The rosefinch wants to make trouble in the sea every day.

"I'm late, and I ask God to forgive me." The God in Tsing Yi made an apology to Nanze, but he saw a God with a dragon crown and a jade crown standing beside him, thinking that this was the new Emperor of Heaven today. Thousands of years ago, when Ji Yao ascended the throne, Bai Yu was in seclusion and did not come to celebrate. Afterwards, he only made up the gift. This was the first time he had met a real person. Thinking of this, he was neither humble nor overbearing, saying, "Bai Yu has seen the Emperor of Heaven." "Meng Que of Canglong Pavilion in Dongze has seen Your Majesty." One side of the pink shirt immortal also followed the salute. The Fox Emperor and the Lord are courteous. Ji Yao nodded slightly. May I ask if this fairy is..? As soon as Bai Yu saw the blue-skirted fairy behind the Emperor of Heaven, his face was elegant and very close to his eyes, he asked his name brusquely. This is our attendant. Her name is Wanlu. Although I don't know how this beautiful fox emperor asked about his own fairy maidservant, Ji Yao still told each other with gentle words. Wanlu? Well, it sounds good! He smiled inexplicably, and in an instant, it seemed that thousands of mountains and rivers had lost their color. Wanlu was stupefied for a moment, and there was someone in the world who looked even better than the Emperor of Heaven, and he was so gentle and kind that he made people feel good. It took her a while to come to her senses. Wanlu was blessed with a slight sense of shame and said, "The fox emperor is full of praise. Wanlu doesn't deserve it." These two people come and go, inexplicably with a bit of obscurity and ambiguity, but in the eyes of others, each has its own taste. First, the Emperor of Heaven was silent. Wan Lu had always been calm and prudent. He had not seen her blush for a long time. Somehow, there was a trace of anxiety and resentment in his heart. Then Meng Que,White Marble Mosaic, this fox emperor Bai Yu is the person he put on the tip of his heart, which flirts with other fairies.. He could only clear his throat. To draw back Bai Yu's attention, he dragged the man to the inner hall. South Ze, who was left hanging aside, suddenly chuckled and shook his head helplessly. As soon as he entered the inner hall, he saw the two fairies fighting. All the immortals were not surprised. Those who should rub hemp should rub hemp, those who should eat melons, and even opened a gambling game to bet on who could win between the two little masters of the Southern Wilderness and the Western Heaven. The cleverness and cunning of the Western Heaven and the strength of the Southern Wilderness are even better. The winning side is often 50-50. It is so exciting that as long as the two masters are in the same frame, others will begin to play a gambling game. Nanxiu,Agate Stone Price, you are so shameless that you say you are more beautiful than me? Dressed in a golden dress, the fairy's hair is better than snow, holding a long whip of red gold. Look closely at the appearance, see the eye socket is very deep, a pair of brilliant golden pupil is very eye-catching, the bridge of the nose is straight, the facial features are deep to suck people in general. This is Cangyun Xi, the little master of Cangyun Palace in the Western Heaven. Obviously, I am more beautiful than you! Isn't that generally accepted? The fairy who confronted her was the southern sleeve in her mouth, the third sister of Nanze, the youngest one in the house. Because the real body is the rosefinch, likes the red clothes very much, and the complexion is fair, which makes people more beautiful and dazzling. Before she had finished speaking, Cang Yun Xi whipped her straight down, and the magic weapon that Nan Xiu was good at using was the long red silk in her hand, which could contain the magic power of the red gold whip with softness. With a smile on her lips and a dance on her wrist, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,white marble mosaic, the ribbon wrapped the whip in a circle, and with a return of force, she would snatch the whip from the hands of Cangyun Xi. Cang Yun Xi was startled and quickly pulled the whip back. Just when they were deadlocked, she suddenly had a plan. Suddenly, she let go and fell back with inertia. Originally thought that this fell down, definitely fell a concussion, hey, a good beauty, is about to fall into a fool.. Nan Xiu wants to cry without tears Silently love yourself. However, the imagined hard pain did not come, in fact, she fell into a warm embrace. She had closed her eyes tightly, but when she realized something was wrong, she raised her eyes to look for it. How could there be such a beautiful fairy in the world? Tsing Yi God's eyebrows are picturesque, his eyes are light, he looks very gentle, his facial features are delicate and unusual, coupled with the soft jaw line, the whole person is full of affinity, which makes people feel like spring breeze. Turn a deaf ear to the hubbub around, the south sleeve atmosphere dare not go out, hold your breath and God looked at each other for a long time, as if time and space have stopped flowing.
A heart thudded, cheeks flushed as if starved of oxygen.. Nan Xiu is a little confused Is this the legendary.. Love at first sight? However, Meng Que on one side did not know whether to laugh or cry. How could he fall in love with Bai Yu, the walking hormone? Look at the little fairy with a red face. Tut, it seems that there is another rival in love.. Well, The heart is very tired. Chapter 2 Chapter 2 "Don't be rude, my son!" The one who made the sound was a female fairy with a beautiful face. She seemed to be dressed in a plain white brocade robe. When she look their children.. Wait She doesn't seem to know the name of this God..? "Wipe the saliva.." Meng Que, with a slight dislike, handed her a silk handkerchief. Ah? Is there such a gaffe? South sleeve quickly touch the corners of the mouth, where drool, obviously is clean? Only then did she raise her eyes to look at the Fairy in Pink Shirt beside the God in Tsing Yi. She had a handsome appearance, star eyebrows and sword eyes, but she was not bad looking, but she looked a little old.. Who are you,Marble Projects, uncle? How dare you cheat her. Uncle? I am so handsome, which point is like uncle? Meng Que held back his anger and did not change his face. "Meng Que, the Lord of Canglong Pavilion in Dongze." 。
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