Wear Thriller to Protect Big Brother [wear quickly]

"Guan Chen, stop it." The sexy and beautiful girl next to him was obviously his girlfriend, but she looked much more sensible than him. "We're going to spend seven days together on the island. Can you be polite?" "Wordy." Guan Chen scolded, "where is so much nonsense?"? When is it your turn to teach me a lesson? It is estimated that this kind of relationship between the two people has become normal on weekdays. The girl doesn't seem to be very angry. She just smiled helplessly: "Everyone, my name is Feng Niange. I am the anchor of Zhanshen. This is my boyfriend Guan Chen. His temper is not very good, but his heart is very kind. Please forgive me." "Guan Chen?"? Is it the young master of the chairman of Guancheng Company? Not far away, a man with glasses and gentle appearance stretched out his hand courteously. "I've heard of him for a long time. When I saw him today, I found that Master Guan was really extraordinary." Qiao Huai murmured in a small voice: "That's an extraordinary bearing..." Then Huo Yinting held down his hand, and Huo Yinting smiled and shook his head at him. Listen to the other side again: "Zheng Fei, is the gold medal designer of Yunteng Company, have the opportunity to cooperate." Guan Chen glanced at him and did not shake hands with him. He looked very disdainful: "As soon as you design clothes, what chance can you have to cooperate with me?" "This.." In order to avoid the awkward atmosphere, Feng Niange was busy trying to smooth things over: "Well, why don't you briefly introduce yourself to the others?"? You have to know each other sooner or later anyway. Qiao Huai said, "As I said just now, my name is Qiao Huai. I just graduated from university and haven't found a job yet." "Li Huijun." The girl next to designer Zheng Fei opened her mouth, her voice timid, "I just graduated, too." Huo Yinting simply repeated his setting: "Huo Yinting, dessert maker." "My name is Qi Ji, the owner of the bar." Sitting on the right side of Huo Yinting, the man's temperament makes people feel very comfortable. In ancient times, he should be the kind of gentle and elegant childe. When he saw her looking at himself, he smiled at her. "It's in the bar street of Dongan District. If anyone wants to patronize it in the future, I'll give you a 50% discount." The girl in black in the corner, with smoky makeup, was holding a picture album and a box of brushes in her arms, and her eyes seemed to be soaked in ice water, with a creepy cold feeling: "Chu Ying." "I am Jin Lin, a lawyer who can be named in a city." The man in a suit and leather shoes, with meticulous hair and a meaningful smile on his lips, seems to be able to understand people's hearts, which is in line with the traditional sense of the elite. "If you have any trouble in the future, you can come to me." Feng Niange calculated and always felt that there was still something missing. When he looked back, he found a young man in black sitting far away from everyone, silently looking at the sparkling sea all the time, without any intention of participating in the topic. That person Well, sir, Jumping castle with slide , aren't you going to get to know each other? When the other party heard this, he glanced back, and everyone saw his face thoroughly. Li Huijun even gave a gentle "oh". Deep handsome eyebrows and eyes, cold and gloomy temperament, like the stars in the sky and the moon in the sea, with a sense of distance that can not be approached. His eyes fell calmly on Huo Yinting's face, and for a moment, he announced himself neatly. Pei Yi. Huo Yinting's fingers on her knees suddenly tightened, and the light and shadow of the sunset glow plated her whole body with a light golden color. She sat there, staring at him for a long time, almost red-eyed. You have to believe that in every world, we will meet again. When night fell completely, the speedboat docked on the shore and the sunset island arrived. This is really a very desolate island, in addition to the mountains and waters, trees and grass, as well as the European-style three-storey villa, even the shadow of a person can not be seen, in the faint moonlight, invisibly revealing a bit of bleak and desolate atmosphere. Why did Dr. Zhou build a villa here? "Maybe he bought it from someone else, too?" Qiao Huai made a reasonable guess, "This island and this villa, obviously some years, after several changes of ownership is also normal." Qi Ji smiled beside him: "There is no special scenery in Xizhao Island. It is not worth developing as a tourist resource. The traffic is not convenient. No one will come here at all on weekdays.".
But in view of its proximity to the mountains and the sea, the quiet environment is very suitable for relaxation, so Dr. Zhou will choose it as a convalescent place. "That makes sense." I heard Guan Chen, the second generation of the rich behind me, complaining in a loud voice: "Do I want to stay in this place where birds don't shit for seven days?" Hello! How did the speedboat leave? "It's a rented speedboat. There must be other guests booked. It's impossible to wait here all the time." Feng Niange coaxed him softly, "Don't worry, Dr. Zhou invited us to stay away from the city and get close to nature. Seven days is not long, and it will pass soon." "To tell you the truth, I'm beginning to regret it now. If you hadn't been urging me, I wouldn't have been reduced to hanging out with these boring people. It's a waste of time!" Huo Yinting looked back and said calmly, "You think you can swim back if you waste time. No one is stopping you." Guan Chen instantly became angry: "What's your attitude?"? Do you know who you're fighting with? "I don't know anything about you except that you don't have a high IQ." Feng Niange was worried that Guan Chen would start directly, so he quickly took his arm and motioned to Huo Yinting with his eyes, asking her not to provoke her boyfriend any more. Huo Yinting's attention was on Guan Chen. He tripped over the gravel under his feet and almost fell down. Pei Yi happened to pass by. Her eyes and hands quickly held her arm. He looked down at her in a steady, gentle voice. "Slow down." Two people look at each other, Huo Yinting lip angle light hook, she backhand on the back of his hand, only a moment then let go. Thank you very much She spoke very lightly, as if she were a stranger for the first time, and Pei Yi nodded politely and deliberately slowed down, keeping a subtle distance from her. He and she have such a tacit understanding,inflatable bounce house with slide, do not know what is about to happen, in the face of the other eight game players, it is best not to show too familiar. However The peace of mind and joy of reunion cannot be hidden in any way. joyshineinflatables.com
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