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Long Jia wiped the sweat from Li Xiang's forehead. Li Xiang just clenched his teeth. Obviously, the pain he suffered was greater than he showed. Han Feng looked at Long Jia for Li Xiang to wipe sweat seriously and carefully, he thought, went to one side, two police officers are carrying an injured person to the ambulance. "Hello, are you all right?" Said Han Feng. The police officer had seen Han Feng and knew that he was able to give orders to the director of the Criminal Investigation Department. He did not know how big his background was. He felt that he cared about him. He was really grateful. He hurriedly said, "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern." "Oh, it's all right," said Han Feng. "That's all right. I'll borrow your blood." The police officer said that Han Feng had touched his wound with his hand. Although it was a little painful, the police officer could hold back and felt very honored, although he did not know what the young police officer wanted his blood for. Han Feng wiped the blood on his face, staggered up and leaned toward Long Jia, shouting, "Oh, I've been shot, I've been shot.". Oh, oh, I can't, I can't. With these words,face detection android, he slanted his head on Longjia's shoulder. Long Jia didn't expect that Han Feng was also injured. He couldn't help feeling confused. While wiping the blood on Han Feng's face, he said, "You'll be all right.". Where did you hurt? Where did it hurt? Ambulance, come quickly! She thought to herself, "If he hadn't hurt Han Feng, maybe he wouldn't have been hurt. He rescued himself, but he was himself." She thought about it, and the more she thought about it,face recognition identification, the more flustered she was. She was so anxious that she almost shed tears. Li Xiang and Lin Fan and others were also greatly concerned and asked about Han Feng's injuries. Han Feng leaned on Xiang's shoulder and felt comfortable, not caring what they said and what they asked. But all this was seen by the cold mirror. He was so angry that he shouted, "Han Feng!"! What the hell are you doing? Cold mirror cold an explosion drink, the earth shakes, for a time all people panic, at a loss, more head four scurrying. Han Feng reacted quickly and took Long Jia in his arms. They fell to the ground at the same time and pressed her under their bodies. When he got up again, four ten-storey buildings had collapsed, leaving only ruins. Han Feng suddenly regained his spirits. He didn't look like he was injured. He said to Leng Jinghan, "I told you not to lose your temper. You see, the building collapsed. What can you pay for it?" "There are many dangers here," said the cold mirror. "We have a lot of wounded. You don't converge. We still have a lot of problems to analyze and sort out." Only then did Long Jia know that Han Feng pretended to be injured, but wanted to take advantage of it. He was in a bad mood and punched Han Feng. "Ouch, digital whiteboard price ,Interactive digital signage," cried Han Feng. I said, don't hit me so hard. It's like hitting an enemy. I was hurt by you even if I didn't get hurt. Guo Xiaochuan, commanding the retreat, came over and said, "Lao Leng, how could it be like this?"? How should I write this report? Leng Jinghan said, "When we have sorted it out, we will write the report together. The question now is how to settle the reporter. This is your job. I will go back to sum up this action." Guo Xiaochuan said: "I hope your report can be taken out earlier." Han Feng looked at the ruins left after the explosion and murmured, "It's really worrying. The situation is more serious than I imagined." "What?" Leng Jinghan exclaimed. Han Feng affirmed: "With the first gun, there are more guns; with a madman, there are more madmen." The criminal investigation department, originally swaggering out of the team, all came back listlessly, went to the hospital at the end of the summer, and Zhang Yi together. "Let me talk about my situation first," said Li Xiang. Ten minutes after you entered, I saw a figure jump from the third floor to the advertising column beside the street, and then fled from the balcony of another building, because we did not expect him to jump out of the third floor window, so we lost the best chance to shoot. I immediately left half of my men on guard, and I took half of my men in pursuit. The figure fled so fast that it was only three blocks away, and the people I took were left behind, and I was the only one who could keep up with him. "You've been taken in," said Han Feng. "What?" Asked Li Xiang. "Divert the tiger away from the mountain," said Han Feng.
” "I didn't think so much at that time," said Li Xiang. "I stopped him at the corner. I found it was a dwarf. I aimed my gun at his back and ordered him to raise his hands. He did so. I was about to use the walkie-talkie to inform the man behind me when he suddenly turned around and kicked the pistol away. When I was ready to take another gun, he pressed my hand with one hand and shook his fist with the other. "Wait," said Han Feng. "Do you remember how he kicked you?" "Sure," said Li Xiang. Here's the thing.. Li Xiang demonstrated the battle between him and the dwarf. He remembered every move very clearly. Finally, he said, "To be honest, I underestimated the enemy from the beginning, which led me to fall behind." "You've been fighting for so long," said the cold mirror. "Haven't you seen the man's face clearly?" Li Xiang said, "It was very dark in the alley. He shot too fast and his strength was terrible. I just took his fist and didn't notice his appearance.". However, I still hurt him. While he was in this position, I scratched the back of his hand with my grappling hand and kicked him above his left arm. I think it was enough for him. Long Jia thought to himself, "Let him say it again. Even Li Xiang is no match for the dwarf. This guy." "Eight poles," said Han Feng. "What?" Three or four people asked questions. "It's Bajiquan," said Han Feng. What Li Xiang used was Sanda, and there was no fixed style or technique. He paid attention to how to effectively knock down his opponent and subdue the bandits in the shortest time. But what he used was routine boxing, Bajiquan. It is one of the many branches of Chinese martial arts. In fact, there are many people learning this kind of boxing, but it is not recognized by other boxers in the martial arts world. "Why?" Asked Li Xiang. Han Feng said,facial recognition thermometer, "Bajiquan is a kind of boxing with very strong fighting skills. People who practice Bajiquan often hurt people. This is not in line with the purpose of practicing martial arts to strengthen the body.". But Bajiquan is very practical. It is not practiced to see, it is practiced to fight. It is said that it was created by an old man surnamed Wu. Li Xiang said with concern, "What kind of boxing is Bajiquan?"? Tell me about it. He was very interested in the way he beat himself. hsdtouch.com
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