Rebirth-unique pet

Meng Shichen is wearing a black suit, a decent cut is from the hands of everyone, his figure wrapped in slender and straight lines. Coupled with his peerless appearance, this suit on his body actually has a sense of oppression of the dragon robe, so that the people present at the first glance, dare not look at the second glance. In the crook of his arms, he is holding a treasure that he dotes on as carefully as a rare treasure. He is wearing a bright red floor-length dress, seven-point wide sleeves, and a waist design, all of which perfectly reflect the beautiful figure of this body. And the skin set off by the bright red is even more white and dazzling, and the face without expression and modification is still beautiful with a kind of ethereal feeling. Had it not been for the tight embrace of Meng Shichen beside her, it would have given people the feeling that she would disappear at any time. Seeing her appear, the old man Qin and others all showed a really loving smile on their faces. Qin Yiyi went over and greeted several old men separately, and then said to Meng Shihao, who was standing beside the old man. Brother Hao, happy birthday. This is a gift from my brother and me. Then he took a black velvet box from Meng Shichen's hand and handed it to Meng Shihao. Meng Shihao's smile is warm and moist, and his voice is as comfortable as warm jade. Thank you, baby, Xiaochen. Do you mind if I open it? Z country is used to looking back at the back of the gift,inflatable floating water park, but the courtesy of foreign countries is to open the gift on the spot and express their love. Meng Shichen is also an Englishman, so everyone intentionally or unintentionally takes care of his habits. Qin Yiyi smiled, "of course not, I hope you like it." Meng Shihao is also looking forward to the gift from Qin Yiyi. Every time she gives a gift, it is not only novel, but also extremely in line with his mind. The box is not big, and it can be opened by untying the bow on the outside. Everyone's eyes were also gathered here to see what kind of thing the favorite little princess was holding out. My God! Meng Shihao could not help exclaiming in his mouth,Inflatable outdoor park, and then took out a red cylindrical object from the box. Song of Gongjuema is a kind of red jade produced in the snowy plateau of Tibet, commonly known as blood jade. The formation of this kind of jade sounds a little scary, and it is soaked in human blood. When a person is buried, the jade is forced into the mouth. If a person just dies, the jade swallowed in one breath will fall into the throat with the breath and enter the dense blood vessels. For thousands of years, the dead blood is thoroughly stained, and the blood goes straight to the heart of the jade, which will form a gorgeous blood jade, which is the most precious one of all the corpses. And this kind of blood jade is only a legendary existence, even in historical records, it rarely appears, and even fewer people have really seen it. Later, artificial blood jade appeared. It is formed by stuffing jade into the throat of an animal and letting it die, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable outdoor park, and then burying it in the ground for decades. But even this price is very expensive and not much. Because the blood jade is very psychic, and the animal made will have a resentment, not very good for the human body, so and human blood soaked, it becomes the dream treasure of people who love jade. Meng Shihao hand this, is not the kind of uneven impregnation, but the whole body blood red, and also translucent, a look is the best of the best. The most rare thing is, because it is buried in the entrance of the fortress, so the size of the general blood jade is very small, and this blood jade can be carved into a seal, there is a small unicorn at the head of the seal. You can imagine how big this piece of blood jade was. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a precious and priceless treasure. Meng Shihao has always been described as a jade childe because of his gentle temperament, so he loved jade very much and recognized it immediately, which made him exclaim uncontrollably. God! That's not blood jade, is it? "What the little princess of the Qin family took out can still be fake!" "Where did she get such a big hand?" "The father of the son of the Meng family is said to be extremely rich, and the relationship between them is believed to be indispensable to her at ordinary times." Because this has gone beyond the normal scope, so no one thought it was something given to her by the Qin family or the Meng family, but it all came down to Meng Shichen's mysterious and rich father. Baby, this is so precious. Meng Shihao took the seal in his hand and said excitedly to Qin Yiyi. The seal Qin Yiyi had already engraved his name, so it was impossible to return it.
Qin Yiyi smiled sweetly at him, "Brother Hao likes it.". It's no use putting it here anyway. Listen to her words Meng Shihao also do not say what empty words, only a grateful look at her, smiled. Meng Shihao simply loved the seal, but it attracted the jealousy of Qin Weixian and Zhang Weijin. The two partners and some other people gave him a lot of wine, but they were not much better, and they did not know where to go to vomit after half of the party. Qin Yiyi sits in Meng Shichen's bosom cleverly eating the thing, looks at several people lively play, the mood is also good. Miss Qin Jue suddenly came in from the outside. He and Qin Shuang usually do not attend this kind of banquet, so they will find a place outside to stay and wait for Qin to go out. What's the matter? "There's a fight over there." Qin Jue said a few words in Qin Yiyi's ear, only to see Qin Yiyi's eyes, slowly turned into a cold that had never been seen before. Two, the princess arrives 33, Qin Yiyi gets angry. Qin Jue went out according to Qin Yiyi's command, and Qin Yiyi, sitting in the hall, had a gloomy face, which made all the people who had been in a happy atmosphere depressed because of the sudden pressure. What's going on here? The little princess of the Qin family doesn't look very happy. I don't know. But the little princess is young and powerful enough. "Is there going to be another good show?" "Keep your voice down!"! The situation has been so tense recently that everyone is waiting for an outbreak. Maybe today is another introduction. Old Qin, they also felt the unhappiness that Qin Yiyi had not concealed at all, and came over. What's the matter, my little darling? Who upset you? When Qin Yiyi saw Grandpa coming, he stopped his momentum and smiled at the old man. No, I'm just a little tired. Old Qin was confused,inflatable amusement park, but his granddaughter was reluctant to say that he would certainly not force her. Touched Qin Yiyi's head, "if you are unhappy, tell Grandpa that you will go back to rest when you are tired." 。
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