Why Are 'Names' and 'Words' a Taoist Issue Anyway?

The Situation:
Rushing life is a symptom of not being deeply in the moment. At its heart, rushing is an emotional approach to life. Thus, we can be 'rushing' while sitting perfectly still. Examples abound: rushing occurs while shopping, working, playing, thinking, eating, listening,... maybe even sleeping. Rushing is the 'lust' Buddha spoke of in the Second Noble Truth. Let's go one step further. What is the cause of this 'lust'?

The Cause:
Biology hoodwinks us into feeling that our rushing will lead to resolution and a peaceful stillness we lack at the moment. Of course, that absence of centered [chref=16]stillness[/chref] is what drives us to rush in the first place. And that absence is caused, in the end, by our mind and its ability to imagine a future - [chref=38]foreknowledge[/chref]. We can always imagine a 'brighter' future than our present moment, and so off we go mentally and emotionally, if not physically. Interestingly, the word religion stems from the Latin word relig which means reconnect, reattach; the word yoga stems from the Sanskrit root yuj which means attach, join, bind. I'm thinking, 'Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,...'. How can we reattach ourselves to the whole from which we so obviously feel disconnected?

The Cure:
Our mind got us into this mess, perhaps it can help us reconnect. How about using our freewill and just say NO! We will just decide to stop rushing, be [chref=37]still[/chref] and return to our moment. Ha, ha, ha! :lol:

Okey, that's out, but there is a [chref=41]way[/chref]. First we must carefully observe our life to prove to ourselves that this - 'situation and its cause' - is actually happening. As realization deepens, our behavior - the rushing - subsides [chref=17]naturally[/chref]. No freewill, will power, discipline, intelligence, are needed - whew! Ironically, we actually need to [chref=40]weaken[/chref] our will to watch carefully enough. Fortunately, we begin taking care of that at birth, i.e., [chref=36]if you would have a thing weakened, you must first strengthen it[/chref]. :wink:

The Disclaimer:
Naturally our rushing blinds us greatly. The more we rush, the less able we are to observe, which leads to further rushing. Gads, it is a wonder we don't fly apart at the seems! This certainly explains why this is a life long process. We may [chref=70]understand[/chref] all this in an instant, but it take a lifetime to [chref=70]put into practice[/chref]. Times a wastin'...let's start today!


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    [chref=32]Names[/chref] and [chref=23]words[/chref] are the building blocks of language. And, language enables us to be aware of toooo much... here, there, earlier, later, more, less. The trouble here is that this awareness is not based in reality - the simple [chref=25]silent and void[/chref] 'here and now'. This stresses our nervous system and pulls us apart from the 'here and now' leaving us with a haunting visceral sense of disconnection. The 'intensity' (for lack of a better word) of human activity is driven by (and symptomatic of) this sense of disconnection. This sense of disconnection drives us to extremes of behavior across the spectrum of human activity - you name it. Religion is the institution we set up to pull us back together. Looking around me, it doesn't appear to works very well in that regard. Why? Because we contaminate our religions with the same 'intensity' that we are trying to mitigate. Ironic eh?
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