The Millennium Sacrifice

"What a powerful Losia." The soldiers of Lian worshipped in a mess. My sister is so awesome. Zil stomped so hard that he crushed only a few bricks on the ground. Di Rusidia! Luo sunset symbolically patted the ashes on her body, God knows, the wind elements around her, those ashes are gone, so that they will not be choked, but people always have some habits. She looked up at the stout old man. "Oh, Grandpa Castellan." "Please!"! Go and bring back the people in the secret passage. No, catch up with them and tell them to be careful of Kuriga! Kuriga is located outside the eastern city gate of Aidang, which belongs to the plain of Dasa. It is mountainous and has a tense relationship with St. Creyer for generations. Rich Dasa plain, although too close to the dark mountains, but very rich in products, the two countries have been fighting numerous battles because of territorial issues, the national strength is equal, the ability of the gods to sacrifice is equal, can not do anything to each other. But why, why did they summon this dark, cursed creature to attack Aidan? Their God is Yunier! Luo Xiyang did not go after the people who asked for help. She had a simpler means of communication. The big mouse Ci,interactive kiosk price, under the command of Zil, stuffed the letter of the castellan into his stomach and ran away from the earth. Dear Dirusidia, you are an angel sent by the gods. The old Lord of the city collapsed on his chair, and his nervousness and fear made the old man feel up and down, and he lost his strength all of a sudden. In the temple of Kajura, the priestesses and high healers were constantly healing the wounded. The people who had temporarily escaped from the shadow of death could not hide their joy. Although there were a large number of enemies outside the city wall, the miracles that had happened today made them optimistic that all disasters would pass. Yes,smart whiteboard price, there is a beloved of God in the city. This is a city blessed by God. Really, the castellan called her Dirusidia, you see, such a small child, killed more enemies than the regimental commander! "You can't go wrong. The light on her body is so charming. She is absolutely the most beautiful race in the legend." "With Dirusidia in this city, I'm not afraid of the curse of darkness. Long live the God of Light!" Why Long Live the God of Light? The God of darkness is also to be worshipped, I tell you, this afternoon in the West City. Pastor Hean sat in the meeting room and frowned faintly. "If it's really Kuriga, their forces are concentrated on the Dasa Plain. What's the purpose of this attack?" The commander of the city defense force was all right. He laughed and said, "What the hell. This time Kuriga has used the bloody puppet method and has become the public enemy on the mainland. We will unite with Baixin and Tuomolan to destroy her." "Bloody Mage?" Hean seemed to have caught something, but he couldn't figure it out. In the deep tunnel, thousands of fugitives walked in silence, facial recognization camera ,touch screen kiosk, and from time to time cries came from women and children. From time to time, Pilefman, the great God of the Temple of the Sea, cast illumination to illuminate the way ahead for the crowd. Although Aidang is located by the sea, the escape corridor is very dry. Stepping on the ground covered with fine sand, everything is quiet, and the sound of footsteps is well hidden. People have been walking continuously for three or four hours, thousands of people in a dark line, no action of the child was held by the mother, the line moved very slowly. When I first got into the tunnel, I could still hear the noise in the city, and now it was silent. Not long ago, Pilefman received a letter from the Son of Nature, in which the castellan told him to avoid Kuriga and sneak directly back to his Shane city. It was Kuriga who attacked them. The great oracle has been thinking about why the neighboring countries will suddenly attack regardless of the restrictions of the war convention. Before I knew it, there was a bright light in front of me. Not the light of torches and illuminations, but the faint glow of the beautiful silver moon. The gentle moonlight shines on the mountain forest. At the foot of Yindu Mountain, the magic shielding door opened, and thousands of fugitives finally saw the sky. Rustling branches and leaves were trampled off, and the crowd headed for the plains of Los Angeles. There is a bad smell in the wind. Text 34 Dead Body Grassland The prairie of the dead rises from the plains of Los Angeles, where the grass and trees sway in the wind. Under the light of the silver moon, the silent crowd quickened their pace. The night is the realm of the goddess of darkness. Pillafman looked at the long procession with a surge of uneasiness in his heart.
After walking for too long, the breath of the great oracle was a little rough, some children in the crowd began to cry, the team gradually became chaotic, and the sound of scolding kept ringing. Quiet Pillafman ordered everyone to stop and rest for a while. A guard handed clear water to the great God, and after sitting in the grass and drinking a few mouthfuls, Pilefman's panic grew heavier and heavier. What was wrong? There was a child crying beside him, and his mother scolded him severely: "Don't cry, or the wild animal will bite you." …… Startle! The great oracle suddenly stood up. Not good Walk quickly! Can't rest! This prairie is too quiet! There are no hills and bushes in the plains of Los Angeles, but there are many large beasts of prey on one side of the Silver Leaf Mountains. Single travelers dare not go in and out of the grasslands alone unless they are the swordsmen. Even a caravan of dozens of people has to hire a famous mercenary regiment to set foot on the plains at night. Since I got out of the tunnel, I haven't heard any wild animals howling, not even insects. What came from the wind was not the peculiar smell of the prairie, but the faint smell was familiar. Kala. Kala. Ka la! The women and children shrieked, and out of the grass in front of them dangled the dead bodies as if they had emerged from a nightmarish fog. Bone puppet! The crowd scrambled. "Purge!" There was no way for the priests to purify so many corpses, and the women screamed and fled in all directions. Ah, ah, ah! The miserable cry made hundreds of guards almost forget to think. The people who broke away from the crowd struggled desperately in the grass half a man's height. The earth turned over, and a pair of dry bones covered with rotten earth caught her feet. The poor woman threw herself on the ground, clutching the earth with her hands. Her eyes,digital signage kiosk, nose and mouth were inserted by the bones of her hands coming out of the earth. The screams finally went down. This kind of tragic situation frightens everyone out of their wits, and they run desperately without direction, but the bone puppets in front of them are densely packed!.
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