Right lower abdominal pain is not only appendicitis, these 12 diseases must not be ignored _ examina

Original Title: Right Lower Abdominal Pain Not Only Appendicitis, These 12 Diseases Must Not Be Ignored Popular Science Doctor: Dr. Zou Changlin Appeiseases of biliary system It is easily confused with high appendicitis, but there are obvious colic, high fever, and even jaundice. Physical examination may be positive for Murphy's sign, usually with a history of repeated right upper abdominal pain. 4. Colon tumor The general history is longer, with abdominal mass, hematochezia,keychain tape measure, diarrhea or intractable constipation, as well as purulent and bloody stool and mucoid stool. CT showed an irregular soft tissue mass in the intestinal lumen, which was significantly enhanced, and there was fat space around it. 5. Crohn's disease Lesions mainly occur at the end of the ileum, which is a non-specific inflammation and is more common in young people aged 20-30. In the acute stage of the disease, the intestinal canal at the lesion site is congested, edematous and exudative, which stimulates the parietal peritoneum of the right lower abdomen,printed tape measure, causing abdominal pain and tenderness, similar to acute appendicitis. The location is limited to the ileum, without the characteristics of metastatic abdominal pain, and the abdominal signs are extensive, sometimes with enlarged intestines palpable. Additional, the patient can accompany have diarrhoea, defecate examination has apparent nderness, right adnexal enlargement and blood in posterior fornix puncture. It can be further confirmed by B-mode ultrasonography. 7. Rupture of follicular or corpus luteum cyst It often occurs in unmarried young women, often two weeks after menstruation, bespoken tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, because of intra-abdominal bleeding, causing right lower abdominal pain. The local signs of the disease in the right lower abdomen were mild, and the bloody exudate could be extracted by diagnostic abdominal puncture. 8. Ovarian cyst pedicle torsion After torsion of the right ovarian cyst pedicle, the cyst circulatory disorder,fixed tenderness in the right lower abdomen and signs of peritoneal irritation. There was no significant increase in white blood cell count, and white blood cells could be seen in routine stool examination. [See Dr. Zou Changlin]
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