Killer also crosses the series of cloud without trace.

It's not that she doesn't believe Tuo Ba Yi's words, but that such a place is really not like the queen's residence. Actually, I was wrong. But Tuo Ba Yi laughed out loud: "There are not two empresses inside, but an empress Dowager, a deposed empress of the present emperor." Yueqingyun's eyes suddenly opened wider, simply shut up directly, no longer open their mouths to ask, waiting for Tuo Ba Yi to explain to her by himself. It happened that Tuo Ba Yi stopped talking and went straight to the thatched cottage. When he almost got there, Yue Qingyun just heard his sigh. There was almost no sound, but it was a sigh from the heart. "Wait a minute, no matter what you see, don't speak," said Tuo Ba Yi, who had not opened his mouth. Yue Qingyun blinked his eyes and nodded his head honestly. He followed Tuo Ba Yi to the thatched cottage and saw an old woman standing up suddenly. She walked to the front of Tuo Ba Yi with a smile and said, "Your Majesty, you're here. I've been waiting for you for a long time." The voice, however, was completely out of keeping with her age. Judging from her appearance,Inflatable indoor park, the old woman was at least over forty years old, but her voice was really sweet and sweet. In particular, she called Tuo Ba Yi, so that the moon could not help but slightly wrinkle the eyebrows. Secrets you can't ask 5 In particular, she called Tuo Ba Yi, so that the moon could not help but slightly wrinkle the eyebrows. The queen mother was so confused that she didn't even know who his son was, so she mistook him for someone else. To the surprise of Yue Qingyun,inflatable amusement park, Tuo Ba Yi smiled shallowly and reached out to help the old woman up: "Jade, you are mistaken, I am Yi." He that a jade son let the moon clear cloud is depressed, dumbfounded looking at Tuo Ba Yi continue to gently smile to that jade son: "How do you a person here, the queen mother?" As soon as Tuo Ba Yi's words came out, Yue Qingyun could not help but look at the jade in front of him to make sure that he had not been wrong just now. It's still the same face that is close to forty, and it's still the same silly smile. This is not the queen mother, but Tuo Ba Yi began to say Tuo Ba Han after the waste? Outside the door, a woman dressed as a maid came in with a bucket of water. When she saw Tuo Ba Yi, she hurriedly put the bucket in her hand on the ground and bowed: "When did Lord Yi come? Have you been waiting for a long time?" Then he stood up straight and glanced at the door. "Wait a minute, Master Yi. The Empress Dowager is behind you. At noon, the Empress Dowager remembered that you liked to drink the tea brewed from the Fubo Spring, so she went to fetch water with her maidservant. It is estimated that the Empress will be back soon." "Is the queen mother outside?" Tuo Ba Yi raised the corners of his mouth and went straight out: "I'd better pick her up." He just lifted his feet, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable indoor park, and before he had taken a step, she grabbed his arm and said in a charming voice, "Your Majesty, don't go." Tuo Ba Yi looked back at her and smiled gently. He no longer explained that he was not Tuo Ba Han. He just said softly, "I'll be back after I pick up my mother." When he had finished speaking, her face changed and her tone became bitter: "If the emperor wants to go, he will give his concubine to die." She looked at Tuo Ba Yi's eyes and began to turn red: "What's wrong with my concubine? Please ask the emperor to make it clear that the emperor has never looked at my concubine since the wedding. What did I do wrong?" Secrets you can't ask 6 Speaking of the back, she actually let go of Tuo Ba Yi's arm, a person went to the corner to sit down, a person there kept repeating the last sentence. Yueqingyun looked at all this dumbfounded, want to open his mouth, but because of Tuo Ba Yi before the command can only be secretly surprised. Tuo Ba Yi glanced at the look of the moon cloud, mockingly hooked the corners of his mouth, but did not say anything, turned around and walked out, leaving the moon cloud alone to look at the humble thatched house that had problems sheltering from the wind and rain.
After a while, he helped a woman to come in. When he entered the door, he said to the woman with a smile, "Mother, this is the emperor's.." Without waiting for Tuo Ba Yi to introduce his identity, Yue Qingyun smiled sweetly: "My name is Yue Qingyun." Thought about how to call this should be the queen mother they said, then said with a smiling face: "The queen mother can also call me Xiao Yun." The Empress Dowager raised the corners of her mouth and said, "What a clever girl! If you don't dislike this old woman, you can enjoy tea together later." Yueqingyun Yingying smiled: "Good." Walking back along the original path, almost out of this pastoral area, Yueqingyun glanced at Tuoba Yi, who was still walking forward with a smile and silence. She stopped directly and frowned slightly: "I think Lord Yi still owes me an explanation." Tuo Ba Yi raised the corners of his mouth and looked back at Yue Qingyun. "What's the explanation?" Yueqingyun deflated the corners of her mouth and walked to Tuoba Yi's side. With a sneer, "Lord Yi must have brought me here for his own purpose. Why don't you say it out clearly?" "I have no purpose." Tuo Ba Yi used the most indifferent tone to say the words, so that the eyes of the moon cloud suddenly opened wide. After a hard blink, some depressed opening: "that Yi Wang Ye even if there is no purpose, should also tell me, what is going on with them?" "Didn't I say that here, there is a queen mother, and there is a deposed queen of the present emperor." He laughed out loud: "Who is the waste, presumably I do not have to say, you should also understand it?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sweat, there are six chapters to seven o'clock when the hair, even in resentment, how can not concentrate on the spirit of code words!!! I am really sorry for the pro, crazy shame!!! Secrets You can't Ask 7 "Didn't I say that here, there is a queen mother,Inflatable water park on lake, and there is a deposed queen of the present emperor." He laughed out loud: "Who is the waste, presumably I do not have to say, you should also understand it?" 。
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