Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Poisonous Corpse (Male Frequency)

Xia Buer suddenly sneezed, four kinds of perfume mixed together is really unbearable, the two pairs of master and apprentice are always competing for beauty, from the battlefield to the boudoir, Meng Ling's female apprentice is also a school beauty level beauty, the struggle between the two female apprentices is even more intense than their master. Elder Brother! Shall we stay at the Dinosaur Park at night. Meng Ling suddenly opened Feng Momo's buttocks and climbed directly from behind to the copilot. Then she bit her red lips and gently opened the zipper of her leather coat. Who knew that it was the chewing gum in Xia Buer's mouth that hit her career line. But Meng Ling actually pinched the chewing gum directly and chewed it into her mouth with a smile. I'm taking you to work today, not to travel. Don't give me any waves. Xia Buer gave Meng Ling a glance. Meng Ling immediately pretended to be clever and closed her mouth. Then she painted her nails and put on lipstick. The four little women were all very busy. After the end of the world, they had not seen many living people. Suddenly, they had to go to the Dinosaur Park with a population of seven or eight thousand. How could they have a good show. The Dinosaur Park is not too far away from the racetrack. Under normal circumstances, it takes more than ten minutes to drive there. The Promethean is much less because of the PK of the two fat corpse kings. The motorcade armed to the teeth is almost racing all the way. Soon we saw the huge Dinosaur Park and the most striking roller coaster. Eh? Why did the walls of the Dinosaur Park fall down. Fan Ruoqi lowered the window and looked surprised. The Dinosaur Park looked very dilapidated. Not only did the walls fall down intermittently, but many entertainment items inside were burned down. But Xia Buer said: "You think they are stupid. How many people are guarding the whole Dinosaur Park? They all live in the Dinosaur Park Holiday Center in the east!" "It turned out to be a resort center,small geared motors, and that place doesn't even need a wall." Fan Ruoqi nodded suddenly. The resort center is located at the angle of two rivers. There is an artificial landscape river on the front, which almost encloses the resort center. As long as you hold a few bridges, you can effectively prevent the Promethean from attacking. Besides hotels and shopping malls, the resort center is more suitable for long-term human habitation. The long motorcade drove straight into the gate of the Dinosaur Park. A brontosaurus with a broken neck lay behind the ticket gate. There were many obstacles piled up around it. It seemed that the people here had deliberately put it here. In case they had to evacuate, there would be a buffer. It's a pity that the Dinosaur Park has long lost its beauty and joy. Not only are there rotting corpses everywhere,24v Gear Motor, but there are also a row of Prometheans hanging high on the gate shaped like a rock hill. These Prometheans are almost dried and not dead. As soon as they see a motorcade coming, they begin to twist desperately, just like a large group of hanging ghosts. This is my favorite place to come when I was in junior high school. Feng Momo lies on the window with a complicated face. The familiar dinosaur garden has changed. Except for the useless dinosaur sculptures, almost all the places in the garden have been looted. All the places that can be demolished have been demolished. Even the fruit trees and toilets have been removed, giving people a feeling that they are being demolished. Who knew that there were many Prometheans in the park. As soon as the motorcade came in, there were Prometheans coming out from every corner. It seemed that the people in the Dinosaur Park seldom took this road, but they didn't even clean up the Promethean in front of their house. It fully illustrated that the management of the Dinosaur Park was chaotic, and everyone had nothing to do with themselves. Get off the bus! Looking for the commanding heights. Xia Buer parked his car in front of a shopping street, Gear Reduction Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, through which was the resort center. Naturally, he would not foolishly rush in with a motorcade. In case of a fight with people, he would be very passive, but as long as he occupied the commanding heights here, they could take the initiative with mortars and sniper rifles. Go! Let's go ahead and have a look. Xia Buer picked up a Tyrannosaurus Rex toy from the ground and walked directly with the master and disciples. The soldiers all got out of the car and began to clean up the Prometheans. However, as soon as they turned a corner, a pair of young men and women suddenly jumped out from the front, shouting for help.
"Stop!"! Run and kill you again. Seven or eight men also chased out aggressively, but only one man was holding a pistol, the rest were holding up machetes and other cold weapons, Xia Buer and others all silently got out of the way, but the young couple actually shouted directly at them: "Big brother!"! Sister-in-law! Help us! "Shit!" Xia Buer expected that these two goods would definitely shout like this. If they were not allowed to be tied up, they would not be the people of the Dinosaur Park. However, several men stared at Feng Momo and they shouted excitedly to catch them, but Meng Ling waved unscrupulously and shouted: "Come on!"! Just catch us and you'll have sex! "Put your hands up." The leading man directly aimed at Xia Buer with a gun, and his two eyes began to shine green, but there was a muffled sound of "boom", and an armored vehicle crashed through the dinosaur sculpture and rushed out, directly blocking their way, followed by dozens of heavily armed soldiers, surrounded by a few fools in all directions. Chapter 0242 entering the Dinosaur Park for the first time. "Ka-ka-ka." A series of bolt pulls sounded, seven men instantly fixed on the spot, watching dozens of rifles black holes at them, and even armored vehicles and heavy machine guns, seven men who had just been arrogant immediately threw weapons, like a funeral examination, kneeling on the ground loudly begging for mercy. Eldest brother! Save us. The young couple almost rolled and crawled over and knelt down in front of Xia Buer crying and pleading. Both of them were in their early twenties. The young man was poor and had holes in his clothes,Micro Gear Motor, but the girl was dressed in sexy fashion and was quite beautiful. Get up quickly. Fan Ruoqi instinctively reached out to help up the young couple, but Feng Momo slapped her hand and stared at her fiercely. The little school flower immediately reacted. Not to mention whether the young couple was worthy of sympathy or not, Xia Buer did not open her mouth before she rushed to speak. Feng Momo did not give her a big mouth. Which gang are you from. 。
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