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The tall, black and strong old man called out his hand and took it. He looked up at Li Yanhao in the light of the lamp. There was a look of surprise on his black face. Immediately, he held the "Tiger Charm Sword Order" in both hands and bowed down in awe: "Disciples of the'Poor Family Gang 'of the Southern Sect, welcome Li Shaoxia respectfully." The two beggars behind him also bowed down immediately. Li Yanhao clasped his fists and said respectfully, "I don't deserve it." He stepped over. When Li Yanhao reached the open space in the middle of the forest, a tall, dark, and strong old man called out, "The disciples of the'Poor Family Sect 'of the Southern Sect have no eyes. They have offended the chivalrous people. I hope you will forgive them." "Well, the old man is the younger generation." Li Yanhao stretched out his hand to take the "Tiger Charm Sword Order". Out of the tent came a short man named Lao Jiaohua. This old Jiaohua had a clear appearance and frosted beard and hair, but he was no more than fifty years old. He tied ten knots in the cloth belt around his waist, which naturally showed a kind of awe and dignity. He heard him say, "The Poor Family Gang has a last resort. I hope you won't take it amiss, Shaoxia." As soon as he heard the old man's voice, three young men, such as the tall, black and strong old man and Qi Qi, immediately turned around and bowed down respectfully. As soon as Li Yanhao saw this situation, he already knew who this old man was. He immediately said in awe, "Could it be that the leader of the'Poor Family Gang 'and the leader of the'Haoshou Shenlong' Pu Gang are facing each other?" "I dare not!" The old beggar clasped his fists and bowed: "Pu Tianyi,information kiosk price, see the'Tiger Charm Sword Order '." Li Yanhao replied in awe, "Master Pu has been too modest." "All right!" Said Pu Tianyi with a solemn look on his face. "The Great General used to be an important minister, a tiger general, and the dry city of the country. Now he leads our loyal and righteous adherents to resist the Manchus and restore our territory with the'Tiger Charm Sword Order '. All the Han people, the adherents of the first Dynasty, must not be respected. Who does not bow down and obey orders? The'Poor Family Gang' is established with loyalty and righteousness, and the adherents of the first Dynasty are proud The tall, black and strong old beggar bowed down and said,interactive whiteboard prices, "Leng Chao, the chief Dharma Protector of the'Poor Family Sect 'of the Southern Sect, led the disciples to see Shaoxia." Li Yanhao was stunned: "Could it be the cold old man who is known as the'iron-faced beggar 'and the'hot-handed judge'?" "I dare not, it is Leng Chao." Li Yanhao clasped his fists and said, "The younger generation has long looked up to Master Pu and the old man Leng for their chivalrous deeds. They are so famous in the martial arts world. Today I have the honor to pay my respects. It is really an honor." "Shaoxia," said Pu Tianyi, "it's too flattering. How dare you call Pu Tianyi?" Li Yanhao said, "Every word of the younger generation comes from the bottom of my heart. Fortunately, you two should not be too modest." Pu Tianyi didn't say anything more. He was silent for a moment and said, "The Poor Family Gang has just met with an accident. Pu Tianyi led the people to come here in secret. So the residence is extremely simple. There is no way to entertain Shaoxia. It's really disrespectful." "All right!" Said Li Yanhao. "We are not outsiders. Why should the Sect Leader be so polite? Please sit down with the Sect Leader and ask for advice." Pu Tianyi said, "I can only be brief, Shaoxia. I don't deserve to be consulted. If you have anything to say, Shaoxia, just ask. Pu Tianyi says everything he knows. If there is anything useful for the'Poor Family Gang ', outdoor digital signage displays ,face recognition identification kiosk, please tell him. The'Poor Family Gang' is willing to do its best and go through fire and water without hesitation." "Thank you in advance, junior." Li Yanhao folded his fists and thanked him, sitting on the ground with Pu Tianyi and Leng Chao, while Qi Qi and other three people stood aside with their hands down. After sitting down, Li Yanhao talked from Gubeikou until he met Qiqi. Of course, this is to inquire about the whereabouts of Huo Tianxiang's father and daughter from the "Poor Family Gang". After listening quietly, Pu Tianyi was quite calm, but Leng Chao's face changed. When Li Yanhao finished speaking, Pu Tianyi nodded repeatedly and said, "So that's it, so that's it." "Shaoxia," said Leng Chao, "Master Huo let the Eagle Claw go." Li Yanhao was shocked. "What do you mean, Master Huo?" He asked. Pu Tianyi sighed and said, "Yes, Master Huo was taken away by them. It happened to Pu Tianyi and others. But on the one hand, he didn't understand the actual situation, and on the other hand, he measured his limited strength, so he didn't intercept it rashly. I hope you will forgive him.".
” Holding back the shock in his chest, Li Yanhao said, "It seems that Ha San is determined to tear his face." "No, Shaoxia!" Pu Tianyi said, "It seems that there is an unusual harmony between Ha San and Master Huo. There is no sign of reluctance. Master Huo has been talking and laughing all the time. He and Ha San got into a high-topped carriage together." "So it's Huo Daxia's intention to sacrifice himself. It's not worth the sacrifice." Leng Chace the'Poor family Gang' is established with loyalty and righteousness, and boasts of itself as an adherent of the first Dynasty, Shaoxia is not allowed to be an outsider. He straightened his face, paused, and then said,temperature screening kiosk, "It's a long story. Shaoxia, you should know that three years ago, the'Poor Family Gang 'once suddenly retired from the martial arts world and disappeared without asking anything about Jianghu." "The younger generation knew that there was no disciple of the'Poor Family Gang 'in Jianghu at that time. All the schools in Wulin and the same way in Jianghu were different. So the younger generation was surprised to meet the Qiqi brothers of your gang tonight." 。 hsdtouch.com
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