Lu Shao's Love Family Has a Girl's Cute Wife Josh Lu Xiao's Rich and Powerful Foodie Concubine

"No I'm just thinking about my future life" The school has been suspended and she doesn't plan to go back Come to think of it Nancheng seems to have no place for her Did you make a deal with that bastard Lu Are you sure he won't bother you again Josh nodded "I broke up with him and he agreed" I will never cross paths with him again Really are you willing Spent two years of youth on him and finally the child was gone and he was almost trapped into a neuropathy If I wanted to I would have to kill that man first If I ask for his money I can't break up with him He must owe me something so that I can hate him as much as I do now so that he has to put it down even if he can't let it go Hearing what Josh said White Dew nodded approvingly "Don't pay to cut off the entanglement of that man it's worth it!" "What about you" Josh asked White Dew What about me "Are you still entangled with Mochen because you still have nostalgia" "No" White Dew smiled "I just don't like him and Yang Qiner so I want to do something when I'm free!" Josh White Dew sat on the chair where Lu Xiao had sat before and looked at Josh and said "For the sake of your chatting today let me tell you my story" Maybe after hearing it I've been miserable and you can balance your mind a little Josh When I told you I was Mo Chen's mistress it wasn't true The truth is that he met me in a bar and I was fighting with a group of hooligans who were going to flirt with me I burst the head of the leader the other side has more than ten people around me ready to give me color but I am not afraid He appreciated Energy my courage and helped me teach those people a lesson that night saying he wanted to talk business with me "The business that Mo Chen said was for Yang Qiner" Josh asked She remembered that White Dew had just mentioned that Mo Chen wanted her to take the place of Yang Qiner to suffer or something White Dew nodded "Yang Qiner's father is an important official in L country A few years ago he offended a local gangster who threatened to rape his daughter first and then kill her" At that time Mo Chen's influence abroad had not yet fully developed and he only belonged to the role of a small potato in the underworld The infatuated knight was afraid that he would not protect the princess well so he came up with a way to make the princess stiff "I am the substitute he found back was transferred to the same university with Yang Qiner every day instead of Yang Qiner high-profile appearance in the public eye" My task is to pull out the gang mastermind who is plotting against the law in the dark and Mo Chen is responsible for leading people to exterminate him Josh had thought that White Dew and Mo Chen were a simple money and sex deal but he didn't expect that there would be such an inside story At that time I was in urgent need of money so I agreed to Mochen's deal It was not until he took me out of the country that I realized how dangerous the task was I was attacked several times and the bomb was right behind me and I was dead a second too late to escape I am also an ordinary person and it was too late to regret at that time China Suppliers So later I tried my best to learn how to fight and how to shoot with Mo Chen all for self-protection! "Until Yang Qiner was kidnapped they threatened Mo Chen to let him take me to exchange" I was really scared at that time in order to protect myself I seduced Mo Chen Hearing this Josh twisted his eyebrows incomprehensibly "Why did they kidnap Yang Qiner" "If you want to blame blame the young lady and his knight for being too careless" He was repeatedly caught meeting in private Did not help people did not find the true identity of Yang Qin son they thought Yang Qin son is Mo Chen's concubine Those people didn't touch me at that time so they threatened him with the woman "Mochen handed you over for Yang Qiner" Josh asked her White Dew nodded with a wry smile at the corners of her mouth "I gave myself to him to sleep because I wanted to fight for some affection and let the man protect me" Who knew he wouldn't recognize anyone when he pulled up his pants White Dew did not elaborate on what happened later On the day of the hostage exchange she was taken alone by Mochen and the man pushed her into the wolf's den full of worries about another woman White Dew in the midst of a group of kidnappers watched him take Yang Qiner away on a yacht without any nostalgia
The front is the pain of the awl heart and the back is the abyss Environment Those memories are White Dew just a person's grievance and pain it's boring to say it! Anyway after that I gave up Mo Chen later exterminated those people and after I escaped I reported Yang Qiner's high-ranking official father While they were in a mess I sneaked back into the country and hid here and there before settling down as a host in Nancheng without showing up "What happened when you were hunted down after you returned home" Also what is your enmity with Yang Qiner The grudge is that when I was on the same boat with the kidnappers she wanted to bury me with me! I'm here "White Dew suddenly unbuttoned her chest and Josh found a butterfly tattoo on her body in the middle of her chest" This shot is thanks to her! " "So that scheming watch is safe and sound and Mo Chen's idiot brazenly follows her around and wants to get angry" At this point White Dew chuckled again "But now I feel that this small fight is quite boring" If you put yourself in it you're just bringing down a dog's leg Yang Qiner didn't take Mo Chen seriously I was entangled with him I might as well seduce the woman's father and call her father's evidence of corruption and bribery as a lover When the time comes I will report and bring down his family Maybe I can get a good citizen's silk banner or something "Cough!" Josh was shocked by White Dew's statement "You can't be serious can you" "Just kidding" White Dew patted her on the shoulder I'm going to leave here or can I leave the house to you Josh was slightly surprised "Isn't this house 30 million" "It's not my money anyway" "No I have to go too" Josh said Bar Box- It has been completely reduced to a colony of alcohol and there are two men in the empty and gorgeous room besides wine Lu Xiao and Mo Chen leaned against the bar both drinking their own wine and neither of them spoke
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