Surreal evolution

"Yuck!"! Why did you come out so early? I was going to wait for you here, but I didn't expect you to come out early again. Sun Yao pouted her mouth. There is no way. Who let my spoken language is intrepid, lets the teachers feel ashamed. Come on, I'll treat you to something. "What a fart.". I want to eat spicy crayfish! Sun Yao tilted her head and said. OK, let's go. There is a flavor shop at the entrance of the campus, the price is cheap and the quantity is sufficient. In addition to eating some special hot pot roast meat, eating cooking, Xiao Tianci and several friends in the dormitory like to come here most. The crayfish around the school is the most delicious, so it's natural to choose here. Sun Yao was very sensible and only asked for a plate of crayfish and a fried papaya slice. Xiao Tianci knew that Sun Yao was saving money for him, but he was not short of money now, and it didn't matter if he squandered a little. I wanted a few more dishes, but Sun Yao said nothing, saying it was a waste. Since the other side is so insistent, Xiao Tianci will follow her. Sun Yao doesn't mind, but some people don't like it. While they were eating, Du Qiu came in from the outside with several big men. As soon as I came in,smartboards in classrooms, I saw Xiao Tianci and Sun Yao. Let a few buddies go to order first, he came to the front of two people. I said, "Future brother-in-law, why do you give my sister these things? Don't you see that she has lost weight recently?"! You should eat more meat. This future brother-in-law but called Xiao Tianci this comfortable, this is also Du Qiu acquiesced in the relationship between the two. However, the attitude changed a little too quickly,65 inch smart board, and there was an accident with Xiao Tianci. Brother, what are you talking about? Sun Yao immediately felt embarrassed and said angrily to Du Qiuzhuang. You girl are too ignorant. I said she was for your own good. Forget It. I won't talk to you. Brother-in-law, come out and talk to me alone. "Why can't you say something here?" Sun Yao is a little reluctant. She knew that no one wanted her to be with Xiao Tianci, and she was really worried that something would happen when they went out. "I've even called my brother-in-law," said Du Qiu. "I can't do anything to him? Don't worry! Go, go out and say. "You eat first, and I'll be right back." Xiao Tianci comforted Sun Yao and followed Du Qiu out. As Du Qiu said, even the brother-in-law has called, what else can there be? Xiao Tianci is not worried at all, but it is not clear what Du Qiu will talk to him about? Two people came to the outside, Du Qiu squatted on the side of the road, 86 smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, took out a cigarette and threw it to Xiao Tianci, Xiao Tianci took a lighter and lit it for each other. Since he is the future brother-in-law, he should give some face anyway. My second aunt is constantly looking for a good candidate these two days, so you have to be careful. This is the first time I've seen her so attentive. If you don't speed up your progress, my sister will be snatched away. Said Du Qiu, taking a puff of his cigarette. Xiao Tianci was stupefied. Unexpectedly, Du Qiu sent him information. He squatted beside the other party and asked, "What can I do to make her give up this idea and let her agree to let Sun Yao be with me?" One hundred million is the bottom line. This is the minimum of being well-matched. What do you think? Xiao Tianci shook his head with a wry smile. The last million yuan was obtained by predicting the mobile phone. There has been no information to make money recently, and he is preparing to evolve an item again. Who knows if it will bring economic benefits. Generally speaking, one hundred million yuan, despite the high technology in hand, is still impossible at present. Except in one case, that is, to sell the evolution of things, but that is a bit of a big play. Maybe, because of the robbery of these things, the world war can be brought about ahead of time. It was terrible to think about it, and Xiao Tianci hurriedly threw the idea out of his mind. Is there no other way? "Of course," said Du Qiu with a sudden wry smile. But from what I know about you, you probably won't be able to do the same. "What method?". As long as I can do it, I will do it for Yaoyao. Xiao Tianci knew from the other side's expression that this must be a bad idea, but it must be effective. It's just that the degree of embarrassment must be very high. When the rice is cooked, it's better to have a blossom and bear fruit. My second aunt has the best face. If this matter is publicized, she must have no tricks at all. “…………” Xiao Tianci never dreamed that Du Qiu would give him such an idea.
Not to mention, it's really a little difficult for him. Judging from his current relationship with Sun Yao, he has not yet reached that stage. I can help you with that if you want. Du Qiu stood up and flicked the cigarette butt away. Xiao Tianci thought for a while and refused: "This is very effective, but it will cause some trouble to Yaoyao.". I don't want her to live an unhappy life. So I'm not going to do that. Du Qiu smiled and said, "You have some conscience. You haven't wasted my sister's infatuation with you.". I didn't waste so much saliva. You'd better not get too close to Yaoyao recently. I'll ask my mother to have a good talk with my second aunt. When she sees that you two are cold, she may put this matter aside. If she didn't have to, she was going to let Yaoyao go abroad to study piano first, and then get married. So, there is still some turning point in this matter. "Does Yaoyao know about these things?" Text [Chapter 110 Strange Police Uncle] Updated: July 9, 2010 15:34:52 Words in this Chapter: 4839 Except the way I told you! Outside, she knows everything about the time when you disappear and the knife flies. It's the most appropriate time to use this plan. Du Qiu smiled and pointed to his head. I didn't think my brain could be forced out of this way. Xiao Tianci smiled: "Thank you in advance.". I just want to know why you changed so quickly. Du Qiu put away his joking expression, took out a cigarette and lit one, saying, "During the time you disappeared,4k smart board, Yaoyao didn't think about tea or rice.". He said he was not feeling well, but I knew it was because of you. I just want my sister to be happy every day. Promise me that if one day you can be together, treat her well. "I will!" Xiao Tianci also gave a promise with a serious expression.
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