Devil's law

"Please don't forget your identity." Leonid made an excuse, which was entirely expected by Du Wei. He said, "You are the last disciple of Master Gandalf! Master Gandalf. The greatest magician in existence on the continent He is also the most famous magic teacher in the world! More importantly, Master Gandalf is also the spiritual leader of the Magic Guild. Although he is in the Magic Guild, the Magic Guild has always been proud to have such an outstanding teacher. His prestige It involves a lot of key things. You could say that : If the prestige of Master Gandalf suffers. Then it is almost equivalent to the loss of prestige of the magic guild. . And the prestige of the magic guild is damaged. It is a loss to the entire land magic civilization! Dewey didn't speak. Leonid saw that the young Duke did not retort. He breathed a secret sigh of relief. Continue to press forward step by step: "Throughout Master Gandalf's life, he received several disciples, all of whom later became outstanding magicians.". For example, at the moment in the venue, Master Irnes. And a few years ago, master Gandalf brought the land as a young sorceress. It can be said Master Gandalf has cultivated and contributed countless talents to the land world of magic. Now It's your turn.. Sir Du Wei, you should understand that as a disciple of Master Gandalf, many things are not up to your will. Your every move It all involves the fame of Master Gandalf! Now. A lot of people are watching you. To call you the most gifted young sorcerer alive.. And if under such circumstances But you refused to accept the magic level examination, but chose.. Medicine man! Don't you think this will give a lot of people who have great expectations of you a serious sense of disappointment? If you think about it further, you will have a lot of bad associations. For example, Slate Wall Panel ,Agate Slabs For Sale, some people may think that our magic guild treats you unfairly. Or some people will think that Master Gandalf's training of disciples is too poor. !” Hum! Du Wei sneered in his heart. Sure enough! Seeing that the underworld is not good, they play noble with me! Hum, hum.. But with two generations of memory of Du Wei, how can be bound by such a small trick? Speaking of Yin people, Du Wei will never bow to the wind in this respect. His routine is actually very simple. : Others use meanness against themselves. I will fight back with nobility. ! Others use nobility against themselves, I use meanness to fight back! "Master Leonid." Dewey shot back bluntly. "I have to say.. You are a veteran who has enjoyed a good reputation in the magic guild for many years, but I have great doubts about your words! I think your words themselves have seriously damaged the dignity of the magic guild! “…… What did you say Leonid had a look of anger on his face. In his place In the magic guild, which magician dares to talk to him like this and accuse him to his face? Dewey doesn't care.. Anyway, he has decided that this guy is his opponent. . Then offend each other in language. I don't care anymore.
First of all, Master Leonid! I must remind you that in your words.. It seriously devalues the status of the profession of magic apothecary. ! I think this is a very unfair and unfair argument! The Almighty God is above.. I really can't imagine. Such words come from the mouth of an elder who is famous for his'justice and severity 'in the magic guild! Du Wei had an exaggerated and surprised expression on his face, mixed with a trace of regret. Keep a close eye on Leonid. : "As a member of the Magical Guild, can you ignore the laws of the Magical Guild?"! Perhaps it is necessary for me to remind you that there is a clear statement in the law of the magic guild that the magic apothecary has the same qualifications as the magician! This is publicly declared and acknowledged by the decree of the Magical Guild! As the elder of the magic guild, can you deny the law of the magic guild at will on such an occasion! I have to express my regret about this. Because I personally think . This is a kind of naked. …… Naked 'job discrimination' '!!! It is hard to imagine that any noble sorcerer should not have the idea of ignoring the laws of the magic guild. They should never look at their colleagues in such a discriminatory way. ! Master Leonid.. I very much regret your remarks. . And I will represent the entire community of magical apothecaries in my own name. . Protest against you !” Seeing Du Wei sternly confronting the elder of the magic guild, the scene was completely beyond the expectation of several old guys. I was polite just now Du Wei, who regarded himself as a junior, suddenly changed his face. Looking at the way Leonid was eating.. Du Wei laughed in his heart. : Humph. Aren't you high-sounding with me? ? Who can't be high-sounding? Who can't go to the top of the line? This skill, I play much more skillfully than you! So a few words.. A big label of occupational discrimination was directly attached to Leonid's field. . Leonid's face grew frighteningly white with anger. His beard trembled faintly,Pietra Gray Marble, and if it were not for the presence of the chairman, Leonid could not help but want to teach this boy a lesson who did not know the depth of heaven and earth! "And!" Dewey hasn't finished yet! It seemed that today he would not give up until he was angry with the old creditor. Du Wei turned his head and looked at Chairman Yago Doug instead of Leonid. "Mr. Chairman, I want to make it clear that Master Leonid just now refuted my wishes.". Is it the official position of the Magic Guild? ? Or is it just for him? Yago Doug hesitated for a moment and looked at his own comrade-in-arms Leonid. "This.." "Freedom!" Du Wei suddenly threw out such a hard word. The firmness of his words The determination of attitude. Let a few old guys can not help but be moved. .
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