The darling of the entertainment circle (entertainment circle)

Director Sun saw that Qiu Meng soon calmed down and smiled. He pointed to the other two people in the room and said, "You three take a play." Motioned Lin Xin to send a few pages to the three of them. At this time, Qiu Meng was in the mood to see the other two people who came to audition together. As a result, she saw Xia Xuefei, the topic queen of the entertainment circle, and Shang Wan, the last Peony movie queen. Qiu Meng's heart is broken: "Is this teasing me a new person to play??" The character of Qiu Meng is Zheng Dan, one of the 17 beauties who were presented to the King of Wu at the same time as Xi Shi. Zheng Dan is the only other person who left his name in the spy war. Unofficial history says that after Xi Shi and her group of beauties entered the palace of the King of Wu, Xi Shi was unhappy all day because she missed her native land. So it was Zheng Dan who was the first to be favored by the King of Wu, and after Xi Shi was favored by the King of Wu, the outcome was unknown. In this scene, after Zheng Dan was favored, he met Queen Wu and Lady Lian, the favorite concubine of the King of Wu, in the garden. Lady Lian spoke sarcastically, Queen Wu kept quiet, and Zheng Dan pretended to be weak but hid a needle in the cotton. Director Sun said, "Xia Xuefei plays Princess Wu, Shang Wan plays Madam Lian, and Qiu Meng plays Zheng Dan. Have you finished watching them? Let's start after watching them." Qiu Meng looked at the two pieces of paper in her hand again, kept her lines silent again, designed the psychological activities of the characters, and then nodded to Xia Xuefei and Shang Wan, who were looking at her: "Senior, I'm ready." Shang Wan said to her gently,collapsible bulk containers, "Relax, just think of yourself as taking an acting class." Xia Xuefei did not speak, but with encouragement in her eyes, she nodded to Director Sun, indicating that she could start.
Qiu Meng walked slowly to the corner of the room, stood still, put himself into Zheng Dan, and began to show the picture in his mind. In the garden, the spring was beautiful and everything was recovering. The flowers and plants in the Wu Palace stretched their branches,plastic pallet crates, tender green, just emerging red, and the spring breeze blew through. There was a kind of grass fragrance in the air. Zheng Dan's thoughts at this time had already drifted back to her homeland, even though they were already devastated. Even though the people's livelihood has been depressed, she also deeply misses everything she is sentimentally attached to there, but can never go back. Really can not feel the hope of spring ah. Can not, can not be so sad, for her country, her native people, she came with a mission, can only move forward, the rest of her life only to complete the mission to live, her eyes gradually from sad to firm. Lin Ruifeng looked at Qiu Meng standing in a corner motionless, frowned, what is this? Are you going to use it as a vase? At this time, Qiumeng suddenly lowered her head, as if she was touching something with her hand. Lin Ruifeng looked carefully. Her eyes were empty, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet containers, which contained thoughts and sadness. Qiumeng was covered by a thick sadness. Even if she stood there without a line, it made people feel that the sadness was the despair that could not be melted. Suddenly, the despair gradually disappeared, replaced by a kind of determination to cross the Rubicon. Short time, not a line, let people feel a few emotions from her body, Lin Ruifeng looked at Sun Dao, Sun Dao eyes are all satisfied. "Which beauty is this?"? To be so rude to the Queen? A defiant voice came from behind. Qiu Meng heard the voice coming from behind, his hands in the wrist position to do the action of finishing, the action looks very strange, but Lin Ruifeng knows, when the time comes to put on the curved, so the action of finishing sleeves, the side reflects Zheng Dan's cover for the surging emotions just now. Qiu Meng (Zheng Dan) quickly restrained her emotions, turned around slowly, and saw Xia Xuefei (Queen Wu) and Shang Wan (Lady Lian). She squatted down slowly: "The slave disturbs the queen and lady's interest." "Get up," Xia Xuefei said lightly, her face was calm, and the Buddha Qiumeng was not worth looking at at all. "Ho!" Shang Wan raised his eyebrows and let out a sneer. "I can't blame you for your impoliteness." Then he squinted at Qiu Meng, his eyes full of ridicule. "After all, expecting a foreign slave to know what etiquette is, isn't that forcing a dog to speak human language? Hehehe, said Shang Wan, covering his mouth and giggling with a contemptuous and cocky look on his face. Qiu Meng lowered her head, folded her hands together, pinched her thumb into the palm of her hand, and her eyes flashed with the flames of hatred. She slowly raised her head with a dazzling look. A tear slowly flowed down the bridge of her high nose: "Madam, the slave knew that he had lost his country and had no home, so when he was offered that day, the king said that from now on, our sisters would be the daughters of Wu." So the lady just didn't accept the slave? Say that finish, tears also quickly gathered, although the eyes are still dodging Shang Wan, looks very afraid of Shang Wan, but the tears quickly fell straight down from the big round eyes, hit the ground, also hit the heart of the people watching. "This girl is quite full of emotion.".
Li Lei whispered to Director Sun. Director Sun didn't even look at the three of them. "You," Shang Wan smiled as if he had suddenly been pinched, and his face suddenly changed. "I didn't expect you to be a smart talker!"! How dare you press me with the king's words! "All right!"! You can blame the king, too? Xia Xuefei suddenly interrupted Shang Wan's words, and her eyes swept lightly to Qiu Meng. The coldness and warning in her eyes made Qiu Meng suddenly feel a burst of pressure. Qiu Meng shivered quietly, lowered her head and said, "I know I'm wrong." Shang Wan also wanted to say something, Xia Xuefei squinted at her, she received the words "hum." Xia Xuefei tidied up her skirt and said, "I've been shopping for most of the day. Let's go back." Qiu Meng immediately knelt down and buckled her head to the ground: "Send the queen." Shang Wan followed Xia Xuefei, staring at her, eyes full of disgust, made a sleeve-throwing action, followed Xia Xuefei left. At the end of the audition, Qiu Meng also got up from the ground and looked at Director Sun, who did not speak. She was nervous and did not know how she played. The character setting she wanted did not conform to the director's setting. Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Director Sun calling her: "Qiu Meng, tell me what you think of Zheng Dan." Qiu Meng pursed her lips, thought about it,secondary containment pallet, and said, "I understand that Zheng Dan is different from Xi Shi. Although they are both sent to the Wu Palace as honey traps, Zheng Dan's sense of mission should be stronger than Xi Shi's." "Oh?"? Why Lin Ruifeng asked.
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