Lover's Arrow

The man in yellow picked them up and said in a deep voice, "My mask often changes, but this man in yellow is the best to recognize, but you don't recognize him. Is there something in your heart that makes you panic?" Jing Guang was in a daze. He turned pale and said, "The elder really has divine eyes like lightning." The man in yellow flashed his eyes and said, "Is it possible that something has changed in the temple?" Jingguang hung his head and said, "What the elder expected is not bad. At this moment in the temple.." The man in yellow's eyes flashed, and it was obvious that he was also very surprised. Without waiting for him to finish, he immediately cut off his mouth and said, "In that case, why don't you take me to see your teacher?" With a heavy complexion, Jingguang said with a deep sigh, "I'm afraid I won't be able to see him today." The man in yellow shuddered and exclaimed, "What do you mean?" "Senior," said Jingguang, "please go with your disciple. You'll know at a glance." Zhan Mengbai was also surprised to know that Shaolin Temple had dominated Wulin for many years. Although there were many disturbances in Jianghu, Shaolin Temple had been safe and sound. But today the Shaolin Temple unexpectedly also has the accident to occur, he really could not think in the rivers and lakes is who has such big courage, dares to come to the Shaolin Temple to disturb? Jingguang bowed and led the way, and in a moment he had entered the temple. Zhan Mengbai turned his eyes and looked around, only to see thousands of rafters and ridges in the Shaolin Temple, and I don't know how many heavy courtyards there were, but there was no sound of chaos around! Disciples in the temple, everyone on the face,Beverage packing machine, is a heavy and solemn color, walking back and forth, without the slightest sound at the foot. In such a solemn atmosphere, the exhibition dream white can not help but also infected with a bit of heavy meaning, even if there are doubts in the heart, also dare not ask the export! Through several courtyards, is the backyard of the Buddha Hall, where the abbot's room is located! I saw several white-browed and bearded monks walking back and forth in front of the backyard door, showing a sense of uneasiness between their eyebrows. Zhan Mengbai was even more surprised. The seriousness of the situation that could make these Shaolin monks uneasy must be no small matter! But the sound of fighting could not be heard around. Although the Shaolin monks looked heavy,juice filling machine, there was no murderous look between their eyebrows, and there was no weapon in their hands. As soon as he thought about it, he saw these white-browed monks, and when he caught a glimpse of the man in yellow, his face suddenly showed a happy look, as if he had seen a savior. A few people eyebrows Xuan move, then wait to meet up, but suddenly stop the footsteps, together eleven ceremony, bow back, get out of the way of the door. The man in yellow was even more surprised when he saw these unusual situations. Without waiting for the light to lead the way, his figure flashed and he stepped into the backyard first. As soon as Zhanmeng Baiwei hesitated, he saw that the Shaolin monks had no intention of stopping him, so he went in with them. He saw that the courtyard was deep, full of ancient pines and green bamboos! Looking back, all the Shaolin monks stayed outside the courtyard, and no one came in. In an instant, Edible oil filling machine ,water filling machine, Zhan Mengbai could not help feeling that the backyard seemed to be filled with a heavy murderous look! The man in yellow was familiar with the road and took the lead. Turning around a rockery, more than ten men in blue satin gowns suddenly stood in front of the abbot's room with their hands down! The faces of these people were also very dignified, but when they saw the man in yellow, their expressions changed greatly, and they all bowed down and saluted! When Zhan Mengbai was moved, he felt that these big men looked very familiar, as if he had seen them there before. "Why are you here?" The man in yellow blurted out. His voice was full of surprise. A young man in a blue shirt with beautiful features rushed over to greet him. "I don't know if my predecessors are coming," he said, bowing down. "It's a mistake to greet them far away." The man in yellow gave a snort and said coldly, "This is not your place. What do you want to meet far away?"? It's really strange! The boy in the blue shirt laughed and said, "Yes, yes.." The man in yellow said, "Don't be so sweet and perfunctory in front of me. Why don't you get out of the way and let me pass?" Still smiling, the young man in the blue shirt said, "The family teacher has ordered that no one can enter the abbot's room within three days. Please forgive me." "Is your master here, too?" Asked the man in yellow. "If it hadn't been for Shifu's guidance," said the young man in blue, "how would the disciples have dared to walk around the Shaolin Temple at will, let alone stop their predecessors here?" The man in yellow said to himself, "Is he here?"? What is hen? The young man in the blue shirt hung his head and said, "The elder will know everything in two days." The man in yellow hesitated for a long time and sat down on a bluestone under the pines. Looking up, the abbot's room was still filled with light smoke and was as quiet as death! Breeze gusts, pines and bamboo rhyme, singing all around! However, the more quiet the garden is, the heavier the atmosphere is. From time to time outside the garden, Shaolin disciples peeped in, but no one entered the garden, and no one made a sound. After a long time, Zhan Mengbai couldn't help but go over, lowered his voice and asked softly, "What are you going to do?" The man in yellow sat upright on the stone,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, motionless. "Wait and see," he said. The sun was slanting in the west, and the setting sun reflected the splendor of the jungle.
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