re: our selfless nature

I often bring up the difference between 'want & need' with the kids I work with (special needs juvenile offenders). They're very much into material desires, instant gratification...I'm always trying different approaches to make them think outside themselves. Sometime I surprise myself with what I come up with, or what comes out of my mouth...if only I could apply this same 'wisdom' as often in my own life...
Today I conducted church on floor, and managed to combine Buddha's four noble truths with Samuel L Jackson's 'Pulp Fiction' speech about trying to be a shepard. It blew their mind, and mine, it worked so well. Buddah and a hitman! For many, their first exposure to buddhism (as one kid said 'I'm not Buddha!' (he meant 'I'm not Buddhist') and I told him 'we all Buddha!'-LOL).
I love Buddhism, and I love the opportunity to get to know taoism better-thank you for your help.


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    oh man, kids crazy about them, so we spend alot of time watching shows and reading about will end up the same way, and wont even last as long as they did...
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    We our not creatures who operate from original self, how can we. Most dont even know what that is. Were born into a world ready to shape and form our self from day one. Some except that, others dont, and We spend years on renewing ourselves by knowledge wisdom and understanding which inevitably brings about truth.
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