Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

This big stove has more than 20 fire eyes, players throw in materials, after a period of burning, will automatically fall out of the product from below. Newton threw in a lot of things, but no player ever saw him refine one. I also learned alchemy in the library. Alchemy is to refine all kinds of items in the game and randomly produce a new item. When I was refining, two blood bottles were put in, a blue bottle and two bronze swords came out, and a bronze sword came out. In short, I never had anything better. According to friends, if an alchemist can't find a list of recipes, such a random combination will only make the refining worse and worse. Of course, even if there is a list, the chance of refining good things is also small, the better things, although the probability of success is low. It is said that more than 90% of the alchemists are losing money, and the more advanced the alchemists are, the worse they lose, because they always want to refine very good things. However, there are still new people who choose their life profession as alchemists, just for the surprise of an occasional success. "Newton," I wondered,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, "what on earth do you want to practice? What level is your alchemy now? Newton raised his head and said, "I am now a holy alchemist!"! I am now working on a new formula! Lord, I am willing to come to your city because Arisis told me that you support scientific research and will set up a garbage collection station for me! Lord, if you don't build this recycle bin, I'll leave tomorrow! I opened my mouth wide. "What do you want with a recycling bin?" Newton exclaimed, "You don't even know that?"? The material of our alchemist is to be found from the recycling bin! You can't let a holy alchemist like me go to fight monsters and do tasks every day to collect that poor material! I oh, suddenly feel out a few robber equipment: "You see, these equipment systems are not purchased,Small Geared Motors, if you can use them to refine things that ordinary players can use, I will immediately help you build a recycle bin!" Without saying a word, Newton threw my five or six kinds of treasure-grade bandit equipment into the stove and shouted: "^ $& & ^!" #&%&&$ &……” In a flash of light, a strange cloth-like object appeared in front of me. I picked it up and looked at it: "Socks that won't stink, treasure equipment, plus anti-10, anti-cold 10%, if you can make up a pair, it will have unexpected effects." I am dizzy. Will this be the only sock in the game at present? Players usually wear shoes barefoot. "Can you make another one?" I asked quickly. Newton spread out his hands. "It depends on what you give me. If you are lucky, maybe you can change it." Anyway, Lancs handed me a lot of bandit equipment, and I took out a few more. Flash of light, this time, refine a gold level tickle, attack 30, Small Dc Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, with tickle attack. Dizzy, I ran home and brought all the equipment to Newton. Newton grinned. "Your lordship is really good. So many good materials." In a twinkling of an eye, thousands of pieces of robber equipment went into the stove one after another, and finally another sock came out, but it could not be matched with the previous one! I breathed a sigh of relief, holy level alchemist, as expected is not covered, although hundreds of kinds of treasure level jade level equipment only changed a pile of strange things, but anyway, the robber equipment system does not recycle, no player can equip, it is not interesting to put there. I nodded: "Good craftsmanship, I will build a garbage collection station for you!" " As soon as I approved the construction of a garbage collection station, I suddenly rushed towards me without leaving a line: "Boss!"! Rich, rich! My big brother in reality, decided to form a robber group, need a lot of robber equipment, they said, will not lose my friends.
Treasure level equipment, according to the normal equipment double the price, is 80 gold coins a piece! Jade class. Boss, why did you faint? < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 41 arena Updated 2005-11-17 0:35:00 Words: 4073 After the robber equipment worth tens of thousands of gold coins was lost by me, the consequences were not only my personal heartache, but also the trust crisis of my friends. Tiger King, White Feather and Heaven and Earth, who know me best, have no problem, while Lancs and Famil have begun to question my instructions. Friends questioned my judgment is better, those who participated in the friendship city defense war players, originally also expected me to get rid of this batch of equipment can let them make a small fortune, now all of a sudden, it is inevitable that there will be some complaints, and even some people privately suspect that I embezzled a huge sum of money to sell equipment, and then tell a big lie that is hard to believe. Now I deeply feel that it is difficult to be the boss! At noon, the beeper rang, and I quit the game as usual and went to my angel's appointment. There was no sound in my ears. When I woke up this time, my hearing disappeared again. But I still had to stick to the habit of listening to music for an hour. I couldn't use my ears. I listened with my heart and guessed what song Zhao Xuer was playing for me. So I seemed to really hear it. Looking at the dark space around, this space reconstructed by the Holy Devil Xueke is much stronger than the previous one. With my greatly enhanced soul, as long as I get a little closer, I will feel the powerful breath of death. There is no doubt that the ability of the Holy Devil Xueke is not the same as before. However, as I can see from the leaderboard of the game, Xue Ke's level has not risen for a long time. Obviously, after building this new black space, he has also been hit hard by the power of my green sea and the old man of life. From Xiaozhi and Tiger King, I learned that the Life 72 in Beijing Tongxin Hospital had been burned down. After that,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, several advanced medical computers diagnosed me as "unable to be treated." But I did not lose confidence, as long as the state allows, I will repeatedly try to reuse the "Green Sea" in the black space.
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