplier with the whole kitchen cabinet as the core,seamstress measuring tape, covering the whole wardrobe, customized wooden doors, kitchen appliances, whole bathroom, wall wallpaper, solid surface materials, commercial kitchen utensils and other household products. In 2012, Piano began to build a whole house customization strategy. Sofia also put forward the strategy of "Customized Home Sofia" in 2013, devoting itself to the layout of the whole home, followed by the layout of the whole cabinet, customized wooden doors, customized curtains and other fields. Since 2015, Zhibang Home, Hollyker, Wole Home and Dinggu Jichuang have also put forward or promoted strategies such as big customization, customized home master and whole house customized home. Whole house customization has gradually become the mainstream trend of industry development.
Expand the full text In terms of whole-house customization, leading customized home furnishing companies in the industry have promoted it in the form of packages, such as the 22 m2 19800 package for the whole house and the "1 + 5" whole-house package for Europa,personalised tailor tape, Sofia's 19800 whole-house customization package, Shangpin House 518 whole-house package and Hollyker's 16800 whole-house package. In 2017, the 518 package service was first introduced in the customized household industry to calculate the price of the whole house customization according to the "space area", that is, the buyer can estimate the overall cost of the whole house customization only accordint in North China is 32.175 billion yuan, that in Southwest China is 35.451 billion yuan and that in Central South China is 81.609 billion yuan. From the perspective of market segmentation, in 2020, the overall market scale of customized cabinets in China will be 172.105 billion yuan, the market scale of customized wardrobes will be 85.607 billion yuan, the market size of customized TV cabinets will be 1.469 billion yuan, and the market size of customized sofas will be 4.270 billion yuan. The customized wooden bed market is 1.220 billion yuan, the customized mattress market is 4.893 billion yuan, the customized bookcase market is 1.594 billion yuan, and the customized wine cabinet market is 1.718 billion yuan. The customized shoe cabinet market is 1.345 billion yuan. Third, the whole house customized home market sales In 2020, the overall sales price of customized cabinets in China was 23.6668 million sets, customized wardrobes were 41.5 million sets, customized TV cabinets were 510300 sets, custom tailor tape ,garment measuring tape, customized sofas were 468000 sets, custom-made wooden doors were 15.8072 million units, custom-made wooden beds were 260.1 million units, and custom-made mattresses were 7.2704 million. Customized bookcases sold 8.1308 million square meters, customized wine cabinets sold 4.2846 million square meters, and customized shoe cabinets sold 2.4011 million square meters. Four, tso exposes some problems threatening life safety and health, especially in the householdprocess to ensure that furniture products are not damaged and easy for consumers to use. After installation, indoor garbage should be cleaned up in time, and the maintenance of furniture and after-sales service of products should be guaranteed, so that consumers can use them at ease.
The competition of similar products in the customized home furnishing industry will rise to the product service. Whoever provides consumers with more humanized services and solves their worries will seize the opportunity for development. Humanized sof customized furniture is whole-house customization, and the development path of enterprises is to implement characteristics, environmental protection and efficient production.
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