Comprehensive wear to save the spoony girl

The green duckweed in the room saw that her mother began to shift the target and scolded herself. She stuck out her tongue to Chu Lian carelessly. Her mother always had a knife mouth and a bean curd heart. Let her say it. Chu Lian sees the other side mischievously sticks out the small tongue, the corner of the mouth radian expands slowly, just his attention is in front of oneself that pair of small hands, that purple Ling how, he does not care. In front of this pair of hands is very beautiful-slender, white, really should be the sentence "add a point is fat, lose a point is thin.". In fact, the wound on his hand was nothing compared with his body, but he had a strange sense of satisfaction when he saw the hands busy in his hands. If it wasn't for her mother, he really wanted to hold it in his hand and feel the touch of it. In fact, he has a strong sense of territory. Once, he felt that he and his parents were a whole. They were the closest people in the world. As a result, his father died early and his mother remarried. In that new home, he could not find his own sense of existence. So, he re-divided his territory-he was independent, his mother and half-brother were on the periphery, and his stepfather was separated from his colleagues and friends. But at this moment, he redistributed the territory in his heart. Now all kinds of situations indicate that this girl will be his wife, so they will share weal and woe, will have children together, and will be together for a lifetime. So they are a whole, the parents and younger brother of this body, followed by the Wang family, and then the Wang family. After thirty-one years of life, he finally found his other half. He felt in a good mood. When he was in a good mood, his face naturally came out, and his eyes were hotter when he looked at each other. Don't get me wrong, this kind of mood has nothing to do with love, it's just the wolf's territory and monopoly, and the more he looks at his possessions, the more he likes them. But the duckweed did not know, she only felt that the eyes were different in peacetime. The former Chu Lian is gentle, the feeling between the two is like an old couple who have known each other for many years, she is also satisfied with the status quo, feel that there is a person who knows each other,brushless gear motor, this life is enough. But now Chu Lian looked at his eyes, but with a fiery passion, feeling more enthusiastic, she could not help but secretly think, after this incident, Chu Lian suddenly found his importance? So I love myself more. ? Cranky, see the mother came over again with the soup, she felt a little embarrassed, secretly stared at Chu Lian: "Really, there are elders, do not know convergence.". The heart is so thinking, but the corners of the mouth can not help but slowly raised, pale cheeks, covered with a faint blush, with some little woman's look. Not only Chu Lian but also Mother Wang saw the shy appearance of the duckweed. When she saw her daughter's appearance, her heart moved. She had not told her the truth about her daughter, so she was afraid that she could not bear the blow. But the paper was doomed to be unable to contain the fire. If one day her daughter really knew, she would collapse, micro gear motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but what if her identity had changed at that time? If she's already Chu Lian's wife. With Chu Lian, will the blow to her ease a lot? Think of this She made a decision in her heart and went to talk with Chu's mother for a while. Even if she showed her face, she wanted Chu Lian to marry Lu Ping as soon as possible. Looking at her daughter who was full of vitality at this time, she secretly said in her heart: Lu Ping, mother will certainly make you happy.
Besides Ziling who ran out and Fei Yunfan who chased her out, Fei Yunfan found Ziling who was crying at the corner. Seeing the girl full of tears, he took her into his arms with heartache and comforted her sadly: "Don't cry. Your mother didn't mean to say anything about you. She was just in a bad mood.." "No, no." Ziling looked up at him out of control and shouted helplessly, "It's not because she's in a bad mood, it's because I'm too unsuccessful, I can't do anything well, nothing can satisfy her, I'm a complete loser, no one will like me, everyone hates me.." At this point, she buried her face painfully in Fei Yunfan's arms and cried, "Even he hates me. Did he finally find out that I am an ugly duckling?"? Is he finally ready to be nice to the duckweed? ? But how can he not even look at me? Like I don't exist? I knew he was doing the right thing. But my heart hurts, it really hurts. In the end, I broke down in tears. Fei Yunfan distressed, he felt that the girl in his arms is so inferior, so sympathetic, in fact, she is really good, she is pure, she is kind, she has the pure breath that girls do not have nowadays, so beautiful how can she so belittle herself? It's so painful. ? He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms. Tell her that someone likes her, someone loves her, as long as she is willing, he is willing to protect her forever, but he can not say anything, can not do anything, can only watch her helpless and painful appearance, then what does Chu Lian want? If he really decides to be nice to the duckweed, Does that leave the poor girl alone? After comforting for a while, Ziling, who felt that she was finally understood, cried bitterly all the time, as if she wanted to cry out all her grievances and grievances. During this period, a name kept appearing in her mind: Chu Lian, Chu Lian, what do you want me to do? What to do ? Chu Lian did not know that there was a girl who was thinking about him, so even if his ears were itching, he did not care to reach out and scratch, completely unaware of the Wang family's purple water chestnut. That night, Chu's mother and father came to his hospital bed, and before they could speak, the heavy expression on their faces told him that the content of the conversation was unusual. Chu Lian sat up straight and looked at the two of them, wondering what was making them so embarrassed? Two people flirted for a long time, finally Chu father was defeated, helplessly asked his son: "Chu Lian, you know, for your feelings, our parents have always been regardless, but now the duckweed has become such a situation, Dad wants to know what you think." "What did the Wangs say to you?" Chu Lian didn't answer the question. He knew that his father and mother loved the body very much. If the Wangs hadn't said something to embarrass them, they wouldn't have come to discuss the issue when they were injured. Moreover,gear reduction motor, if their hearts are concerned, they may not want their son to marry the duckweed who can't walk now, right.
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