Tibetan Code 1-8

Sean is completely speechless. What kind of people are these? Perhaps the only one who was psychologically prepared was Zhuo Muqiang. Of course, he understood that he had just mastered Chakra and could absorb power from the air, not to mention the two esoteric practitioners who had undergone strict special training? Even if they starve for a month, I'm afraid there's no problem. It's the fish! Below the boat, thousands of unknown small fish gathered together, like a changeable magic carpet, reflecting countless silver scales. Master Yala and Lu Jingnan each guarded one side, relying on the light to explore the fish situation under the boat. Master Yala suddenly turned over his wrist and a wire came out of his hand. The zip line! The zip line can also be used again! When the flying rope was pulled up, a fish whose name was unknown, flat and flat, was pulled out of the water and thrown on the boat. At first they just looked at these strange fish, but Bazan took the lead, no matter what was thrown into the boat, grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth, pulled off a piece of meat with his mouth like a wild animal, chewed it two or three times and swallowed it. Then, the people in the boat also rushed up, regardless of everything, just tore and swallowed. Sean learned two idioms from this-eat alive and gobble. In the past, Lv Jingnan taught how to identify poisonous and non-poisonous organisms and how to prevent parasites, which had long been thrown out of the sky. As long as you have something to put in your mouth, how can you take care of so much? Fish after fish were shot from the sea and thrown into the boat, often with no bones left before they hit the ground. Yueyang wiped the corners of his mouth, not knowing whether it was fish intestines or fish Maw, and smacked his lips contentedly. It was the most delicious food he had ever eaten in his life. He didn't even know what it tasted like. He just put it in his mouth and chewed it very happily. It was very satisfying. That satisfaction was not something that ordinary food could bring. Zhang Li ate with a giggle and forgot himself. Although the fish looked strange,bottle blowing machine, had no tail, and looked like an eye, it did not affect the group's interest in eating at all. Even Tang Min, regardless of the image, stretched out his hand with a group of men, grabbed the food, and chewed it up. At this moment, the first instinct of life breaks out completely. Captain Hu Yang picked his teeth with his nails, wondering if a fish bone was stuck between his teeth. He couldn't imagine how he had chewed the hard fish skull into a lump of rubber like chewing gum. Sean ate so much that his stomach was full and he didn't let go. As he ate,water filling machine, he hugged countless fish in his arms. Who knows if the next second, a school of fish will appear in the place where the boat passes? It was not until they had eaten enough and watched Lu Jingnan, Master Yala and Zhuo Muqiang slowly cut open the belly of the fish and washed it clean that the rest of them found that they had eaten some of the things they shouldn't have eaten, but it didn't matter, at least they survived, which was more important than anything else. Wiping his mouth, Tang Min said, "I'm going to see those two hibernating." Captain Hu Yang said to Zhang Li, "Let's see if we can get in touch with the outside."? Is there a radio wave signal? Wang You and Zhao Xiang breathed peacefully, and Tang Min nodded with relief. Zhang Li was not so lucky. He shook his head and said, "There is no signal." The captain of Populus euphratica nodded slightly, which was expected. Zhuo Muqiang looked at the fish in his hand, scaleless and tailless, reaching out to touch the place, even the fish bones are very few, really do not understand, how such a fish is swimming in the sea? Take a bite, CSD filling line ,PET blowing machine, the fish is not very delicate, but a bit of withered grass feeling. "Have you ever seen this kind of fish?" He asked. Everyone shook their heads, and Zhang Li said, "But I'm sure it's not poisonous." Zhuo Muqiang smiled. If Master Yala and Lu Jingnan judged that they were poisonous, they would not throw them into the ship. Only then did Sean look at the fish he was holding in his clothes for the first time, but searching his memory, not to mention the name, he had no impression of a population similar to the fish. He couldn't help thinking, is it another deep-sea fish species? Tang Min said, "No matter what kind of fish it is, since it can be eaten, we should store more. This kind of fish can not be met every time.".
” Sean agreed, and Zhuo Muqiang said, "Good!"! If you have enough rest and can move, let's go fishing! Zhang Li and Yueyang have long been eager to try, as if to get amnesty in general stood up, but also regardless of physical weakness and still trembling muscles, lying on the side of the ship, frequently raised their wrists. Strange to say, the fish were like sharks smelling blood, always gathering around the boat, sometimes with a flying rope, they could penetrate three or four at the same time. All of a sudden, the water splashed inside and outside the boat, and the people who saw the light for the first time laughed from the bottom of their hearts. Zhuo Muqiang put a piece of fish into his mouth. It was very rough. "This kind of fish has no bones," he said strangely. "Yes," said Lu Jingnan! It doesn't even have fins, but it's not a mollusk, it has a spine, but the spine is different from the fish we've seen. You see.. A fish bone came out of his red lips, round like a whistle. Sean picked up a fish, looked at it like a researcher, shook his head and said, "First of all, it's a vertebrate, but it's not clear whether it belongs to the fish species.". Bony fish is certainly not, if it is a soft-bodied fish, I have never seen such a form. "Sean knows so much about animals," said Zhuo Taiqiang. "I'm interested in animals and plants as well as archaeology," laughs Sean. "What do you think of this fish?" Asked Lu Jingnan. "My first impression of it was that it was a deformed fish that had not yet matured," Sean said. Anyway, being able to eat is the most important thing. "Jamba, fish!" Tang Min called. Zhuo Muqiang looked up and saw a tailless fish making an arc in the air and flying straight at him. Raise one's hand to hold, who knows this scaleless fish is slippery not to leave a hand, unexpectedly did not catch, Chi slipped through the skirt to drill in, hurriedly stood up to shake the clothes. Tang Min giggled, long eyelashes hanging drops of water, that moment of beauty, covered up all the haggard, Zhuo Muqiang can not help but see crazy. At the same moment, Lu Jingnan looked at Zhuo Muqiang, Sean looked at Lu Jingnan, and Master Yala looked at Sean with the same look, but each had his own thoughts. Jamba,juice filling machine, come and see! Tang Min jumped up and cried, "jellyfish, a lot of jellyfish!" 。 gzxilinear.com
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