The heroine is a group pet [wear quickly]

Night watchman: "Next month the base into a group of new people, we do not know their background and temperament.". Once in a while, I go into the snow and put the food near the ice cave. The wolves pass by the ice cave every day, and you let the wolves bring it to you. When we confirm the background and temperament of these new people, you can come to the base to send videos, all for the safety of wolves. Yao Xixi nodded obediently, "No need to send food, I can find food in the snow, Wolf King helped me find a lot of beets and potato roots, as well as rabbit meat and snow rat meat, not hungry." Night Watch: "You eat rat meat?" Yao Xixi: "I didn't eat it at first, but I was forced to eat it. Later, I got used to it." She did not want to elaborate on the bitter process, which was very inhumane. At that time, she just fell into the wolf's lair, the wolf king was cold, she dared not refuse, what the wolf king gave, what she ate. The old man looked kindly at Yao Xixi, "It's very hard to shoot Wild Life." Yao Xixi shook her head and smiled brightly, "not hard, very happy." Zhang Gong recalled the snow rat he ate when he fled from famine when he was a child. "Snow rat meat firewood is not delicious." Yao Xixi retorted with a straight face that she had gained experience in eating snow rats. "Snow rats have less fat and are not suitable for roasting. They can be stuffy or boiled. Snow rats are different from mice. As long as they overcome psychological barriers, the meat of snow rats is sweet and chewy and delicious." These old experts, who have lived most of their lives and survived countless disasters, are not hungry enough to eat mice. When they went down to the south, they simply ate two strange snacks, but the mouse really did not eat them, nor did anyone eat them. After a better life, when I went to a restaurant, some colleagues ordered frog, and no restaurant had the dish of snow rat. They listen to the little director, the little director not only ate the snow rat, the mouse seems to have eaten, otherwise how to know the snow rat and the mouse's meat is different. Zhang Gong asked everyone's doubts, "has the little director ever eaten mice?" Yao Xixi: "I tasted a little bit." When I was a child, I was bold and curious. When I came back from the Spring Festival, I went out to work and said that the restaurant where he worked was selling roast rats. She was surprised that the rats could be eaten. She caught a rat and threw it into the fire and burned it. She tore off a little bit of meat and tasted it. It tasted terrible. When she went to college, she learned that the voles were sold in restaurants, not mice. She felt that her ability to finally overcome the psychological barrier of eating bee larvae and snow mice had a lot to do with her silly attempt as a child. When she first started eating bee larvae and snow rats, temperature check kiosk , she thought that she had eaten all the rat meat, so she should not be a picky eater. This psychological hint is particularly in charge. Engineer Zhang patted Yao Xixi on the shoulder and said nothing. Yao Xixi staggered out of the geological exploration station with a bag of food on her back. Six consecutive days of heavy snow have thickened the snow on the ground. The snow in the hollow of the ground reached Yao Xixi's knees, and it was extra hard to walk, panting to the place where he had made an appointment with the Wolf King, sweating. Wolf king has not come over, Yao Xixi is not flustered, from the backpack out of the night watchman fried melon seeds, obediently sitting on the dead wood to eat melon seeds. Yao Xixi ate a lot of melon seeds, stood on the big stone to look at the direction, did not see the wolf king, and then clumsily jumped down from the big stone, with melon seed skin spell a "longevity" character, Zhang Gong gave her a small flashlight in front of the longevity character, hands folded, closed his eyes and wished himself happiness like the East China Sea longevity than Nanshan. Yao Xixi blew into the flashlight and turned off the flashlight with her hands. Yao Xixi played with herself, giggled and had a lot of fun. Dark clouds blocked the moonlight, the sky was dark, Yao Xixi yawned, took out a piece of sesame candy from her pocket, and ate it, deliberately making some noise. She had just turned on the camera's thermal mode when she discovered a little secret. The nocturnal animals here fear her. Yao Xixi fell upside down twice and finally climbed to the biggest round stone. She lay down and recalled some knowledge points she had memorized by rote in her professional courses. She didn't understand. Now she has more videos with cameras in her arms. She gradually realized the deep meaning of these knowledge points. If she went back to take the professional course exam now, she would not only get full marks, Maybe she can get the grading teacher to give her extra points. Yao Xixi flattered herself with self-satisfaction, and the more she thought about it, the happier she was.
The Wolf King jumped on the boulder silently, bowed his head, and caught the silly and happy little fat cub. The Wolf King licked the face of the little fat boy, picked up the little fat boy and jumped off the boulder. Yao Xixi patted the snow on her body and climbed onto the back of the Wolf King. Wearing warm clothes, Yao Xixi didn't hold on and fell asleep on the way. The gum she was chewing in her mouth fell on the wolf's hair. The Wolf King returned to the cave, carefully unloaded the little fat cub from his back, and carried the little fat cub to the stone nest. As usual, the Wolf King first went to the hot spring to take a bath. He found the chewing gum on his hair. He was so angry that he jumped out of the hot spring and stepped on the little fat boy. Yao Xixi was awakened by the pressure, wondering about the dark blue eyes with red silk on them. Who made him so angry. The Wolf King picked up the little fat cub and threw it directly into the hot spring. He also jumped into the hot spring and turned his back to her. Yao Xixi saw the chewing gum on the back of the Wolf King at the first sight. She felt guilty and quickly reached out to pick its hair. Gum sticking to fur is a disaster. You can't pick it clean. Yao Xixi thought of the degree of the Wolf King's love of cleanliness, took out a small pair of scissors, cut off the hair stuck with chewing gum a little bit, and comforted herself that the Wolf King's hair was thick and fluffy, even if it was cut off, it could not be found. The Wolf King saw the white hair floating on the hot spring and stared at the little fat boy coldly. Yao Xixi knelt on her knees, tried to hold back two tears in her eyes, looked at the Wolf King watery, put her hands together, and repented. The Wolf King walked slowly to the backpack with his clothes. Yao Xixi moved over in small steps and dilly-dally changed her wet clothes. The Wolf King picked up the fat cub and walked out of the cave, threw it into the snow pit, and turned away. Yao Xixi blinked and sat with her cheeks in her hands. The snow pit is airtight and warm. Even if it is warm, she can't sleep. The dark clouds that happened to block the moon dispersed, and the white moonlight made Yao Xixi cry out to the moon.
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